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Best WooCommerce Email Marketing Plugins

All over the world, marketing strategies depend upon cost-effective tools that can widen your reach. The tool which can deliver your message more intimately and personally is the prime choice and email marketing plugins fulfill that objective.

Email marketing has evolved into the most profitable and cost-effective direct marketing tool. The average ROI of email marketing is $42 for every dollar spent. That makes email marketing the foundation of any digital marketing campaign.

If you are reading this article, you must be searching for the best WooCommerce email marketing plugin for your WooCommerce platform. This is easier said than done, as there are multiple options available.

You may know there are many twists and turns in creating emails with WooCommerce default email creator. Email marketing is a tough discipline, and you need a proper plugin that offers the flexibility of customization of the whole process. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Parameters for Selecting the Best WooCommerce Email Marketing Plugins

To find the best WooCommerce email marketing plugin, you must set criteria before incorporating it into your eCommerce store.


Email marketing is a vast discipline and has many elements. An ideal plugin should provide you with control over these aspects. You must control sending time, domain, name, and email addresses.


The best WooCommerce email marketing plugin should be able to optimize the process of sending emails through SMTP relays on their servers. That will ensure optimized marketing email delivery to a target audience.

Email Templates

Being an eCommerce store owner, you may need to craft different emails for varying products and customers; the ideal plugin should provide you with abundant email template options. This will help you instantly create marketing emails and expedite the whole process.


Without Automation, no plugin can exist in the market. It is a mandatory feature for any WooCommerce plugin. With automation, you can automate the whole email sending process. All you need to do is to set a time and date to send these campaigns and flow emails to your audience.

Email List Management

The plugin should be able to add all WooCommerce customers to your email list. Furthermore, it should also integrate behavioral and any specific preferential list for sending more personalized promotional emails to your customers.

It is documented that 72% of people prefer to receive a promotional marketing campaign through emails, compared to only 17% through social media. Thus, having an email marketing strategy on your side is pivotal.

Considering all this, you should furnish your eCommerce store with the best WooCommerce email marketing plugins; let us now look into some top-of-the-line email plugins to help you decide.

1.     Klaviyo

Klaviyo, which initially started its journey as an eCommerce platform, transformed itself to provide multiple channels for marketing campaigns. Klaviyo enables you to create multiple marketing options. You can create pop-ups and design and send SMS campaigns and comprehensive email marketing resources to create engaging emails.

Klaviyo offers plenty of marketing features that contribute to its success in the marketing arena. It seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce to provide robust marketing features to your marketing campaigns. You can rely on its automation support and ease up your marketing campaigns. It offers more than 70 integration options, thus, ensuring customization and flexibility.


  • Provides you with a real-time email builder. You can create astonishing emails with its easy-to-build drag-and-drop feature. The email builder easily integrates several eCommerce elements like coupon codes and product recommendations.
  • Klaviyo offers an extensive library of email templates to expedite email creation. The templates come with editing features to provide you the flexibility to edit the finer details to polish off your emails.
  • The email builder is completely responsive. You can view your email design both on desktop and mobile with just one click.
  • With its automation feature, you can create auto-responder email campaigns. These email responses to certain customers’ actions, like abandoned carts, purchase follow-up and filling of signup forms.
  • Adding contacts to the contact list is easy with Klaviyo due to its full-bodied content management features. Further, you can add segmentation to these contact lists like location, predicted value, and events, which will help you create more personalized email campaigns.
  • You can take advantage of Klaviyo’s extensive reporting to know your email campaigns’ ROI, enabling you to access your campaigns and make changes accordingly.
  • Klaviyo offers a free plan which enables you to send 500 emails in a month to 250 contacts. The paid version costs you by the number of emails and contacts/per month.
  • You can keep track of your customer feed and browsing behavior.

Klaviyo grants you access to all its features, whether you are a free or paid customer. That makes it a logical choice for new startups.

2.     MailPoet

MailPoet is a genie to grow your email marketing campaign. You can create, send, and effectively manage all your emails while staying at your WordPress dashboard.

MailPoet’s state-of-the-art email builder works seamlessly with your WooCommerce platform. You can create amazing emails from scratch or use the huge selection of templates. You can easily schedule your emails or newsletters using MailPoet’s automation features.

Moreover, you can bring changes to your email appearances from within your WooCommerce environment and don’t need to switch back and forth between apps. MailPoet offers GDPR-friendly signup forms that facilitate gathering emails from your marked audience.


