14 Amazing Free Minimal Fonts for Better Designs

When creating a new design for a website, presentation, or business card, font selection is one of the key components to bringing everything together. 

Typography is essential. And choosing the wrong font can cause many issues, from brand incongruence to hitting the wrong tone to providing illegible text. And no one who has spent time creating a design wants to encounter any of these issues. 

That being said, wouldn’t having assets on hand to create more customized and on-brand designs be great?

That’s entirely possible – and you don’t have to spend a dime – thanks to free minimal fonts. You can find a variety of minimal and free fonts across the Internet. To save you some time, we’ve collected some favorites here to help speed up the selection process. 

But first, a word on the various ways you can use minimal fonts in your designs. 

Creative Ways to Use Minimal Fonts

Minimal fonts spare the extras and the flourishes, which means you’re left with clean lines, simple shapes, and highly readable fonts that can’t help but convey your message. Though you can use minimal fonts for nearly any purpose, here are a few stand-out use cases: 

  • Website headers. The header will attract a website visitor’s attention first, so using a minimal font in this space ensures the text will be legible and clear. 
  • Posters. Often, people see posters at a glance or while passing by them. So using a minimal font that’s easy to read makes good sense. 
  • Social media graphics. When people scroll through their social media feeds, graphics that feature text must be clear and clear to the eyes. Minimal fonts can help you with this end. 
  • Business cards. Though it’s tempting to pull out all the stops and add flourishes and frills to your business cards, it’s not necessary. Understated is often best; minimal fonts ensure your business name and contact information are easily read and accessible. 

With use cases in mind, we can now offer our list of top free minimal fonts. 

Free Minimal Fonts to Use

The following list of minimal fonts is entirely free and appears in no particular order. 

1. Virtuous Slab Font

virutous-slab font

First on our list is the Virtuous Slab Font. This serif font features thicker lines and a blocky style that’s easy to read but makes a statement. It conveys confidence and can be used for headers, titles, posters, and any other spot where you need bold text urgently. 

2. Giraffey Free Minimal Font


Next is the Giraffey Free Minimal Font, a thinner selection that provides elongated letter shapes that tend to be more square than rounded. However, there’s still a softness to this font that comes through. It’s not all hard angles and rough edges. Instead, it’s slightly reminiscent of the Art Deco era. 

3. Less Sans Minimal Typeface

less sans

Another option is the Less Sans Typeface, which is about as simple as fonts. It’s a sans-serif selection that offers even letter spacing and an all-around appealing look that could be used for everything from titles to body text. 

4. Latina Essential 

latina essential

Or, you could opt for Latina Essential, another straightforward choice that provides more character you can play around with. This is another sans-serif font choice but includes curves and letter shapes reminiscent of classic style typefaces. This free font family comes bundled with web fonts and eight styles. 

5. Raleway 


You can’t go wrong with Raleway, either. This sans-serif font has a single-line weight that’s very thin and elegant. It’s simple and to the point, which is precisely why it’s a fantastic minimal font option. It also comes with both standard and discretionary ligatures, as well as a complete set of diacritics. 

6. Meticula


Or perhaps Meticula is more your style. This font is another sans-serif family that uses geometric shapes to create a unique and stylish minimal font option. It’s fully workable online and for print designs and offers a more rounded take on the minimal font than we’ve seen on this list. 

7.  Bronova 


Another option is Bronova, which provides naturally-inspired letter shapes and lines. It comes with both a regular and bold weight and includes 130 glyphs. 

8. Aliseo


Or, you might wish to opt for Aliseo, a blocky yet slightly edgy take on the sans-serif font. It sports a thicker line weight but includes a few defining characteristics, like subtle angles, that make it a unique choice. 

9.  Muller


Muller is a good option, too. This free minimal font family consists of 44 different fonts – six free. This font is blocky, bold, and designed to make a statement. But it’s simple, too, and infinitely legible – perfect for titles or business cards. 

10. Impasse-Free Minimal Font


The Impasse is another free minimal font worth a look at. It’s described as a display font that features rounded lines and would look right at home with futuristic designs. It includes 208 characters and comes with two weights – regular and bold.

11. Linlegrey Font


Another choice is the Linlegrey font, another sans-serif option on our list. It would certainly make a statement in titles or headers. And though its characters are a bit too unique to work for body text, it still would serve well for subheadings and pull quotes. It would even look good in a logo. 

12. Daikon Font


Or maybe you’d wish to consider the Daikon font, described by the designer as a “semi-closed geometric grotesque.” It supports Latin and Cyrillic letters, many figure sets, and OpenType features. Though a 16-font family is available, you can get the Extra Light and Extra Light Italic weights for free. 

13. Allegro Minimal Font


Another option is the Allegro Minimal Font, which is still another sans-serif option that can be used for many purposes. From titles to headers to business cards, this font’s clean lines and minimal design make it a top choice for anything you wish to create. 

14. Urbanist Typeface 

Lastly, there’s the Urbanist Typeface. This sans serif font was inspired by Modernist typography and uses simple shapes to make a significant impact. It’s rounded, bold, and ready to make a statement – without being overbearing. It’s an ideal choice for both the web and print. 

Conclusion: Will You Add Any of These Free Minimal Fonts to Your Collection? 

And there you have it! Hopefully, you’ve found our collection of free minimal fonts helpful in your design toolbox. Or, at the very least, it’ll save you some time looking around for suitable options. Honestly, this is barely scratching the surface of the available minimal-free fonts. But it does encapsulate a few of our favorites. 

Do you have a favorite minimal font that happens to be free? Which of these fonts do you think you’ll use? Feel free to share what you’re working on in the comments below. 

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