Conversion Rate Optimization

Art of Conversion Rate Optimization

The entry of the world’s wide web and various online tools available and accessible globally has changed commerce and business. The traditional business models are no longer applicable to combat the fierce competition. This is an era of clicks where everything is accessible within microseconds.

Now the platform of websites serves as an ultimate destination for all businesses and customers so that together they can make up a better place for transactions. When the internet and website were launched, the first target of businesses was to draw the attention of all the potential customers towards the website.

Various techniques were applied to attain maximum inward traffic for a business. It eventually resulted in better ranking and greater traffic. But with every passing day, technology is changing. These changes are intended to cater to the problems and loopholes of previous models.

Trends Are Shifting

As time has passed, the experts have realized that the pivotal issue is not about traffic enhancement for any website. As businesses are created to earn profits and revenues, the ultimate designation for a business is surely made for increasing sales. For that purpose, the website needs to be created and maintained so that the visitors can experience an optimized experience and increase the chances of sales with every visit.

So the focus has shifted from better ranking in a search engine to conversion of visits to sales which is eventually the purpose of any business. This shift in focus is termed conversion rate optimization. As this strategy covers the preliminary business need, it can do miracles for your business if done well.

Just as the awareness about the need for this conversion is increasing, people are getting interested in knowing more and more about it. This topic needs to be discussed at a basic level to enhance the knowledge.  It’s better to use, and the application will benefit the whole business world.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion rate optimization appears as a tool for converting a greater number of visitors on a website into eventual goals, mostly sales or signups.  By raising the conversion rate, the increase in sales and revenues can be experienced without increasing website traffic. So actually, it is a phenomenon to make up a true effort that can substantially benefit the business. So based o conversion focus CRO comprises of following major components:

Web Analytics:

This analytical focus entails identifying the current sales of website sales and then performing the conversion tactics. These analytical tools provide a deeper insight into creating website improvement for key pages of the website.

A/B Testing:

These are called A/B testing tools or best practices to enable the website owner to discover the specific variations which result in the conversion of website visitors to eventual sales. These are tools for specifying the actions to put the efforts in the right direction.

User Experience (UX):

Being a part of Conversion Rate Optimization, this element focuses on researching the visitors’ specifications and their needs so that all related issues can be catered to in the best way. It is a need analysis that helps the website owner to deal with these needs with the ultimate professional approach so that the eventual purpose of conversion can be served with the ultimate customer satisfaction.

Website Persuasion:

This part of the Conversion Rate Optimization campaign is related to the effective and professional use of various influence tactics and marketing strategies to convert traffic into sales for the website. This component takes help from all other components of CRO.

A New Dimension of Progress:

Defining these components and their ultimate purposes is easy, but handling this procedure is difficult. It involves several various techniques and in-depth analysis. It needs a complete set of tools that can track the initial position of the website without applying CRO. Then various different strategic tools are applied to learn and study the visitors, their psyche, needs, wants, and related characteristics.

The purpose is to apply conversion tools in the best possible direction. Although CRO’s basic aim remains the same, like other traditional business tools. Various CRO tools will vary according to the basic demands and type of operations carried out by a particular business. The conversion signal for various categories of websites will depend on particular niches and operations catered by the business.

  • Services Website

For all websites dealing in various services, a conversion is said to occur when a visitor fills in and completes signup or any related forms. It is usually shown on the signup or thanks page.

  • eCommerce Website

For eCommerce websites, a conversion is said to occur when a product purchase is carried out after a visitor visits the page. It is usually shown on the order confirmation page.

  • Media Website or Blog

For any website dealing with media or related stuff, a conversion is said to occur when a visitor completes the newsletter or any other opt-in.

Calculating the Conversion Rate for Your Website

The conversion rate is the proportion of website visitors for any website goal. The higher this proportion, the higher the conversion rate.

Overall Website Conversion Rate:

This makes use of two scores:

  • Total Number of website conversions
  • Total number of website visitors

To get a percentage figure, divide the conversion figure by the total number of website visitors and then multiply by 100.

Conversion rate optimization has changed the business domain by hitting the right corner. Now business entities are getting the true benefit of revenue generation with various tools of these newest trends.

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