  • Deal with your subscriber and their list in WordPress.
  • Provide behavior and interest-based segmentation for more personalized email marketing campaigns.
  • MailPoet comes with an email customizer; you can create emails from scratch or choose any template from the huge content library. All you need to do is to use the edit template feature to customize and create stunning emails.
  • This plugin offers a lead capture module that enables you to add a GDPR-compliant lead capture form to your checkout pages.
  • Thanks to its robust email delivery system, you can send millions of emails in seconds.
  • The plugin offers fail-safe automation. You have the flexibility to create automation for numerous numbers, be that new customers/repeat customers/ and new subscribers. It also generates emails for abandoned carts.
  • It also gives you a comprehensive insight into the campaign you are running with ROI stats.
  • Mailpoet offers lucrative free and paid plans; you can use their free plan forever with 5000 emails to 1000 customers/month.

MailPoet is an ideal choice for eCommerce stores of any size. It offers plans for any size of business, which makes it one of the best WooCommerce email marketing plugins.

3.     MailerLite

There is nothing light about MailerLite when dealing with all your email marketing chores. MailerLite has all the tools you need to create sign-in forms and landing pages to collect email addresses.

MailerLite offers ease of use and provides various features under your budget. It enables you to track emails right from your WordPress dashboard.


  • Create captivating campaigns with the help of three available editors. You have the choice to pick any one that suits your needs.
  • Flawlessly integrated with WooCommerce with enhanced performance.
  • You can customize and build advanced marketing workflows with ease of automation.
  • It provides the advantage of sending targeted emails to your audience into a different segment you created.
  • You can build your email list on your desktop or using the app. You can collect and increase subscribers through signup forms.
  • You can keep track of your campaign performance by embedding email surveys, and with simple analytics and visual click maps, you can easily design your fail-proof campaign on an even bigger plan.
  • Offers drag and drop email builder with interactive content blocks. You can also create custom emails by using an HTML editor.
  • With MailerLite, you can start for free and upgrade as you grow; there is 30 days free trial with all features.

MailerLite has it all. You can have a free trial to check that it meets your requirement and choose to add MailerLite to your WooCommerce store.

4.     Omnisend

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line WooCommerce email plugin, Omnisend is the answer. It started its journey in 2014. Since then, it has come a long way, earning the confidence of many eCommerce stores. This plugin establishes its place in Omni channel marketing campaigns.

Due to its huge features and flexibility, Ominsend enjoys a vast clientele base. It has become part of over 70,000 eCommerce stores, including Hallmark, Jiggy, and Cannon.


  • Offers one-click installation. All you need to do is to sign up for Omnisend to download. You can then install it on you your WooCommerce store.
  • Offers drag-and-drop email builder. Provide you the ease of pre-made emails template with edit features to customize.
  • Along with emails, you create and design SMS campaigns. Offers web notifications to engage customers for conversion.
  • You can completely control designing your marketing campaign and automate the whole process. You can integrate automation for various events to engage customers for conversion.
  • Omnisend automatic synchronization helps in building a customer list. You can further create lists according to different segments based on customer behavior and actions.
  • Omnisend, like its few compatriots, offers a comprehensive analysis of running campaigns with ROI. This gives you the ability to improve campaigns with further customization.
  • It offers free forever and paid plans, with all the features unlocked regardless of your plan type.

Omnisend offers all you need to create stunning emails; it is one of the best WooCommerce email marketing plugins.

5.     Constant Contact

Constant Contact is yet another multifunctional or multichannel WooCommerce plugin for creating captivating and engaging emails. Constant Contact is one of the oldest email marketing software, even a novice in the eCommerce industry knows about it.

Constant Contact has powered various business categories for years; it puts special focus on its development and upgrades to ensure its standout position in the market and deserves to be your best WooCommerce email marketing plugin.


  • Like many, it offers a real-time drag-and-drop email builder. Email builder has easy-to-use features. For more ease, you can have the luxury of using pre-made email designs catering to different modes of campaigns.
  • Constant Contact allows traditional emails and enables you to integrate eCommerce elements into your email templates. These elements could be products, catalogs, gift coupons, etc.
  • Offers easy list management. You can also create a list of different segments of customers depending on their behavior and activity.
  • You can embed pop-up forms all over your WooCommerce store to capture leads and use them for conversion.
  • It provides an auto-responder email feature that can add leads, nurture series, and abandoned cart series emails to complete unfinished sales.
  • Multichannel functionality enables you to add social media and Google Ads and create landing pages.
  • Offer a conventional 60 days free trial period with all the features. There is no free forever version of Constant Contact.

This plugin assures constant contact with your customers by giving you the power to create and send stunning, engaging emails, which is the best WooCommerce email marketing plugin.


We gave you a walk-through of the best WooCommerce email marketing plugins. I hope you find the one that fits your business perfectly. If you are unsure, try the free version and see how it goes. We hope this article helped!

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