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What Are The Best Free Fonts For Business Cards

Are you a business person and want things to look more impressive with business card fonts? You must follow a plan to make a business great, so learn effective methods. So, you can have business cards that show your brand’s real face and voice.

The better your brand’s voice, the more impressive it is bound to be for your clients. So, you must make your cards look like the real deal with the right fonts. That is why we have a list of top fonts you got to try out for your business cards. In addition, you will get free fonts for business cards that can make your cards unique.

Business Cards and Fonts | The Deep Relation!

So, you are searching for the best fonts for your cards and want to learn which font will add the right flare? Well, your card information and content can determine your perfect font choice. Also, your brand voice significantly impacts what font you should include.

Ensuring your card has your brand’s personality can make a huge impact, so use colors and fonts. Also, when buying your font, never use something that does not need to be paid. So, using a free font is a great idea to go for. You can choose a style and look for a free version of a font you want to add.

One thing is for sure; your font will be nothing less than an influence that entirely changes the brand image. Also, consider your card design, its size, and other things. Find out the best font size by consulting a professional designer. Usually, a size of 10 to 16 PT is considered suitable for a card.

So, ensure you use the correct font size to make your content look great on the card. Your cards may include a lot of information you need to remember. You can never have a font that takes too much space and forget the essential information it needs to carry.

Tips To Keep In Mind

You know the importance of a great font, but adding the right one needs some guidelines. So, here are some:

  • Keep your branding consistent, so use the font on your website and other digital spaces for branding.
  • Make sure your print branding goes with your font too.
  • Use two fonts that you can for different parts of your card.

Top Fonts To Consider For Business Cards

best fonts for business cards

So, before we give you the details of top business cards, we have a list of top free fonts you can choose from:

  • Montserrat
  • Roboto
  • Poppins
  • Oswald
  • Futura
  • Mulish
  • Raleway
  • Arial
  • Myriad Pro


Montserrat look

So, here is this font you can try to make things look better. Using this font works for editorial words, logos, and branding. For example, when creating a business card, you use two elements in a business card. So, when you use this font, your cards will get a great feel.


poppins font look

Poppins is a famous typeface used for websites, and you can try it for your business cards. Using it can help you get an excellent feel for your card and brand.


look of Futura font

Futura is another excellent choice with a great geometric feel and simple geometric shapes. You can use it when you need impressive symmetry for your work. Also, it has clean proportions and offers precision instead of a handwriting feel for you.


Look of Mulish font

Mulsih is another family that can make your business cards stand out as it offers. You can use it for its fantastic sleekness and style, making things look easy to read. Also, it adds elegance, and there are different weights you can use for it.

Using the proper weights can help you add different looks to your business card.


Looks of Arial Font

This family also has so many sub-fonts and works for multiple brands. Arial Regular, Italic, Narrow, and Medium types work for cards. They have more detail, making them suitable for designs that have a thicker look.

You can use the ones that offer more thickness according to your brand image.

Myriad Pro

Look of Myriad pro

We know several fonts are under this family, but if you add them to your business card. Use it with your business name in bold, your contact, and other less important information as medium or regular.

It is a great option when you need a symmetrical font. There are several different types and weights you can use in this one.

Top Serif Fonts To Try

best serif fonts for business cards

We need to keep in mind that Times New Roman is one of the most common in the Serif category. So, using Serif fonts makes a great formal feel for your brand and business. Using them will add a more formal feel.

They also add a traditional feel to your business card. So here are some options to try:

  • Georgia
  • Baskerville
  • Times New Roman
  • Courier New


Georgia font look

Georgia is another classy font that is not plain. Also, it has corners that set it apart from other fonts for a business card. Using it for typography works well, and you can use it for small and big fonts. It is a complete family and offers different types as it is a complete family.

Try italics, Bold, capital, and small with this one. So, using these can help you make your brand cards look special. These good business ones can make your cards look amazing.

Times New Roman

times new roman look

It is a great font that can make things look easy to read and amazing for your business card. This font family also uses sharp brackets and links. You can try different bold, italic, extra bold, semi-bold, or even semi-bold italics according to your needs.

So, it is one of the top professional fonts for business cards you can try out.

Here are some more fonts to try

  • Century
  • Calibri
  • Gothic fonts
  • Rubik
  • Emilys Candy
  • Merienda One
  • Nunito
  • Pirata One
  • Fenix
  • Riweather
  • Flamenco
  • Shojumaru
  • Pirata One
  • Habibi

Final Thoughts

We discussed some top font choices for business card designs you need to remember. Use Times New Roman, Georgia, Myriad Pro, Arial, Mulish, and Futura for your business cards. So, these fonts can help your projects and work well.

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