Fawry Payment Plugin For WordPress

Are you looking to improve your sales on your WooCommerce store or want to improve your customers’ experience? You may even be looking to reach a wider audience or a makeup website that is easy to use. We have the Fawry Payment Plugin For WordPress that can solve most of these problems with a simple solution in your hand.

It also helps you find out how it can solve your problems regarding WooCommerce plugins and WordPress payment pages. You will also learn if there are some alternatives to this one that you should be looking to try instead. So, let us start this one!

What is Wocommerce And Fawry Plugin?

Regarding e-commerce, it is a plugin you use for your WordPress store. It is a plugin that can ensure you get all the functionalities you need when creating a WordPress store. The main thing about this plugin is that you can choose multiple functionalities you need for your online store.

You can also get all of these within the easy interface of WordPress without leaving the platform. Regarding Fawry, it has a payment gateway and is a plugin at the same time. So the thing is, when you use this one, you can easily accept payments on your website through it.

The main point about this one is it is quite famous in the Middle East and can benefit you if you want to target that audience.

Pros of Fawry Plugin

Here are some pros of this plugin that you must know if you are considering it and you want to get the best of your store:

Better Customer Experience:
To ensure your customers get the best experience, you need several features in your payment plugin. Here are some:

Diverse Payment Options:
It is one of the plugins that gives you diverse payment options. Provides credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, and cash on delivery.

Easy Checkout Flow:
You can get one paycheck with it, allowing your customers to get a quick checkout. This way, you eliminate it, and we focus on divergence from checkout. You also get a prefilled forms option.

Localized Language Support:
Localized language support is another feature that gives your customers their language at checkout. This way, you eliminate language barriers that can lead to checkout abandonments.

Transparency And Security:
It is a secure payment gateway providing transaction details and real-time order tracking.

Cash On Delivery Option:
Cash on delivery is especially relevant in many regions, and this plugin also offers that.

Improved Reach

As you can reach many people in the Middle East, there are millions of potential customers. At the same time, you increase your visibility to them. You may be wondering how you can improve your reach with this one, so here is how you can do it:

Integrating this plugin with your business will be listed on Fawry’s platform, which millions of users use for products and services.

When you use localized branding and promotional campaigns, you can’t benefit if you are using this plugin. As we already know, it is widely used in the Middle East; you can capture this market better using this plugin.

People will have more trust in your website in this region where you’re using one that helps improve your overall business alongside the reach.

At the same time, when you use this plugin, you reach an audience with different advertising channels that Fawry uses.

Seamless Integration

Another huge benefit of this one is its easy and smooth integration into your store. Here are some points for which you should consider it:

No Coding Required:
A big benefit is that it offers an easy user interface with instructions and intuitive options.

Quick Setup:
You can do it from your WordPress dashboard, requiring minimal configuration.

Wocommerce Compatibility:
Another big benefit is that you get good compatibility with effortless integration.

Support Resources:
It is one of the plugins that offers you detailed documentation in English and Arabic. At the same time, it provides you with responsive customer support.

Secure Transactions

Now, one thing is for sure: your customers may compromise on anything but secure transactions. Here is what you get to ensure security:

It follows PCI DSS, a recognized security measure for sensitive information for your cardholder customers.

Secure Payment Gateways:
The gateway it uses carries advanced encryption technologies to help keep your customers’ data transfer secure. This means encryption does not allow readable data during and after the transfer.

It also provides tokenization, meaning your customers’ data will not be saved on your website. What happens instead is it is converted into unique tokens; you have to make the process secure in every way.

Multi-Factor Authentication:
At the same time, you make notification factors before they can access sensitive information.

Measures For Fraud Prevention:
It has a sophisticated fraud detection algorithm to block suspicious transactions to minimize the chances of fraudulent activities.

Efficiency In Processing

Online TransectionsNow, this plugin provides multiple processing benefits that others may not, like:

It has a quick and easy page with a streamlined process and orders confirmation for efficient payment processing.

