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18 Freemium Writing Tools Content Writers Need To Pin

free writing tools


Are you a writer looking to beat your competition in the market or an SEO person looking for tools to help your writers with content creation? Tools can help improve writing when you are looking for solutions. Also, you can use these tools if you do not want to publish online.

So, this article will help you write content, improve it, and perfect it before you use it. We will give you 18 top free writing tools you need to know about.

Free Tools for Writers

When writing tools, you must avoid using bots for search engine content. So, if you are looking for tools that can make your work easier, you can try the following as a writer:


Versions Available

Version Pricing Per Month

Grammarly Free, Premium, Business Free, 15 Dollars
SEMrush Trial, Pro, Guru, Business Card Required, $119.95, $229.95 $ 449.95
Surfer SEO Basic, Pro, Business 49$, 99$, 199$
Answer The Public Free (2 free searches), Monthly, Annual, Expert 99$, 79$, 199$ Most Documents Are Free
Power Thesaurus Free, Pro 2.49$ per month in the pro version
Google Docs Docs Are Free (Google Drive Workspace Paid Available) Free
No Paid Version
Tomato Timer Free Free
Google Scholar Millions of free Documents Some Documents may be paid
YOAST Free Version, Premium Plugin, Plugin Subscription $99 for Premium and $229 for plugin subscription
Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Free and Multiple Versions $4.99 to $599.80
Duplichecker Free, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly $5 to $110
Draft Paid Versions Only $ 1.99 and $19.99
ProWritingAid Free, Paid Free version and $ 10
Chat GPT3 Pro Version $42
Word Counter Free
Hemingway’s Editor and App Free

These tools have their own uses and would work for different needs. So, we will analyze one from every category to ensure you can learn about the best ones.

Research Tools For Writers

Google is not the best option when getting information to create your content. Other sources can make your writing process more up-to-par and impressive. In addition, these sources can make your content more unique and suit your needs.

Google Scholar

best Free writing tools

Scientific studies can completely transform the way you write content. So Google Scholar has over 160 million documents you can use for your content. The thing is, when you have a deep insight into your topic, you can help your users in a better way.

This is why Google Scholar should always be a priority for a writer looking to research their content.

Free writing tools for marketers is another search engine that has a huge number of free and paid sources for content writers. It allows you to take a deeper dive into a topic as it allows you the information you need for writing content.

Google Books

Free research tools for writers

It may look different, but it works, especially if you want to write an eBook or a detailed guide. All you have to do is to go to your Google search engine, search for something and then click the “Books” section in your SERPs.

Free research tools for writing is a great resourceful search engine that can provide you with many free books. You can find books on any topic or genre, making it a great source of information for marketing writers. For instance, if you want to learn about sales psychology, you can find a book that gives everything you want for content.

Free writing tools to use

We all know that does not have a video for every topic, but it also goes the other way around. Even Google does not have content, unlike some YouTube videos. So, if you want to find content on something technical and do not find it on Google, YouTube is a great choice. This is why you should consider it among the technical writing tools you can try for your content.


Free copywriting tools

This may look weird among writing tools, but Amazon is great for content and copywriting. Its features and review portions can help you determine the issues a product normally has. So, when you know these problems, you have already won half of the game.

When you get the most common issues a customer can find about a product, you know how to write your copy. Just make sure you add content against the issues people have faced and that you have a piece of copy that will satisfy customers.

Content and Copywriting Tools For Content Optimization

Regarding keyword research, it is not only the SEO persons concerned; a writer should also work hard. So, when you are looking to find keywords for your copy, you can try these:

SEMrush (Paid with Free Trial)

Online Marketing

We know that SEMrush is a huge tool with so many sub-tools, but what about its Keywords Magic tool? The thing is that it can solve your keywords issue. All you have to do is to go to its Keywords Magic tool and search for your niche keywords.

You have to give a seed keyword, which will spit out many options you can add to your copy. One big plus that SEMrush offers is that it allows you to find the intent behind these keywords.

So, if you are looking for commercial or transactional intent keywords, you can use them. At the same time, you can use questions that you can find with this tool. Look for the ones that suit your copy needs, and you can use them in your headings and subheadings.

Moreover, you can find whether your competitors use the same keywords in their content. So, you need to use the “Keyword Overview Tool” in SEMrush.

Surfer SEO and Copy Optimization (Freemium)

best Free writing tools

Surfer SEO is a great tool that has real-time use in content optimization. You can try adding keywords to your content exactly when writing. Here are some features for writing help:

  • It allows you to count the total number of words you use.
  • Another feature allows you to find your content’s page speed and alt text.
  • Its LSI keywords optimizer, or Content Editor Tool, can help you improve your optimization.
  • Moreover, you can find the questions that can optimize your content. So, you can answer these questions to satisfy your users and search engines.
  • Also, you can use it to perfect your keyword density and frequency, optimizing your content.

