best woocommerce social proof plugins

Best WooCommerce Social Proof Plugins

The eCommerce industry is highly competitive, where survival and growth can be challenging. It’s a continuous battle; marketing tools are your weapons, and no battle can be won without them.

You can grow your WooCommerce store business by fueling your marketing tools with social proof. It helps you influence people to buy your products. But you need to have the best WooCommerce social proof plugins, and with hundreds of options available, the choice becomes difficult.

In this article, we will help you get the best WooCommerce social proof plugin, but first, we need to discuss social proof in detail.

What is Social Proof?

When in Rome, do as the Romans do; this expression defines social proof to some extent. Human beings are termed social animals. And we all have an inbuilt desire to be socially accepted. This can be achieved by speaking the same language, wearing similar clothes, having similar tastes in buying things, etc.

Some people confuse social proof with the bandwagon effect. The bandwagon effect shows that the choices of the masses influence our decisions to do anything, but that represents only one aspect of social proof.

Now we take a look at other elements of social proof in relevance to the business context, which are the following:

Celebrity Endorsement

In this form of social proof, you use the endorsement of a celebrity or any famous person on social media or mainstream media. These famous people have a huge following, which can influence their followers to buy your product. Although this is not as beneficial as organic marketing, it helps expands your reach and help you reach the right audience.

Experts Approval

Acclaimed experts in their field endorsing your product can be used as social proof. You can promote that on social media or print media by sharing their thoughts and statements, favoring your product use. This adds credibility to your product which influences people to buy your product.

User Experience

Positive user feedback, approvals, or ratings of products fall in this social proof. Studies document that 95% of customers read online reviews before buying anything. Reviews and star ratings are vital in inducing customers to buy any product.

Business Accreditation

In this social proof, you can influence people by showing them that many people are using your product, showing their testimonials, or you can advertise how many awards or certifications you have achieved that build credentials for your business. This can help you achieve more product credibility with increased sales and authority.

Earned Media

This type of social proof uses print media or people to promote your products by sharing or printing your content or talking about your brand or product. It is like word-of-mouth organic marketing. Earned media is also defined as public relations, which is important in earning people’s trust in your brand.

Social Media

This social proof encompasses social media posts favoring your product or brand. You cannot overlook the effects these posts have on people. An ample share of these posts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be worth the investment.

Friend Endorsement

This social proof can out weight any other influence. Recommendations of our loved ones and people we care about have more value to us, and they trigger us to do the same. This is similar to referral marketing. You can offer your loyal customers incentives to market your product and win amazing discounts and free products. When referred by a friend, people are 4x more likely to purchase.

Follow the Crowd

This depicts the bandwagon phenomenon. In this, people are influenced by what most other people are doing; in doing so, they don’t even consider what they need; they buy what the masses are buying. It is like following the herd. You can take advantage of this social proof when you have a brand or product already trusted by the masses.

Now that we understand social proof and its types, we know it works beyond advertising and marketing. Many plugins can help you incorporate social proof in your WooCommerce store. But since there are so many, choosing the one that is right for you can be challenging.

Let’s look into some of the best WooCommerce social proof plugins available to help you decide.

Best WooCommerce Social Proof Plugins

1.     NotificationX

NotificationX earns its place in the top tier of best social-proof plugins for WooCommerce. It comes with numerous features which can rapidly help in sales conversions. NotificationX is a time-tested foolproof marketing tool that helps you get more sales and help you engage more customers.

 Features of NotificationX

  • It is easily set up and installed and has an extension to integrate with WooCommerce.
  • It enjoys the trust of over 20,000 businesses.
  • It is straightforward to use; you can change the appearance of social proof elements in a jiffy, and you don’t need to know any codes to customize it.
  • It helps to create a captivating popup alert when someone purchases from your store.
  • It helps you create engaging sales notifications.
  • It helps you gain credibility by creating motivating user review pop-ups, with the liberty to use them anywhere on your website.
  • It also motivates your customers to write positive reviews
  • You can display special offers, sales announcements, and sticky bars at the top or bottom of your web page.
  • You can also display an animated countdown timer with a call to action button to create urgency or fear of missing out (FOMO)
  • You can easily integrate NotificationX with MailChimp to increase your email subscribers by creating captivating email subscription pop-ups.
  • It offers you a powerful, dependable analytics report feature. It helps you analyze your marketing campaign.
  • It comes with a centralized queue system where you can quickly queue up all your social proof pop-ups and set timing when you want them to be active
  • There is no limit on the number of visitors/month. You don’t need to upgrade or pay more for more visitors
  • There is also no limit on displaying your social proof popups anywhere on your website

