WooCommerce Cart Recovery Plugins

5 Best WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Plugins

Nowadays, we cannot imagine strolling around and shopping in a big multi-storied shopping mall without a shopping cart.

But before the 1950s, we had no shopping carts. Thanks to Sylvan N., Goldman developed the idea by connecting two folding chairs and imagining putting wheels at the bottom.

That idea was tried, but the main downside was that you could not stack these carts like shopping baskets. People leave them strayed, which hampers everything. But soon, a freelance inventor Orla E. Watson comes up with a solution with his nesting shopping cart design.

This nesting shopping cart design revolutionized shopping and still runs around shopping malls. Shopping carts have now become a symbol of shopping, which is why these symbolic shopping carts play an integral role in eCommerce stores.

In real life, it is doubtful you will come across an abandoned shopping cart, but it is a recurrent thing in an eCommerce business. All eCommerce businesses have this frustrating problem of cart abandonments, resulting in substantial sales and revenue loss.

7 out of 10 customers abandon their e-shopping cart due to multiple reasons. If you are a proud owner of a WooCommerce platform, plugins are available to help you regain lost sales. In this article, we help you find the best WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins.

But first, we should know what factors influence cart abandonments; this will help us select the best WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin.

Factors Influencing Cart Abandonments

1.      Hidden Cost

When a customer adds an item to the cart, they suddenly find out the cost of the product has increased due to either the addition of taxes or the shipping cost is more than he anticipated, which causes them to abandon the cart. This can be avoided with upfront info on the product.

2.      Cluttered Checkoutsfind

Customers are impatient beings. A confusing and complex checkout process results in failed conversion of sales. Payment methods that require too much information, which forces customers to go through more than one page, often result in cart abandonments.

3.      Forced An Account Creation

Putting conditions to create an account for customers to add items to the e-cart is a terrible idea. It more often results in cart abandonment. Remember, online customers are free souls; you cannot force them into your WooCommerce store.

4.      Security

Asking for excess account details before checking out is not wise. Customers are very sensitive about their personnel and account details. Keep them to a minimum to avoid any cart abandonment.

5.      Extended Shipping  Time

Customers want their purchase as soon as possible. Delayed shipping alienates customers; further, they like to receive their purchase at the time which suits them.

6.      Website Performance

Many eCommerce stores have performance issues that result in slow navigation for customers. It does not serve your store if you have an e-commerce store where pages take too long to load. Your impatient customer can abandon the cart due to that reason.

7.      After-Sales Services

Credibility is the core of any eCommerce store. The customer always looks for a return policy for assurance. If you are not assuring return policy with practical implementation, you are asking for yet another abandoned cart in your eCommerce store.

8.      Multiple Payment Gateways

If you offer convenience to your customers to pay you with the channel of their liking, you are increasing the chances of fewer abandoned carts at your store.

The best WooCommerce cart abandoned recovery plugins may not solve the above-said problems or factors, but they can be a tool for your WooCommerce store to get back 30% of all lost sales due to cart abandonments.

Now we look into some amazing cart recovery plugins to help you choose the best.

1.     Retainful Plugin

This plugin is one of the top-of-the-line solutions for abandoned cart recovery. You can automate the whole process with a customer journey builder. You can build your cart recovery campaign in no time. It has 3 emails by default, but you can alter that and send as many reminders to customers as possible.

The retainful plugin also allows you the flexibility to customize cart recovery emails. You can create well-articulated content to engage customers with the Retainful email editor. You can change content and design emails with product images.

Moreover, you can give a push to customers by adding dynamic coupon codes in your cart recovery emails to encourage the recovery of carts. It also allows the use of shortcodes for customization.

Retain completely and run the cart recovery campaign automatically. This saves you time for other core issues of your eCommerce platform.

Key features

  • You will get a notification email when a cart is recovered.
  • Send customers an email when they abandon the cart.
  • Offers codes for a flat rate, percentage, and shipping discounts.
  • Automatically generates reports of cart abandonments.
  • Offers template for emails.
  • Multiple emails for multiple recipients can be sent for cart recovery.
  • Automate campaign for cart recovery.
  • Organize customer journey reports.
  • Retainful costs you $19 per month.

2.     Elex WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

Elex is one of the best WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins and enables you to increase conversions and bring back lost sales due to abandoned carts. Your customers who left their cart abandoned will receive customized automated emails with intervals of your liking. You can incentivize your emails with discounts and free shipping offers.

