BOGO Offers in WooCommerce

How to Create BOGO Offers in WooCommerce

BOGO (buy one get one free) is one of the oldest yet simple, effective, and popular marketing techniques. This all started in 1721, when author Richard Bradley put an offer on his book, buy seven get one free.

Let’s see how to create BOGO offers in WooCommerce

BOGO hit the mainstream in the 20th century and gained popularity when P&G offered metal coins in 1920, which could be used to get discounts on other products or buy one get one free deal. Initially, BOGO was used for food and low-cost items, especially items with low verge in a purchase.

Today, the eCommerce industry uses this marketing technique sparingly and effectively. The basic idea is to attract customers to their platforms, increasing sales and customer loyalty.

Another significant advantage of BOGO for large e-commerce platforms is that they can load off their non-selling or slow-moving products through BOGO offers and clear their inventory for other products.

Since WooCommerce doesn’t come with BOGO offers deal feature, it is quite a challenge for the eCommerce platform owner to set up their store for BOGO offers. However, WooCommerce, by default, has a coupon-generating feature that one can use for BOGO offers.

Before we learn how to create BOGO offers in WooCommerce, we need to know the following:

  • What are BOGO offers?
  • Why and when do we use BOGO offers?
  • How do you use the WooCommerce coupon feature for BOGO offers?
  • How to choose the best WooCommerce plugin for BOGO deals?

What Are BOGO Offers?

Although BOGO stands for buy one get one free, it is rarely applied. Almost all the time, it is buying X get Y free, where X can be any product, and Y can be any product or incentive (discount, coupons, etc.).

It is up to you to create values for the X + Y formula. Y can be a discount offered on the next shopping trip, which helps you gain more business and loyalty, or it can be free delivery attached to a minimum order value.

In any case, BOGO offers are designed to get more out of customers than usual, and these offers work more often for eCommerce businesses. Being a businessman, you know you get more out of these deals than your customers.

Why And When We Use BOGO Offers?

If you are still wondering why we must learn “how to create BOGO offers in WooCommerce,” continue reading.

Out of all the challenges of managing an eCommerce platform, managing your store’s inventory is the most challenging. The biggest problem is having large quantities of old inventory.

BOGO offers are a great solution in this scenario. You can not only expedite the removal of old inventory but also win your customers’ good faith and loyalty through lucrative BOGO offers. You can also resolve cart abandonment problems through BOGO offers.

If you want to cut down your marketing budget, BOGO deals help you get more conversions, which can help you stay upfront and get back to other marketing campaigns.

How to Use the WooCommerce Coupon Feature for BOGO Offers

Coupons have been a vital component of the marketing strategy of all businesses long before online business platforms. Their significance in driving sales is nothing less in eCommerce and other businesses.

Due to the above, WooCommerce keeps this feature among its default features. You can use it by immediately creating BOGO deals for your WooCommerce store.

The coupon feature enables you to offer your customers various incentivized BOGO deals. You strategize fixed or variable discount offers on a single product, group of products, or flat across the entire platform.

Setting up coupons is easy for any store owner. All you need to do is

  • Click the General tab and then click settings
  • In settings, you can check to enable the use of coupon codes.
  • Immediately below, you can check the calculate coupons discounts sequentially option. Now, you can set parameters for coupon discounts.

You can set currency and location easily and generate coupons immediately for your customers. If this is not enough, coupon-generating plugins are available for your WooCommerce platform.

How to Choose the Best WooCommerce Plugin for BOGO Offers Deals

The selection job is always challenging when adding features to your WooCommerce platform through some plugins. Selecting a BOGO offers plugin is no exception.

There are things you must look for while making this selection.

  • The plugin should ensure ease of use
  • Offer more features than your WooCommerce platform already has.
  • It can automate the setup of BOGO deals for all variables possible, like deals for a single product or a group of products, and can cater to different product categories.
  • How much does it cost?

Now we can look into top-of-the-line BOGO plugins for WooCommerce and learn how to create BOGO offers in WooCommerce.

1.     Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce

You integrate this plugin into your WooCommerce platform to get advanced coupon-generating features, which you cannot do with your inbuilt WooCommerce coupon feature.

This plugin smoothly integrates with your WooCommerce platform and promises to generate amazing coupons. You are free to offer BOGO deals for a single product, a group of products, and products belonging to a specific category.

You can create a variety of deals with advanced coupons with any specific condition to serve as BOGO deals.


  • With the new BOGO coupon type feature, you can run WooCommerce BOGO offers.
  • Foolproof against accidental use of discount coupons with the cart condition rule.
  • You can allow customers to have WooCommerce store credit to use for purchases.
  • You can retain customers by crediting refund orders.
  • You can organize WooCommerce coupons with coupons category.
  • Apply WooCommerce coupons with a URL with ease.
  • You can restrict the user role of WooCommerce coupons.
  • Can display WooCommerce coupons on quick orders.
  • It comes with free, 3 paid versions that cost $59, $99, and $149 per year.

