Chapter 7. Top Marketing Methods For Branding


Top Marketing Methods For Branding

SEO Marketing Try To Update Your Content And Use Infographics Plus Testimonials. Use Guest Posts And Avoid 404 Pages On Your Site.
Social Media Try To Be Consistent, Team Up With Influencers, Use Images, Try Out Contests, And Optimize Your Profile.
Email Marketing Try Using Welcome Emails And Others That Can Improve Your Website Traffic.
Use of Paid Media For Branding Campaign You Must Set A Budget For Paid Media Campaigns. Try To Optimize. Have Key Performance Indicators And Goals Before You Start.

Marketing Methods That Foster Branding

Marketing for advertisements can boost your awareness and help your audience learn about your uniqueness. So, several online and offline methods apply to branding and improving conversions. This section will be about all the top online and offline marketing methods that work for better branding.

SEO Marketing And Marketing

seo marketing

SEO is a marketing type that can help improve your brand image for your search engine presence and optimization. It is a great way to make your brands stand out in the search engines as you make it preferable for better results in search engines. Using SEO to improve your brand name recognition and awareness is the best way you can find online to promote your brand.

People will only click on your website result in search engines if it is on the first page. So, even the biggest brands must have a search engine presence to improve their Branding results. Use your branded searches to improve your branding efforts and choose the best targeting option for achieving brand awareness.

Importance of Branded Searches

When it comes to branding, Search Engine Optimization defines many results. Plus, branded searches are an important part of your optimization on search engines.

Branded searches are when someone searches for your brand online with any keywords intended for it. Your customer may visit your website by searching your company name or a product you sell. A great benefit of branded searches is that your user already lands with an intent to buy.

So this means your online presence is a great way to make more sales and get conversions with these searches. However, it can be difficult for your website to rank on branded keywords, especially if you are a smaller brand with a new website.

One thing to remember is that you must always keep monitoring your online responses. For instance, you can try listening to people talking about your brand online on search engines and social media platforms. Several ways can improve your search engine optimization and social media marketing.

Once you have the best marketing plan, ranking on search engines and getting better results with sales from online platforms will be easier. Search Engine Optimisation is not a promotional method that only works for conversions. That is why it is a great way to get impressive results that improve your brand image and create a connection with your audience.

Top SEO Practices

We have a list of the best SEO practices that have been a lighthouse for better branding on search engines. So, this part of the guide will provide insights into building an online presence to get better branding.

Link building is one of the premier ways to use for better search engine optimization rankings. So, Always create content others can share and want to read and consume.

Other Tips to Try:

  • Try updating your content regularly
  • Using infographics and testimonials can also help improve your rankings on Google and other search engines. Such content improves your presence and helps your audience learn about their topics better.
  • Look for links with the help of guest posts and ensure they are do-follow links instead of no-follow.
  • Avoid 404 pages; if you find any, replace them with 301 redirect pages to the ones you want your users to be on.

Social Media and Social Signals

Social media has become one of the best ways search engines can relate to and understand your content. That is why you should look for a great presence on your social media platforms. Plus, make sure you use social signals for better results for search engine optimization.

Some social signals to remember:

  • Be consistent with your social media posting
  • You can try teaming up with influencers to improve your social media presence and bring better signals.
  • Try using images to improve your social media content and to create a better impression of your brand.

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing for branding

Social media marketing is one of the best traffic sources for search engine optimization rankings. So, ensure you have a good presence on these platforms and try to get maximum results. Some top practices you can follow are:

Try Out Contests

Social media is What the name implies; people love sharing, commenting, and being on different social media platforms. These platforms are a great way to let people learn about your brand. So, you can try different contests to improve your social media presence and brand online.

Profile Optimization

Your profile is one of the biggest assets you can have online, so you should always keep it optimized according to your brand. Tell why your skills matter and why your brand differs from others. The most important thing for branding on LinkedIn is to tell people how different you are.

If you optimize for Facebook, ensure you keep your message settings easy to let people reach you easily. For example, always have your real name and a cover picture on your Facebook profile for professionals.

Also, be sure you have a professional picture on your profile that looks professional for personal branding. On the other hand, if you are optimizing your Instagram profile, follow these tips for better branding:

  • Use a link services app to ensure you have the maximum links in your bio.
  • Always use a logo representing a company or your picture if you are a personal brand.

Content Types You Can Try for Social Media

Using the right content for your social media is a prerequisite for getting great branding results. So, make sure that you know all these types of content so that you can use them for your branding efforts:

  • Blogs
  • Images
  • Testimonials
  • Ebooks
  • Videos
  • Short-form videos
  • Long-form videos

These marketing methods on social media can help you get better branding results that your company and products can benefit from.