It offers a pre-made email template you can customize and personalize according to your discretion. You can edit products from the abandoned cart list and generate comprehensive reports.

Key features

  • Trigger emails based on rules automatically.
  • You can set a time bar to remove all unfulfilled orders.
  • You can send discount coupons along with recovery emails.
  • Can generate comprehensive reports.
  • Allow guest users to recover carts.
  • You get emails for the recovered cart.
  • You can view the complete list of abandoned orders.
  • Allow customers to remove themselves from the abandoned cart list
  • It costs you $79 per year

3.     Hubspot for WooCommerce

This plugin performs two jobs for you. It facilitates automating WooCommerce orders to customer relationship management and sends abandoned cart emails to customers.

You can automate the whole flow of abandoned cart emails with Hubspot. You can set up cart recovery emails to display whenever a cart is abandoned and also display the products of that cart.

It offers a smart segment list feature that helps you organize and update Hubspot accounts with groups and properties based on your configuration. This smart list helps you send abandoned cart emails to customers for more conversions and make up for the lost sales.

Key features

  • Creating a segmented list for abandoned cart recovery, leads, and customers; enables you to deal with each client differently.
  • Make a list of contacts that added items to their carts but didn’t check out.
  • Display products that customers leave in shopping carts.
  • You can sync all your customer’s data to Hubspot CRM.
  • Build engaging and responsive emails that you can customize with customers’ previous behavior on your WooCommerce platform.
  • Offers drag-and-drop email builder.
  • You can automate all emails logged in Hubspot CRM with reports of open and clicks to measure engagement with the client.
  • You can build social media promotion campaigns for all top of the platform.
  • It offers extensive analytics and enables you to calculate the ROI of a campaign.
  • It comes with a free version; provides enough features to manage your cart recovery.

4.     WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart

Being a WooCommerce extension, it integrates flawlessly with your WooCommerce platforms. It can perform all your abandoned cart chores.

It helps you keep a vigilant eye on every cart made by members or guests in the store. And whenever a cart is abandoned, it automatically emails the customer.

This WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin offers customizable email templates and allows you to make multiple of your liking and needs. You can automate these emails to be sent at time intervals of your priority.

You can create coupons to incentivize your cart recovery campaigns. It also supports multiple languages and translates readily. Furthermore, along with emails, it can capture the telephone number of customers and helps you follow up with old and potential customers.

Key features

  • You can monitor and record abandoned carts.
  • Works effectively with simple and variable products.
  • Recover abandoned cart process both for members and guests.
  • Abandoned cart mail sending time can be edited.
  • User open click on emails can be recorded for analysis.
  • You can record the user purchase cart link from the mail.
  • Multiple mail templates are available for follow-up emails.
  • You have the control to activate and deactivate the email template.
  • Gives you the option for manual mailing.
  • You receive a notification when a cart is abandoned.
  • It gives you the history of the customer for setting up recovery emails.
  • Translation ready.
  • You can capture the phone number for manual follow-up.
  • Automate coupons in emails.
  • It costs you $49 per year.

5.     CartBoss

You can stay competitive in the eCommerce world with this automated lead-generating CartBoss. This plugin is a power pack with abandoned cart recovery features. It integrates smoothly with WooCommerce and provides an easy solution for cart recovery.

CartBoss is GDPR compliant and offers a highly efficient and smooth cart recovery process with robust features.

It has a complete set of tools like a configurable message board, automatic coupon generation, email template customization, URL editing, auto language tracking, and auto-fill during checkouts.

CartBoss offers unlimited messages. You can send as many messages to your customers for cart recovery and compensate for lost sales. It also enables you to send SMS messages, giving you an additional channel to reach your customers.

Key features.

  • Your customers can get translated messages with the option of 30 languages.
  • You can do analytics of each web page and email to gauge performance.
  • You can expedite checkouts
  • You can customize emails
  • Control the time intervals between recovery emails.
  • It gives you the liberty to add unlimited sites to your account.
  • CartBoss costs $20 per year.


We cannot single out what is best for you because we don’t know the nature of your business and how tight you are regarding the budget. Above, we give you the choice of 5 top-of-the-line best

WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugins. Now you can choose which is best for you according to your needs, budget, and requirements. We hope this article helped!

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