2.     Discount Rules for WooCommerce

This BOGO plugin for WooCommerce works differently than its competitors because it allows new users restricted access to its coupon features. The discount rule is adored for its unique and easy-to-use interface, which enables you to use numerous features.

You need full professional support to follow the full benefits discount rules, but don’t worry. And you will get the best customer support from discount rules. You can create endless discount offers with discount rules, some of which are

  • Global discount Store-wide
  • Percentag- based discount
  • Price-based discount
  • Fixed cost discount
  • Bulk purchase discounts
  • Tiered discounts
  • Discount on user role based
  • Conditional discount
  • Product attribute-based discounts
  • Next order base discount
  • Coupon Activated discount
  • Multiple discounts are applied on total purchases, etc.

In addition, you will get the following features to get more conversions with discount rules.


  • It allows you to do advanced formatting for a discount table layout.
  • Allow integration discount table on the product page.
  • Get an alert about the cart when the discount is applied.
  • You add and exclude products on sale from discount rules.
  • You can display a badge for discounted products.
  • You can offer BOGO deals with the premium version.
  • You can run holiday-based discount campaigns.
  • Discount rules come with 14 days of free trials and three paid plans, which cost $59, $89, and $149 per year.

3.     Yith WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

To make your store dynamic, create targeted discount promotions that catch and engage customers’ eyes and draw them to conversions. YITH offers all this and more.

There is no limit to this plugin, only the limits of your imagination; you can create any discount, bonus, special price, free product, or promotion campaign. It enables you to create countless promotions to gear up sales of your WooCommerce platform.

Its builder helps you configure, strategize, and manage advanced promotions. You can choose among the most popular offers and customize them to your liking.


  • It allows you to apply discounts on all shops or all products of a particular category within minutes.
  • You can create the most popular BOGO offers like 3 for 2, 2 for 2, or 1 for 1.
  • Automate discounts and promotions.
  • You can offer the product as a gift or a discount to all the users.
  • Can offer gifts and discounts on a particular limit of purchase.
  • You can apply a cart discount on the user’s minimal set purchase.
  • It costs you $164,99 per year.

4.     ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin

Every eCommerce store owner is concerned about their platform’s profitability before strategizing any discount BOGO deals. The key is to set rules for setting discounts. And those set rules should comply with the maximum discounts offered.

But it can get difficult when you have multiple categories of products and you need to set multiple conditions on discounts.

This is where the dynamic pricing and discounts plugin comes in handy. It helps you set the best possible discounts for your customers.


  • You can apply product rules to set discounts on a particular product.
  • You have multiple options for rules like weight, price, total number, and total units of items.
  • You set rules for discounts on all products in a category.
  • Offers pricing table, which you can display on product pages to show every offer.
  • You can set the maximum discounts allowed per rule.
  • Use user role to set discount rule.
  • Can offer BOGO deals based on a product tag.
  • Can offer discounts based on the purchase history of users.
  • You can automate adding free products into the cart in BOGO offers deals.
  • You can apply multiple discounts like a flat discount, discount on %, or set a fixed price for every unit.
  • It comes with free and paid versions and costs you $199 per year

5.     PW WooCommerce BOGO Pro

This WooCommerce BOGO plugin is based on the philosophy that creating BOGO deals of any kind should not be a problem for any WooCommerce store owner. And this plugin fulfills what they believed. Since it is explicitly designed for BOGO deals, you can create any BOGO offers.

With a few clicks, you can set up this plugin by taking advantage of its seamless integration with your WooCommerce platform.


  • Can include and exclude any product from BOGO deals.
  • You can set the start and end date of BOGO offers.
  • Can apply BOGO deals on categories of products.
  • Has the ability to add free products to the cart.
  • Original products can be different than discounted products.
  • You can create the condition of coupon code.
  • Allows multiple payment gateways.
  • It costs you $59 per year for 5 sites.

6.     Pricing Deals Pro for WooCommerce

This plugin provides a complete solution to all discounts and BOGO campaigns for your WooCommerce platform. You can apply various conditions to different discount rules. It is famous for its precision and the many options it offers and helps you increase sales with tons of options for deals and loyalty programs and enables you to keep discounts under control.

The pricing deals pro gives you all the flexibility you need to create discounts and BOGO deals, and you can apply them swiftly as the product is displayed on the page or added to the cart.


  • A single rule offers BOGO deals, bulk discounts, and unlimited pricing.
  • Discounts on product catalogs and variations discount.
  • Offer role-based pricing.
  • You apply a discount on the cheapest item in the cart.
  • Conditional discounts on the unit purchased or value.
  • You set rules for maximum discount.
  • Discount on price, percentage, or fixed price.
  • You can schedule the start and end dates of BOGO deals.
  • Use social media to advertise discounts and deals.
  • You can put a limit on discounts offered to the same customer.
  • Cart discount reporting
  • Offer product visibility setting.
  • A single license costs you $50. You can buy ten licenses for $300.


In this article, we tried to educate about BOGO deals and how to create BOGO offers in WooCommerce. It is up to you which tool you use to create the best discount BOGO offers. We hope that you are successful with your first BOGO offer deal.

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