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6 Best WooCommerce POS plugins – With Buying Guide

A point of sale (POS) occurs when a customer purchases or comes to your checkout counter to pay the bill. It can also be described as a system that operates on transactions, refunds, split bills, and many other features. A POS system is a collection of hardware and software applications, and trained individuals work harmoniously to complete transactions with documentation. Luckily, there are multiple WooCommerce POS plugins available.

History of POS

The first POS appeared 14 decades ago when James Ritty, a saloon owner, invented a cash register in 1879. In the early 19th century, this cash register was improved with a paper roll for transaction printing.

IBM introduced the first POS in 1973. It was a big machine that could control up to 128 machines simultaneously. In 1974, McDonald’s introduced a microprocessor-equipped cash register; these machines had LAN connections with other gadgets.

The internet revolution helped Microsoft bring POS for Windows, which could be used in all sorts of machines and operating systems. Nowadays, the whole system has evolved into a cloud-based POS. Desktops, mobile phones, and tablets now serve as POS, and this system is now dominating the modern eCommerce industry.

If you are reading this article, you must be a proud owner of a WooCommerce platform and are looking for the best WooCommerce POS plugin; I will try my best to help you choose the best in the marketplace.

Before deciding on any POS plugin for your WooCommerce store, it is better to make conditions for choosing the right plugin; the following are a few things we should consider.

WooCommerce POS Plugin Buying Guide

Comply With Business Requirements

You should know your business and its priorities. This will help you to choose a POS plugin to optimize your WooCommerce store. Your requirements can be the following:

  • You may look for a proficient POS in invoicing, selling, buying, renting, repairing, etc.
  • Managing inventory can be a problem, and you may need a POS plugin that comprehensively addresses this issue.
  • You may need agile management of customer orders and supplier order management.
  • The plugin should allow you to customize reports consistently.
  • It should enable multi-store management to help scale your business.
  • There is no harm in having a multi-channel POS for your eCommerce store.


Cost is the biggest determining factor when choosing a WooCommerce POS plugin. You should know your budget before deciding on any POS plugin cause plugins are not free. This plugin can cost you in the range of $29 to $500/month. Furthermore, the cost includes the personnel you need to run your POS system.


The compatibility of POS is of prime importance for your WooCommerce platform. You should choose a POS plugin that works flawlessly with third-party apps. Also, remember that few vendors limit your work within their services, which may limit your customization flexibility.


Having a POS plugin with 24/7 customer support can help a lot. It can also save running costs since you don’t need to hire a skilled person to run your POS. Many POS vendors offer these services through chat /emails and phone.

Free Trial

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of free trial offers; they will help you evaluate the POS plugin. You can check out their work and whether they offer what they claim. Check their ease of use and all their features.

Now that you know what you want from your POS. It is time to look into a few of the best WooCommerce POS plugins.


If you are looking for a WooCommerce POS plugin that works and integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, FooSales is the rational choice. Through its unique payment integration, FooSales gives your WooCommerce platform the leverage to flawlessly bridge the gap between selling online and in-person.

FooSales offers secure POS and empowers you to run your business from anywhere in the world. You can also automate product inventory, orders, and customer data upgrades. It has an easy-to-use interface enables you to manage all processes from the store backend.


  • Provide Omni channel feature; you can sell products through different channels, including in-person sales.
  • You can manage order details, and the source can be handled at the WooCommerce backend.
  • You can integrate WooCommerce coupon codes while billing.
  • You automate tax collection regarding WooCommerce tax rates.
  • You can use the dashboard to synchronize order detail and inventory.
  • It allows you to use a third-party cash machine to accept payments and issue partial and full refunds.
  • You can update inventory and restock depleted products automatically.
  • You can create customer profiles by engaging them.
  • You can save customer data on your server for security.
  • Subscription of FooSales Single site connection costs you $249.
  • Uses WooCommerce’s official API.

2. wePOS

Suppose you wish to have every feature of POS, wePOS is the answer. In other words, wePOS completes your WooCommerce platform. wePOS offers you all the POS features on a single page, which helps you expedite the whole process. Based on the rest, API enables you to find products and customers ASAP.

wePOS flourishes your WooCommerce store with a captivating layout and offers robust features with functionality and customization flexibility.


  • Offers compatibility with major payment gateways with multiple card and cash options.
  • It offers a single-page program for the fastest record processing and a unique search feature to help you locate your preferred product quickly.
  • It gives you the ability to handle infinite numbers of outlets and counters. These locations can be managed individually or otherwise.
  • Its tabbed interface enables you to handle multiple carts simultaneously concerning checkouts.
  • You can prioritize the whole system according to credentials. The cashier can look into the system as far as you permit; you can make it a fraud-free system with this customization.
  • wePOS is very easy to set up and operate.
  • The starter pack comes with the price of $199/ yearly
  • It also offers a free version with a single payment gateway.

