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YouTheCreative is a company working to help designers, business owners, and digital media personnel reach their goals. We ensure that we offer free and paid resources for designers globally. You can get our resources and use them for your needs by altering them or use exactly according to our terms of service.

But you do not have the right to sell any of our resources to other entities or offer licenses to them. We do not have any liabilities for any misuse of resources we offer. Our premium services ensure you get royalty-free resources from us for any purchase. You can offer us Stripe or PayPal payments, and your resource will be available with your email.

So, you can access your resources with the email you register with. We are not responsible for ensuring that our software is compatible with your devices or other specifications. So, you do not have any right to claim against our services. Also, we only offer information about the application our resource may be compatible with and nothing is certain about its version available on your side.

Cookies Use Policies

Cookies ensure a user gets the information they need on our website. In addition, their use allows us to make things more customized and personalized for our returning users. So, we use them to improve your experience and give you the best according to your reasons for visiting our website.

Our system may also take some non-personal data that it needs from your devices, like IP addresses and others.

No Payment Information Use or Storage

It is our policy never to save any payment information, so there is no way we can use them for our purposes. Furthermore, any such payment information is processed by the payment gateways that use this information to transfer any due payments to us. Therefore, we could not collect or use this information for any data to manipulate payments.

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