How To Add Grouped Products In WooCommerce

How To Add Grouped Products In WooCommerce

Being an eCommerce store owner, you always yearn for your visitors to easily and hastily locate solutions through your products and services. Grouped Products In WooCommerce will result in quick sales and make these customers come back repeatedly.

Customers visit your eCommerce store for their specific needs. If you expect them to check your whole inventory for that particular product, your anticipation is unrealistic. 34% of visitors don’t convert just because they couldn’t be able to locate the desired product.

WooCommerce, a top-of-the-line eCommerce platform, can potentially boost your sales effectively. Grouped products are the dominant feature of WooCommerce, which helps you convert more visitors. How?

WooCommerce Platform

Upon installation, WooCommerce reveals numerous features right from the start. Grouped products are a distinguishing feature among them. This is good for businesses to sell more products to the same customer. This feature also adds to the user experience of your eCommerce store.

In this article, we will guide you on how to add grouped products in WooCommerce.

What Are WooCommerce Grouped Products?

Grouped products feature enables you to add supplementary products to the parent product. When visitors search for that parent product, you can display supplementary products along with the parent product.

For example, you want to group your watch collection from your products. You can sort them according to the class they represent. Which can be?

  • New arrivals
  • Contemporary
  • Casual
  • Classic

Now you can group your watch collection according to the above fashion statements. All the other grouped products are displayed when your customer searches for new arrivals. You can also filter a search by category, like price, color, etc. For this, you need to go to the alternative section.

How To Add A Grouped Product In WooCommerce

In WooCommerce, grouping products is straightforward if you pursue the following steps.

  1. Go to the WooCommerce dashboard, click on “product,” then add new
  2. You can name the product from here with elements such as image, category, tag, description, etc.
  3. From here, you can drop down to product data, change it from simple product to grouped product
  4. Once finished, the details, like the prices and other options, will disappear. This is perfectly acceptable.
  5. Now we are ready to publish it. But not before you add your grouped products; you need to scroll up to the Publish section of the edit product screen and click the publish button.

Now you have created an empty group. You are now required to add products you intend to add. Once it’s done. We move forward.

  1. Now you can scroll down to the product data section of the edit product page and click on the linked product tab on the left.
  2. Explore the search box next to grouped products, enter the product name you intend to add to this group, and click them to be added.
  3. Now you need to click the update button in the publish section of the edit product page, which is how you create grouped products.

So if you ever want to add a new product to this respective group, click edit and follow the above process.

Benefits of grouped products features

With this function of grouped products, WooCommerce helps you advertise your products without extra cost. It enables you to display additional products and save your customer from the hassle of the additional search for products. This also elevates the chances of more sales than expected.

To get desired results. You must identify and group your products according to the latest trends and customer preferences. You need to address the most common psyche of your customers. Most customers are casual, which means they only care about what they want and want to get them as quickly as possible. You can engage these customers with grouped product features.

Unconventional Ways To Group Products In WooCommerce

If you are dealing with a wide selection of complex products or want to sell many products in bulk, WooCommerce standard grouped products are not enough for this chore. For such a situation, one can bank on the following plugins:

We now elaborate on the use of these plugins.

WooCommerce Bundled Products

This plugin allows you to add many attributes to bundled products, like discounts, special prices, etc. It also enables your customers to add them to your cart with just one click. You can make special packages of related products to sell on your WooCommerce store.

You can use this plugin to make packages of similar products and accessories, like if you are selling cosmetics. It may include lipsticks, creams, brushes, etc. They all go well together and attract customers to buy them as a bundled package.

You can make bundles with product variations in different aspects, like colors/sizes. For instance, imagine you have a range of shirts in different colors. You can make a single bundle of these shirts and engage customers to buy them as a package. You can also add discounts and special prices to these packages.

WooCommerce Product Table

This plugin gives your customers the convenience of creating their bundle of products. With a WooCommerce Bundled table, your customer can script the searchable list of products. This list provides convenience to your customers by displaying a table of products.

Now customers can choose the products they want to purchase from the table. This saves your customers from buying the whole bundle. Your customers can choose different categories of products while creating their tables.

WooCommerce Variation Prices

This plugin helps you control the format of the product’s price display. Prices of grouped products are generally displayed in highest and lowest values like 50$ to 100$. With the WooCommerce Price Variation plugin, you have the luxury of how prices are displayed along with bundles. For example, you can display prices more engagingly like, flat $100/ from $50 to $100, or you can display text in place of prices, such as “Select a product to see discount.”


All the customers visiting your WooCommerce store are potential prospects for conversions; one should do whatever to make them buy something, even if most are browsing casually. As an eCommerce store owner, it’s your responsibility to optimize your user experience; WooCommerce grouped products help achieve this objective.

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