Email Marketing

email marketing for branding

Email marketing is a brilliant way to increase customer retention and improve marketing results. So, we have some tips that can help you improve your email marketing to get better branding results. Email marketing is one of the purest examples of digital branding in the marketing world.

So, here we go with the email marketing tips that can solve your problems.

Try Welcome Emails

Using welcome emails can completely transform the way your customers perceive your brand; for instance:

  • A subscriber who receives a welcome email is considered to be 33% more engaged with your brand than others.
  • Welcome emails are one of the best email types for open rate as they stand at 98% in open rate.


  • Your emails can help improve your brand’s image. At the same time, you can give them something they might be looking for.
  • Welcome emails can also help improve your customers’ engagement with your content.
  • As we know, welcome emails are sent automatically; they are a great piece of content that also saves time.

More Website Traffic

Email works in multiple ways to provide great results for your branding. For example, you can use email to discuss your services, products, and personal and event company brands.

So, this way, you are branding different parts and extensions of your master brand. Moreover, you are sending traffic to your website, which is your main search engine presence and also gets brand awareness. Some practices that can help for more email-driven website traffic:

  • Ensure you have a filtered email list that works with the strongest leads. So, the catch is that you are not supposed to email everyone but the ones who are interested in your brand. This way, you are going to get more traffic to your website.
  • Try to be concise with your content, and do not overdo it; make sure you don’t overdo it. So, offer the most necessary information for your audience to visit your website.
  • If you want to build your products or a company through website traffic, make sure that you optimize it for mobile.
  • Ensure you send content people will be interested in reading, which goes with their interest. As a brand, it will be important to understand their interest before you send them any content.

Some Amazing Tips For Email Personalization

Personalizing your email to your clients can help you improve branding results. For instance, you can try these personalization methods that work better than just adding their names.

  • Cart recovery emails that use cookies from users’ browsing history can play wonders. So this way, you know what they were looking for, and you can personalize their emails accordingly.
  • You can have amazing personalization if you use your audience’s information, like their gender, location, and designations.
  • Try using a personal name instead of a business name in your emails. This way, you can improve the overall number of clicks you get to your emails, enhancing your branding.
  • So, you can try reminders to let your audience remember something they were looking for and did not buy. The fact is that the implication of such emails will be for sales and conversions. But they can also be a healthy part of branding for your audience.

Branding is not just about telling your audience your company name; it goes beyond it. They know your website name, and they have subscribed to your newsletter. It is a success as a brand. So, emails can help you achieve all your goals on your branding strategy, which will be super helpful if you have a nice image.

That is why you can gain much for your branding when you use your emails correctly. That is why your branding strategy must have an email strategy as well.

How to Use Paid Media for A Branding Campaign?

paid media for branding

Your branding campaigns need to have something more than just looking for sales. So, using brand positioning and creating awareness is an integral part of any advertising aimed at branding. For instance, you can achieve the following with any advertising that you use for branding:

  • Your branding is a definite thing that adds to your long-term and short-term conversion goals. Your branding will improve no matter which platform or method you use to add these benefits.
  • This improvement is the enhanced equity that comes with advertising and marketing.
  • Advertisements can also improve your customer’s brand loyalty and image, so you should try them out.
  • Using advertisements can also help maintain your brand’s trustworthiness.

The basic steps of creating the right advertisements will always be like other marketing strategies. For instance, you should:

  • Know your goals before you start.
  • Find out what you can achieve and set goals that are your key performance indicators.
  • Know where to position your brand
  • Set a budget and plan your branding campaign
  • Start it, optimize it, and then enhance with the findings for your improvement.

The main difference between this kind of marketing will be less content promotion. You are not promoting your brand for sales or other conversions but for building relations. This way, you can create stronger connections with your audience to improve your image and awareness for brand growth.

All types of branding use this marketing method to build your brand and improve your image. Next, you can read about the branding content strategy that works for producing the right content.

Our next section will be about branding content strategy, a must-read.

Branding Content Strategy

Before you build a branding content strategy, you can follow some tips that work for every kind of marketing strategy. So, we have a short reminder that gets you all the information you need to consider before you start it.

Try answering these questions:

  • Try to learn if your audience is interested in the niche you will write about.
  • Remember that your brand growth comes with unique content offering something special. If that is not the case, you are just another drop in the ocean that will get no hike awareness or anything.
  • You cannot waste your time creating content and platforms that do not apply to your audience. So, look for the forms your audience uses frequently and create content according to its needs.
  • You should clearly understand a problem for your body and how your content can help them.

