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Best Free AI Tools For Digital Marketing

In a digital world, staying ahead of the competition is becoming necessary. AI tools for digital marketing are the new innovation that changes business strategies by opening up multiple growth opportunities. Suppose your business is related to social marketing. In that case, it will give you numerous benefits related to automating their processes of posting on different mediums, optimizing campaigns, and also identifying a target potential audience.  

Many AI marketing tools are available to transform the marketing landscapes, but they are paid, and companies are ready for long-term financial commitments. This article describes the ten best AI-free marketing tools to revolutionize your digital campaigns without burdening your pocket.  

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)  

Artificial intelligence is just like a super-powered computer brain that is introduced to minimize the human workload. It is a vast field with exciting possibilities in language perception, learning, and understanding cause and effect relationships.  

Al revolution can determine your marketing strategies. You need to identify authentic free AI technology to smooth down the process. It will identify the competition and relevant marketing for growth and automate the process to remove your employee’s burden.  

AI Tools For Optimizing Marketing Performance 

Today, many businesses are targeting social media to publicize their products and services. Four major areas and suitable AI that help optimize marketing performance on social media channels are described in a row.  

  • Free AI to generate content  
  • Free AI to manage Ads 
  • Free AI to schedule content 
  • Free AI to find Suitable influencers to advertise  

Free AI Tools To Generate Content 

content generateAI generates relevant content on all topics, from catchy titles to funny captions for your different social media. In other words, AI has your back because it has cool suggestions for you. Fancy words to describe the features of your products spice up the importance.  

Quilt Bot,, red sonic, Rytr, Jasper, and shortly, AI are the main types of AI used for writing worldwide. Three basic AI writting tools are described below with the expected cost and company used to understand the authenticity.  

Name  Price Company Name Feature
Rytr   Free plan for limited features, pro plan starts at $9 per month  Dollar Shave Club Social media captions, Product descriptions, and poem 
Jasper   The starter plan is $29 per month  IBM Give you a road map to read the blog 
ShortlyAI   Free plan for limited features, pro plan starts at $79 per month  HubSpot Give you concise information on every topic



It is a magical tool for writers who want to write social media captions or product descriptions. Book writers can write poems with its help; Rytr is your rhyme-slinging sidekick. You need to enter a keyword or topic, and it will start its magic and give you multiple creative possibilities.

Plus, all the content that you will get matches your needs.


This tool is famous just because of its creative abilities. Throw him a word or two, and you will get multiple ideas about the topic. “Sustainable packaging” or “Social media strategies,” choose any keyword for your writing.

It gives you complete content from context to the conclusion; the introduction with bullet points gives you the road map for your masterpiece.


It is your summarizing blogs; feed it with a complex and lengthy context to have a concise summary to understand the key point. The key points help you to know the main crux of any content and work as our personal cliff notes generator. Do not worry if you are running short of time, as it fulfills all your commitments concisely.

Free AI Tools To Manage Ads 

You do not need to worry; AI will also cover you in this regard. AI-powered ad management tool controls your ads and boosts your results. Few are described below, and each has its own unique superpowers.
Google Ads Manager, WordStream, Facebook Ads Manager,, Bing Ads Intelligence, and Qwilr are a few authentic tools for ad management.  

Name  Cost Features
Google Ads Manager  The free basic plan and premium plan start at $72 per month Campaign creation and management across multiple platforms
WordStream  Custom pricing based on your needs and premium starts at around $300 per month 
  • Competitor analysis tools 
  • Advanced keyword research and analysis
  • AI-powered bidding strategies for maximum ROI
Facebook Ads Manager  Pay-per-click pricing: you need to pay-per-click
  • Highly targeted audience selection based on demographics, interests, and behaviors
  • Built-in analytics and reporting tools

Google Ads Manager 

Google AdsGoogle Ads Manager is considered a superhero as it can manage campaigns across Google Search, Display Network, YouTube, and more. In other words, it is the headquarters of all things advertising. It constantly analyzes data to suggest to you the improvements that are needed for better results. 

It also optimizes bids to save your dollars and enjoy the maximum output by cutting the competition.  


If you want to get the maximum output, then you need to choose WordStream. It is an effective method to sniff out inefficiencies that helps know smarter ways of spending money. You do not need to look for another tool for search engine advertising. It will solve all queries related to Keywords, optimize bids, and write winning ad copy.  

In addition, if you need any website-related task, try it and free yourself from the extra burden.  

