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Best WooCommerce Booking Plugins – With Buying Guide

Well, as they say, “You don’t know what you are missing till you have it.” Online booking and scheduling system for your eCommerce business is one of those things, and the ease WooCommerce booking plugins provide.

Before having this booking system, many business owners thought they were doing just fine; they were getting enough bookings, reservations, or appointments by manually managing the accounts themselves. However, after integrating WooCommerce booking plugins, they realized how much time they saved by not bothering with the ever-ringing phone for appointments. Booking systems also protect businesses from going through hefty emails for inquiries and optimize managing cash flow.

Booking systems are the ultimate solution for facilitating your clients’ booking, scheduling, and paying through your eCommerce platform while centralizing the whole process for your and your client’s convenience. Integrating the best WooCommerce booking plugin into your eCommerce platform can achieve all that.

But before you choose any booking plugin, you must know what features and benefits it should provide. Following are the attributes of the best WooCommerce booking plugins.

Always Available

You don’t need to shut down this booking and scheduling system. You are available 24/7 for your clients, and that is a huge advantage; not only does it serve you, but it also works for your customers.

Your clients can reach you whenever or wherever they are; they can learn more about you without engaging with you, make appointments or bookings, reschedule them, and make payments without hassle or support.

Saves Time

With WooCommerce booking plugins, you can stay with your customers while not being there at all. The amount of time you save can be put towards focusing on other aspects of your business and ensuring the new system integrates seamlessly with the existing platform.


Booking systems are cloud-based, excluding them from all the vulnerabilities of your desktop failures and giving your business fail-proof security. Knowing all your business data and revenue are safe on the Cloud gives you peace of mind.

Optimized Customer Experience

Customers and clients are the most impatient creatures in the world. Thanks to speedy communication, they expect anything to be done quickly, especially since they don’t want to follow long queues.

With the booking plugin, your customers’ experience is optimized; they can make bookings, pay, and checkout with a few clicks. That can build customer loyalty and help you scale your business.


A booking plugin centralizes every aspect of your booking. With everything in order, it is straightforward to monitor client details, appointments, bookings, invoices, payments, inventory, etc.


Booking systems make sure that you stay aware of your business status. It offers comprehensive reports, enabling you to evaluate your business’s affairs and take corrective measures.

Now that you know what difference adding the best WooCommerce booking plugins could make, it is time to look into some of the best plugins WooCommerce offers.

1.     WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings is a clear choice, but not because of its name. And WooCommerce bookings are loaded with all the necessary features to ease your business model booking and reservation system. Depending on your business model, customers can easily book appointments, reservations, and rentals. Being a native plugin of WooCommerce, it integrates flawlessly.


  • You can set up various booking and reservation options.
  • Allows multiple and one-to-one booking options.
  • Compatible in all time zones.
  • The native platform comes with a native source.
  • Accuracy in booking up to minutes and seconds.
  • Assures no multiple booking clashes.
  • Integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce.
  • You can sync emails with bookings.
  • It costs you $249


2.     Booknetic

Booknetic is one of the best among its compatriots. It works effortlessly with WooCommerce. And it enables customization and automation of bookings and related processes. It also provides comprehensive booking forms and reliable payment gateways. Optimizing the customer experience can easily boost occupancy.


  • Offers a fully customizable booking widget.
  • A fully responsive layout supports all media gadgets.
  • Manages workflow through appointment scheduler.
  • Creates custom forms to upload files, checkboxes, time, and social media.
  • Offers a panel where customers can create profiles and view and edit appointments.
  • Enables appointments and booking notifications through emails, SMS, and WhatsApp.
  • Allows Google calendar sync.
  • Can set up Zoom meetings.
  • It costs you $79

3.     Bookly

Bookly is one of the best WooCommerce booking plugins. It comes with ample features to take care of your bookings and appointments. Bookly is free, yes, free! And that is a big plus for new startups and businesses. Bookly simplifies your booking and appointment process and lets customers quickly go through the booking routine.


  • Comes with free and paid versions.
  • #1 plugin and has a large user base.
  • Ample features for your routine chores of booking and appointments
  • It comes with six-month support, which you can extend.
  • Offers an online booking calendar to simplify the booking process.
  • Supports a variety of businesses
  • There is no limit to add-on integration.
  • Offers complete WooCommerce integration.

4.     YITH Booking & Appointment for WooCommerce

YITH Bookings are the inevitable solution for booking apartments, rooms, and accommodation facilities. It is a premium plugin with premium features. You can easily configure and automate functions to suit your business model. It allows customers to sync their accounts to Google Calendar to enable every booking to sync to their system calendar. It gives your WooCommerce platform the power to manage booking rooms or any living installation and set check-in and checkout times with all the features Airbnb-like businesses offer.


  • You manage unlimited bookable services and products.
  • You can configure the calendar by setting the default date (current day, current day +1, first available, custom date).
  • Set a full-day booking.
  • You can set a location with the Google Maps API
  • You can set prices for each product and service.
  • Also, prices can be set for any length of time.
  • Prices can be set for single and multiple products and services.
  • You can charge a global cost to customers.
  • You can run a promotional campaign by assigning free and paid services.
  • You can give customers the option to cancel and reschedule the booking.
  • Supports multilingual features.
  • It costs $249/ per year

5.     Pinpoint booking system

With a Pinpoint Booking System, your clients can book anytime and anywhere. They can rent rooms, take appointments, and book events within your WooCommerce platform. Pinpoint can be easily configured through an intuitive administrative interface. It serves new and growing businesses. It is flexible and allows you to set up a booking calendar with the necessary functions.


  • You can send notifications in response to booking requests.
  • Supports multilingual features.
  • Offers a responsive front-end booking calendar.
  • It offers a Book Day feature, which helps you set up service availability and prices.
  • You can control bookings for hours, minutes, and seconds with pinpoint.
  • It comes with AJAX administrative area. With this, even a layperson can manage their booking calendar.
  • Pinpoint offers booking calendar extensions that improve customer engagement.
  • Pinpoint’s integration with WooCommerce lets you take advantage of shopping carts and payment gateways.
  • Pinpoint also integrates with Google Calendar.
  • You can set up SMS notifications for yourself and your clients/customers.
  • Pinpoint costs &70/site/year.

6.     PluginHive WooCommerce Booking

PluginHive is one of the most powerful WooCommerce booking plugins. This plugin empowers businesses and service providers to offer clients a solution for all their booking affairs through their WooCommerce platform.

PluginHive offers seamless integration with WooCommerce, allowing you to customize and automate your booking and reservation system.


  • Offer bookings with start and end dates.
  • Offers single or multiple-day booking suites to a variety of businesses.
  • You can set up email and SMS reminders.
  • Offers single and multiple appointment bookings.
  • You can set up a flexible booking with start and end times.
  • Offers recurring and non-adjacent bookings.
  • You can calculate the total booking cost with the client’s preferences.
  • Manage availability for your services.
  • You can integrate Google Calendar.
  • PluginHive costs $99/ single site with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


In this era of ease and advanced functionality, it is imperative that you offer your customers accessibility in every aspect, whether they are booking reservations, hotels, or salon appointments.

We have introduced a few top-of-the-line booking plugins out of the many available. These plugins are designed to turn your business into an optimized entity that can serve your clients and help you grow your business.

When picking the right WooCommerce booking plugin, the emphasis should be on the compatibility of features. They should match your business model functionality. Not every plugin suits every business. It is better to opt for one which offers a try-out period.

We hope this article helps you find the best WooCommerce booking plugin for your WooCommerce platform. Until next time!

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