3. Point Of Sale for WooCommerce

POS for WooCommerce gives you the capability to operate your physical and online stores. POS for WooCommerce can turn your browser into a cash register. Retailers manage orders with its user-friendly interface and enjoy its multi-channel functionality.

POS for WooCommerce offers bar code scanning and can automate tax calculation and unit measurement. It is one of the best WooCommerce POS plugins and is a perfect choice for businesses such as retailers, stalls, food and drink sellers, and many others.


  • Manage Omni channels and can facilitate the processing of orders for multiple users.
  • Can generate extensive sales reports.
  • Supports multiple payment methods and split payment orders.
  • You can give a partial or full refund and manage inventory if items are returned.
  • Adds customer details from the point of sale.
  • Supports multiple currencies.
  • Supports to handle as many carts and checkouts.
  • Enables you to accept payments in cash or through cards, or you can split the costs between two methods.
  • You can add products from the point of sale.
  • You can print invoices or email them when the sale is completed.
  • You can add a product manually or with the help of a bar code.
  • This plugin costs only $99 with lifetime updates.

4. WooCommerce Square

Square brings the power of cloud POS. Square software offers seamless integration with your WooCommerce store to take advantage of retail POS processing. With the connection of WooCommerce and Square POS, you can sync inventory and product details.

With this top WooCommerce POS plugin, you can manage inventory, process all transactions, and generate invoices, receipts, and extensive reports. Square works in sync with WooCommerce right after its installation.


  • Collecting payments offline or online is no problem; it can cater to all card payments.
  • It offers automatic sync between square accounts and WooCommerce stores for real-time updates.
  • Offers fail-proof security and assures risk management.
  • Provides chargeback protection.
  • Assures rapid funds transfer.
  • You can track all your sales and listings on a common sync platform.
  • Lets customers save their purchase information for any future purchase.
  • Square lets you monitor your system live to save you from any fraud.

5. Hike POS

Hike is yet another cloud-based WooCommerce POS plugin. Hike is a dazzling in-store point-of-sale solution. It can manage all aspects of your retail business. Hike works on every digital gadget, including iPad, PC, Mac, etc. It also works offline, enabling you to sell even when the internet is down, making it stand out among its compatriots.


  • You can use the iPad point-of-sale register to make sales, take it to your customers, and accept orders from anywhere.
  • It works for you, and even if your internet is down, you can make offline sales without interruption.
  • It is fully customizable. You can customize tax rules, receipt contents, product options, categories, etc.
  • Product search is brisk with Hike, with an easy product tap feature.
  • You can attach a note to orders to let staff know about any special request about an order.
  • Hike enables you to register partial payments and orders requiring lengthy processing.
  • With Hike, applying discounts or processing refunds for faulty products is a breeze, which assures customers’ loyalty.
  • You can employ tax rate settings even in stores situated in different tax regions.
  • You can accept payments through multiple channels and create payment methods, such as cash, credit cards, cheques, debit cards, and loyalty points.
  • You can even issue store credit on returns and make it a payment method.
  • You can print invoices or email them to your customers.
  • You can record all incoming and outgoing cash to reduce thefts.
  • With Hike’s detailed shift analysis report, you can analyze any shift and view total daily payments by product type.
  • Hike transaction logs enable you to evaluate team performance by letting you know which employee completed the transaction.
  • The starting plan costs you $59/month.


The powers of YITH help you to turn your WooCommerce platform into an efficient cash register for any type of business. It allows your store to sync its point of sale with orders, customers, and product listing of your online business.

You can bring automation to generate your products’ bar and QR codes. It allows you to create a virtual cash register without any physical devices. You can save lots of funds with this feature. You can use this virtual cash register on any touchscreen gadget and browser.

YITH offers the most economical option; it saves you from buying a POS terminal, as a single terminal running can cost you $500 per year.


  • YITH POS seamlessly works with WooCommerce REST API, ensuring all the orders made on the front end sync to the WooCommerce database; it can be product stock or customer details.
  • With YITH and registers, you can create an infinite number of stores. If you run a store chain, you can create several cashiers for every register, customize receipts, and set up categories and payment methods.
  • YITH integrates with the WooCommerce admin panel to give you an easy-to-use dashboard that enables you to analyze sales trend and revenue of each POS
  • YITH offers you a customizable login page that gives cashiers direct access to register
  • It offers a simple, easy-to-use point-of-sale register interface that suits any business.
  • You can manage discounts and add notes to orders.
  • Enables multiple split payments to the same order.
  • Supports multiple payment methods.
  • YITH costs you $79.99/year with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


The whole point of employing a WooCommerce POS plugin is to optimize your customers’ experience. Customers become impatient if the check-out process is time-consuming. Choosing a WooCommerce POS plugin with a simple interface and multiple features can help save time and money and increase sales and customer satisfaction.

We hope our list of the best WooCommerce POS plugins was satisfactory. It’s best to choose one that meets your business requirements.

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