Facebook Ads Manager 

Managing social media ads is no longer a task; Facebook Ads Manager is your social media advertising tool. It helps you to publicize yourself over Facebook, Instagram, and even WhatsApp. It will connect you with the targeted audience and craft engaging campaigns that drive sales.  

All social media campaigns no longer have difficulty identifying the target audience, running ads, or driving sales.  

Free AI Content Schedulers

No matter how big your workforce is, working manually is not a feasible option; it is a real challenge. AI-powered content schedulers are the greatest innovation to streamline your workflow and give you free time to relax.  

Later, buffer, Hootsuite, Coschedule, Sendible, and SocialBee are a few tools you must try to avoid juggling multiple social media platforms.  

Name  Cost  Feature
Later Limited post access in a free trial

Paid plans start at $9 per month 

User-friendly interface to schedule content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
Buffer It lets you schedule up to 10 posts per platform and connect three social media accounts 

Paid plans start at $5 per month 

A broader approach to posting on different social media accounts and queue content for later publishing
Hootsuite Allows you to manage two social media accounts with limited access to scheduling posts per platform

Paid plans start at $49 per month 

Suitable for managing large businesses’ content scheduling, monitoring conversations, and analyzing your social media performance


Posting on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok is no longer a task. It has a user-friendly interface to give you access to scheduling your content on all mediums. Uploading photos and videos with captions on the defined time for optimal response can done with it.  

Its free version is suitable for small businesses as it gives limited post templates with access to one social media account.  


Features that differ from later software in this include tracking engagement with built-in analytics. It is a broader approach in which you can approach multiple accounts simultaneously on different mediums. You can also get content for later publishing while scheduling posts in advance.  

In a free plan, you can access up to 10 posts per platform and connect to three social accounts at a time. Enjoy free access to analyze the importance of the tool, or get a premium one.  


This tool comes at the top due to its working style; it easily manages larger businesses and agencies. It has multiple advantages make it the first choice of any social media manager or company.  

  • Schedule content across various platforms 
  • Track brand mentions 
  • Monitor conversations 
  • Analyze your social media performance with comprehensive reporting tools 

The free plan allows you to manage two social media accounts and schedule five posts per platform. Plus, it gives you access to basic analytics to smoothen the process.  

Free AI Tools to Supercharge Your Influencer Marketing 

Ads manager

AI tools have tremendous expertise in finding the right influencer as well. They connect you with the right influencer to streamline your marketing process and ensure the expected sales.  

Buzzsumo Discover, HyperAuditor, Traackr, FollowerAudit, Shoutcart, and Upfluence give you access to an influencer database and basic engagement metrics.  

Name  Cost Feature 
Buzzsumo Discover   Limited searches per month 

Paid plans start at $99 per month

Search for influencers based on Keywords, topics, and demographics. 
HypeAuditor   Limited profile analyses, performance insights, and brand safety Engage potential influencers and check account authenticity 
Traackr  Limited influencer searches with basic contact information  An al-powered search filter helps you to find content creators and track competitors’ influencer campaign

Buzzsumo Discover  

You can search influencers based on keywords, topics, and demographics. Once you find any influencer, the next task is to analyze whether his or her audience suits the product. Once the influencer is selected, this helps you analyze content performance. This process goes long and helps you to find new influences for brand collaborations and sharing brand messages.  

The free version gives you limited searches per month.  


This tool gives you the command to analyze the authenticity of any influencer. Does he/she have fake or real followers who will give you sales? Ensure potential influencers’ engagement and gauge the effectiveness of their past collaborations.  

The free tier is good for one-time use or to get an idea of how this tool works, as it allows you to analyze limited profiles, basic campaigns, performance insights, and brand safety checks.  


It has AI-powered search filters to get access to a vast influencer database. Finding niche content creators and micro-influencers requires a lot of effort. Making the influencer brand ambassadors perfect for targeted campaigns. It also tracks the performance of competitor’s influencer social campaign results. Monitor brand mentions across social media to guide you better.   

You will get only limited influencer searches with basic contact information.  

Final Thoughts 

Technological advancements introduced many AI tools that help manage different marketing tasks. We picked up four major areas: content generation, scheduling posts, searching influences, and managing ads and their relevant AI-powered tools.  

Each tool is described in detail with the relevant pricing and the company that is using the tool to show you the authenticity of all the tools mentioned. Explore all the tools and choose one that best suits your requirements to share your workload.

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