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12 Best Logo Design Trends to Follow in 2023

While creating a logo, you should know about certain trends. They are not mandatory to follow, but they can help design a nice logo. We have discussed the trends here, and people around the globe are using them; they will be the most followed in 2023. But, it might not interest you or be effective according to your needs. Your logo is your business’s identity. Thus, you should create a logo that has a long life. Just give a read to the logo design trends to follow in 2023 to be clear about yours.

  • Black and White

A black and white logo design is an old tradition yet has a charm. Many brands have adopted this combination and have made their identity through it. Instead of going for bold colors, which might not remain in trend in coming years, why not try this simple yet emphasizing combination?

black and white logo
Designed by Cindy Suen
  • Simplicity

The complicated logo designs are out of date. All large businesses like Microsoft and Mcdonald’s have adopted simple designs. The advantage of keeping a simple logo is that it creates long-term identity and sophistication.

  • Energetic

A logo design must show some energy and enthusiasm. A vibrant logo design brings about energy to your business. It also attracts customers and your target audience.

  • Mosaic Patterns

Mosaic patterns in logo designs are in fashion. They show energy, growth, and values. A nice mosaic pattern logo design is easily usable in any size and platform.

  • Transparent overlaps

A new trend being followed for some time is the transparent overlapped shapes. This focuses on the message being delivered in the logo. A shady touch enhances the real point to be focused on and grabs the viewer’s attention.

  • Selective focus

A logo design should not always be sharp and completely focused. Partly focused logo designs are more effective.

  • Tessellation

It is another form of a mosaic pattern and adds a little more to the simple mosaic. This technique shows a trend that is appropriate for products like paints, clothing, etc.

  • Incomplete text

You can use this technique to add more sophistication to your logo design. Here, a logo design doesn’t completely show the text. The brand’s name alphabet is slightly hidden or faded away.

  • Moiré

It is another form of optical illusion famous for logo designs. The design is created by colliding grid-like shapes and patterns.

  • Basic Shapes

The basic shapes and patterns have become the identity of many brands.You can utilize the shapes in different manners to create a unique identity.

  • Abstract and sharp

A logo design can be simple or sharp, but it has to be unique. You must make the logo design in such a way that it helps you attain your objectives. Abstract art designs for logos have become an identity of many brands and can help you too.

  • Retrospective

A logo design having retro font looks classical. Such logos can be useful for food brands and businesses related to art, such as music and architecture.

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