Strategy for Content Production

Know that your strategy must have all the elements that go into creating the right content for actual results. So, you should plan to get the desired results. Branding a small business will always differ from a bigger and more popular brand. And the branding elements would also be different at the micro and macro levels. So, here is some piece of advice that works for both big and small businesses so follow these:

  • You should create audience personas to learn deeply about them, as it goes a long way for any promotion.
  • Make sure you order your content and find out if you need to update something.
  • Moreover, you should evaluate your content Plus try to create effectiveness for your Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Keeping your information the same on all channels is super important, so keep it consistent.
  • When you want to create content, make sure you use a good content management system. This way, you can manage your content better and distribute it to collaborate on different projects.
  • Then, you should decide what content types you should create and create topics for that.
  • You can try using different social media to publish content, while you can also try search engines.
  • Make sure you create content around the topics people will most interest in reading according to your niche.

These tips can help you improve as a content creator and increase traffic and sales with content marketing. You can try using these to improve your marketing results. Also, you should be looking to achieve a goal with every type of content you create and do its audit to find out how to reach your goals.

Also, you should determine how to distribute the content on different platforms. Just ensure that you make your content according to the size of your brand because branding a small business needs different strategies.

Blog Creation

Blogging is one of the best ways to use for better Search Engine Optimization and content creation. You can connect your main pages to your sub-pages on your blog to get more traffic. The thing is that content marketing is the best way you can create a sales funnel, and you need to understand how to use it for the purpose.

You can start by creating attraction content and then make them move down the funnel until you get the conversion. Attraction content can be any topic that may interest your audience, so it needs to be in the same niche.

Three Parts of Sales Funnel

funnel building for sales

Your sales funnel has three different levels. You can go to the middle and bottom from the top of the funnel. So, you must understand this to decide what content will be most appropriate for your audience’s levels.

The bottom of the funnel will always be sales copy or content your audience wants to read before converting. Ensure you have a steep funnel by creating the most engaging content from start to end with conversions.

Creating content is always about giving the right value to your audience, so make sure you create the content people want to read. Give the best information you can provide about the need to make sure that people would like to read your content.

Measure Your Results

You can not go long without having a system for measuring your results for any marketing. The same goes with content marketing, and you can measure the following metrics for the purpose:

  • Find out how much your audience shares your content on social platforms. This metric will tell you about your content’s value to your audience.
  • You should know how much people like your content and for how long they consume it. For instance, you can find out how much time they spend on your pages.
  • Ensure you do not forget your sales metrics are the most important you can ever measure. Try to find out your sales with your Google Analytics tool.
  • The number of leads you get can also be a great measure of the results you are gaining. So, you should have a clear vision and measurement of how many quality leads you to get.
  • You can connect with your salespersons to find out what your customers are most concerned about to improve your strategy.
  • Once you find out what your audience needs from your content strategy, apply the strategies that work there. This is the best way to update and enhance your strategy for better results.

Branded Content

branding content strategy

Creating content around your niche is a brilliant way to inform people about your brand. This is why it is one of the best ways to inform people about your brand. But, you should also make sure that you try the specialized type of branding content. You can rely on brand content perfectly to tell people about your brand.

Your branded content must:

  • Ensure you discuss your brand values in such content to improve your brand positioning.
  • It should make your audience think about your brand and make it the center of their attention in the market.
  • Try to use your audience’s emotions to create super attractive conditions for them.

The biggest sign of branded content is that it never focuses on a product or a service. For instance, you can see the Lego movie that is made to promote Lego toys, but it does not include any product or service promotion.

Benefits of Branded Content

Branded content can completely change the way people think about your brand and how they respond to its promotions. So, you can have some impressive benefits when you use it to grow your overall brand positioning and image.

  • You can reach more people with branded content, improving your trust in your audience.
  • Search content can help you improve your customers’ loyalty toward you.
  • It helps you improve your relationship with existing customers and clients.
  • Branded content enhances your chances of getting more word-of-mouth sales by creating hype around your brand.

An amazing example of out-of-the-box branded content is Dove’s “you are more beautiful than you think campaign.” It showed nothing about Dove but how women underestimate their beauty without knowing. So, a clear message is that people should be thankful for their beauty instead of always criticizing themselves.

The end message of this campaign was super strong and connected to the viewers so well for the brand-customer relationship. Another example is the Lego movie that did the same job for children of many age groups. It worked amazingly well for Legos to create a great relationship between them and their audience.

So, in branded content, you do not talk about the product but convey the message that tells your story. So, you show a story that connects with your audience emotionally.

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