At the same time, it offers flexible options and easy access to funds. Also, you get cash flow forecasting and budgeting with it.

You manage your transactions from a dashboard where you minimize paperwork and manual record-keeping.

You also get better and more robust results with better uptime availability. At the same time, you get reliable transaction processing.

This plugin gives you all popular accounting software options like QuickBooks for financial reporting and expense tracking.

You also get detailed reports and analytics with buying patterns and trends for better business decisions.

Cost Effective Solution

This plugin’s competitive transaction fees are another feature you would have loved. It offers services with reasonable transaction fees in comparison to other gateways in the Middle East. At the same time, these are a percentage of transaction amounts, which makes them scalable according to your business growth.

It provides a broader range of payment methods; you get more customers to complete purchases as the cart abandonments go down. Also, they do not ask for any hidden fees or additional charges. It also provides an understanding by localizing pricing options, such as Egyptian pounds.

This reduces friction due to misunderstanding about the net price on the checkout page. Then, you do not have to pay any monthly fees, reducing your expenses.

Localized Support

It allows you to operate in multiple languages for the use of your customers, like:

It offers an interface and support channels in English and Arabic for a better understanding of your target audience

At the same time, it has a support team that understands the landscape of these audiences

Also, you can solve your problems conveniently in Egyptian and Middle Eastern time zones.

You can also ensure they provide multiple support channels like live chat, documentation, and e-mail support.

They also provide customer support resources in English and Arabic. It means you get FAQs, blogs, and other learning resources in both languages. Also, you get regional marketing materials like webinars, content, and others.

Versatile Customization Options

This plugin helps you get the important parts of any plugins we add to our WordPress website. For instance, it offers the following customization options for your website UI:

It provides you with design patterns, colors, text, and others. It even allows you to upload custom button images to add to your buttons.

Also, that lets you check out language customization in English and Arabic. At the same time, you can customize the footer and the header, giving you a consistent look.

You also get to choose personalized choices for the display messages after failed and successful transactions for your customers. At the same time, you can choose optional data fields, like the company name or the phone number.


What is the Fawry Payment Plugin?

The Fawry payment plugin is a type of tool that you can use on your website to integrate with the Fawry payment gateway. It has good reach in Egypt and the Middle East region and allows multiple payment methods for your customers. For instance, it offers credit card credits, cash on delivery, mobile wallets, and debit cards.

Is the plugin compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins?

Yes, it is compatible with most plugins of the WordPress CMS. Some conflicting ones, for instance, can be those with an insert modifier checkout process and JavaScript interactions. Still, you can check plugin developer information like FAQs to determine whether it is compatible with specific plugins. You can also try asking your development the research.

Are there any transaction fees associated with using the plugin?

Transaction fees associated with that may vary depending on the type of payment method. For instance, debit and credit cards have higher fees than cash on delivery. Sometimes, you may have to pay a setup fee and SMS cost. Still, you can be sure that its processing is always transparent.

Do I need a Fawry account to use the plugin?

Yes, having an account is necessary if you want to use this plugin on your WordPress store. But the good part is that you can easily make this account with the seven simple steps that are mentioned below:

-Choose your account type
-Visit the Fawry website
-Make sure you select your account type and preferred language.
-Then, you should follow the registration form to proceed.
-You can verify your identity
-With an activation link for your account to activate it
-Then, you can set up your payment gateway

What are the benefits of using the Fawry Payment Plugin?

It offers increased sales access to a broader audience and simplified checkout. At the same time, it improves its customer experience with convenience, faster transactions, and faster payment options. It also provides great payment options, administrative burden, and streamlined cash flow.

Final Thoughts

We talked about the Fawry plugin and when you should try using it. We discussed how it offers security, a good user experience, and a wide audience reach. It is a specialized plugin that works well for the Middle East and Egypt region and can benefit you.

This blog was to help you get the best information to help you decide whether to use it. So it is a great plugin if you want the features mentioned if they are a helpful solution for you.

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