YOAST (Freemium)

best Free writing tools

When it comes to content optimization for search, YOAST has no alternative. It has been a great tool for adding keywords to your content. You can try it for using focus keywords and adding them to all important parts of your content. Additionally, it offers you multiple other features to improve your SEO, like:

  • It prompts you to use SEO-friendly practices of inbound and outbound links.
  • YOAST allows you to make an automatic XML sitemap making things easier alongside an auto-generated Schema.
  • This amazing plugin allows you to add Robot.txt to your website.
  • Making sure that your images, subheadings, and overall content have a keyphrase is another set of features it carries.

Word Counter (Freemium)

best keywords tools for writers

When knowing your keyword density, you need to be super vigilant. The better you know your keywords, the more results you can get. So, Word Counter allows you to discover the number of words in your content.

Word Counter is a freemium choice if you want to ensure you do not stuff your content with keywords. You have to paste your content into it, and you can find out the total number of words it contains. This way, you can find out your keyword density.

Also, it allows you to find sentences, words, characters, paragraphs, and other information you need.

BuzzSumo (Freemium)

writing tools for social media

Regarding marketing content and copy, you need to know the trends on social platforms. So, when you write on a topic, you can be sure it will get the traffic and conversions you need. Here are some tools that perfect your content:

  • You can try using it to find keywords you can write around.
  • Its topic discovery allows you to find top trends and cash them with quality content.
  • Moreover, it creates content ideas.
  • Buzzsumo allows you to find the best questions you can use for your content creation.

Plagiarism Checkers

When it comes to plagiarism, you can not get rankings on any search engine with such an issue. So, using tools that help you remove this issue are must-have for marketing content.


best tools for writing

When it comes to plagiarism, you can not compromise when publishing content on search engines. Duplichecker is a freemium tool that allows you to find plagiarism in your content. Its paid version is also good and offers 25000 words that you can check.

When it comes to fair chance for writers, it allows you exact information. You will not get unfair plagiarism when you check with these tools.

Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker

best Free writing tools

This one is another amazing tool that gives exact plagiarism results for your content. You can try their free tool, and they also have a paid version that allows you results without ads. Also, the paid version gives you reports and deep searches for your content.

Writing Aid Software For Writers

Using software that makes your writing easy is what you need to keep in mind at all times. So, you need a set of software tools to help you with the actual process of market writing. This list includes Grammarly, Google Docs, and Evernote.

Grammarly (Freemium)

Free writing tools for writers

Grammarly is the most reliable tool for grammar checking and tone improvement. These two factors are the ones that pivot your writing 360 degrees for good. So, here are some features that would make a great change:

  • It makes you sound more confident when you need such a tone with its autosuggestions.
  • You can use it to improve your readability.
  • Grammarly has many suggestions for removing grammar, spelling mistakes, and other issues.
  • Regarding options, it works for a vast range of tools. From Google Docs to Chrome and Safari to PowerPoint, it works everywhere.

Power Thesaurus (Freemium)

Free writing tools

A thesaurus can play a crucial role if you are short of words to add to your copy or content. All you have to do is to go to Power Thesaurus and search for the words that suit your content most. Then, before you add the word to your content, ensure you find out if it goes with the sense you want to convey.

Google Docs (Free)

best editing tools for writers

Regarding content editors and writing tools, Google Docs are completely free. It allows you to write your content, edit it as you like, and remove some basic language mistakes. Here are some features:

  • It allows you to add basic text features like making it bold, italic, and other elements.
  • You can use its Share, Download, and Email other features for sharing. Also, you can try adding comments online so your colleagues can see and make changes accordingly.
  • Add any formatting, like line spacing, capitalization, left and right aligning.
  • At the same time, you can add heading tags to your content and use a host of available fonts.
  • Moreover, you can add drawings, charts, tables, and much more to your content with Google Docs.

AI Writing Tools For Marketing Writers

I know I am guilty of believing in AI tools, but the ongoing war will change my thoughts about such content. So, when people start using Chat GPT3 for Bing content, this software, chances will also be in use. Also, you can use them for social media and offline content. Here is a list of them:

Chat GPT3 (Paid)

top writing tools

When creating content for marketing, ChatGPT3 will be the best tool you can rely on. The tool can give answers to the vastest range of questions. In addition, it allows you to make your content perfect at a speed that is not humanly possible.

Using it is simple as you do not have to worry about several tools within it. All you have to do is to go to their website and use it for any queries you want to answer in your content. They have launched their paid version, which will cost you 42 dollars for pro access.

Jasper AI (Paid With Free Trial)

best tools for writing

If you are looking for another AI content creator tool, try Jasper AI to ensure better results. With this tool, you can ensure you get faster content and write copy and content for your social media posts. It offers you to write in 26 different languages and also brainstorm ideas.

This tool for AI writing articles is a great alternative to many other tools you can find online.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed 18 of the top marketing content writing tools you can find online. These tools can help any content creator find their full potential. Also, we have talked about their versions and how much you pay for their paid versions.

We discussed the best writing help tools, keyword optimization, research, AI writing tools, and plagiarism tools.

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