Downside of NotificationX

  • Only available for WordPress
  • No free version

Being built on WordPress, NotificationX enjoys seamless integration with WooCommerce. Considering all its features, NotificationX can be the best social proof plugin for WooCommerce.

2.     WP Social Proof

WP Social Proof assures reliability and flexibility for all social proof marketing integration. It offers both free and premium versions. You can maneuver social proof elements; WP supports all these with flexibility.

 Features of WP Social Proof

  • It offers a free version, but it is limited to sales notification
  • The premium version has no limitations. Support all social proof activities on your website, including real-time visitor stats.
  • The premium version also integrates with Google Analytics
  • Supports both mobile and desktop.
  • There is no limitation on the visitor’s count
  • You get unlimited notifications
  • Offer plugin to integrate with WooCommerce
  • The premium version costs 6,42$/month

The downside of WP social proof

  • It comes from a small company and may lack support.
  • Notifications on mobile are not engaging.

3.     ProveSource

It is another popular WooCommerce plugin that enables all kinds of social proof pop-ups for your web store visitors. ProveSource offers easy integration with WooCommerce with a massive number of social proof tools to create and display alerts catering to all kinds of customers’ actions.

With ProveSource, you can track an event or activity you desire specifically. You also configure which pages show desired notifications and also their appearance. Like many of its peers, ProveSource is highly customizable to your preferences; you don’t need any coding skills.

Features of ProveSource

  • It has a plugin to integrate with WooCommerce.
  • Offers specific tracking of any social proof campaign.
  • Completely customizable and flexible to meet your needs.
  • Easy setup and compatibility.
  • It comes with an extensive analytic feature that helps you analyze campaign

Downsides of ProveSource

  • It does not come with any free plan; there are three plans available, the Starter at 18$, Growth at 45$, and Monster at 91$
  • They also enforce a monthly visitor limit that can make you upgrade the plan.

4.     TrustPulse

TrustPulse gives you another reliable option for social proof marketing. The integration with WooCommerce is easy and quick. Trustpulse enables you to create an elegant user interface to create all kinds of social proof pop-ups notification.

 Features of TrustPulse

  • Your first 500 sessions are free with TrustPulse. This can be attractive for startups and new businesses.
  • Integrate flawlessly with WooCommerce.
  • Easy to install and set up.
  • Support all activities of social proof marketing campaigns.
  • Easy to use interface, helps you create engaging pop-ups and alerts.
  • Offers flexibility in targeting On-Fire messages

Downsides of TrustPulse

  • The notification is limited to recent activity and On-Fire messages.
  • Offer limited means to record user activities.
  • Capturing tools like Zapier may involve an upgrade plan

5.     VisitorsProof

VisitorProof is another very easy-to-use social proof plugin for WooCommerce. VisitorProof enables you to add a social share widget. It also acknowledges you whenever a new product is added to your store.

Features of VisitorProof

  • It offers a free version with recent sales notifications.
  • The premium version provides comprehensive social proof support.
  • The Premium version also provides campaign analytics.
  • It has a built-in reporting dashboard to keep you aware of all the social proof activities

Downside of VisitorProof

  • Comparatively, it’s a new plugin, so not much users feedback is available to judge


Social proof earned its place by giving a big boom to businesses; maybe that’s why we have many WooCommerce plugins available. But that makes selecting one of them more and more difficult. It’s best to narrow the selection to your budget and business type.

Since we now know what social proof is and how it can help you design your marketing campaigns based on different types of social proof, we hope you make the right decision from the abovementioned options.

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