Alternative Uses of WooCommerce

Alternative Uses of WooCommerce

WooCommerce has already proved its dominance among all the eCommerce platforms, with over 27 million downloads. In addition,  93.7% of all WordPress sites are successfully booming with it. The popularity of this eCommerce platform is due to its flexibility and limitless possibilities. This means it takes us beyond the perception of a shopping cart and gives many alternatives for this plugin.

This article addresses alternative uses of WooCommerce, which further establish its ability to exceed expectations and solidifies why it’s the best eCommerce platform.

Services Industry

Services can be defined as professional help in any way. It can be lawn mowing /housekeeping/health, and any help anyone can acquire with the agreed cost for anybody in the service business. Going online is the logical choice. It not only saves costs but also extends your reach to potential clients.

WooCommerce helps you build a system that caters to your concerns and helps you reach your target audience and grow your business. What WooCommerce can do for you can be broken down into the following.

  • With WooCommerce, you can make your services list look impressive and tempting. It also helps your client narrow their search to the required services.
  • Collecting client payments can be a hassle, but WooCommerce eases the process. It helps clients book an appointment and make payments at the time and place they choose.
  • You can send a link to your client of the services they purchase.  They can then check out and make payments. You can also schedule payments into weekly or monthly payments. This can be done with the help of a WooCommerce subscription extension.
  • WooCommerce helps in marketing services to the right audience. With the help of its extensions library and over-the-top plugins, You can provide a customized and personalized solution to your clients.
  • If you are selling physical products and services, WooCommerce enables you to simplify the selling process. You can edit website content, collect payment for services, and take orders for your physical products on the same screen without any hassles. That will save time and reduce the chances of errors.

Booking, Rentals, And Scheduling

Any eCommerce platform which enables you to integrate your timeline, physical and digital products, and services and turn them into bookable entities is the logical choice for booking and scheduling services. Woocomerce, with its booking plugins, provides the ultimate solution. Let’s see what it can do in the following points.

  • You can book or rent anything for a single day; this feature suits businesses like an event venue or a day tour of the city.
  • It also offers multiple days bookings, allowing your client to book a fixed number of days just by selecting available dates on the calendar. This feature is suitable for coaching and hospitality service providers.
  • WooCommerce being flexible, offers an open booking option; your clients can choose both start and end days.  This works for hotel booking or booking online vehicle rentals.
  • WooCommerce also offers bookings of available time slots. Your client can choose an available time slot to book an appointment with a physician, or they can book flexible time slots with both start and end times, like renting a boat for an hour.
  • You can add a cost-calculating plugin, which helps your customers know the total cost of the services they booked and any additional charges or discounts that apply.

In a nutshell, WooCommerce provides flexibility and endless possibilities to manage your booking and rental services. You can make special packages to meet the needs of your clients or can offer special discounts to boost your sales.


Among the many alternative uses of WooCommerce, membership is a top favorite. A membership site is the ultimate solution to building relationships, customer loyalty, or a community of particular interests or skills online. With WooCommerce, you can turn your site into a membership platform.

You can run a club or organization or gather people of the same hobby and interest through membership. WooCommerce allows you to hide your content and enables only paid members to access restricted content. This way, you can build interest and entice customers to sign up for membership.

WooCommerce gives you flexibility and enables you to set a time limit on your membership plans. You can also set different membership fees depending on their content access level duration.

Popular WooCommerce membership plugins include Ultimate Affiliate Pro, SUMO Memberships, and WP Membership.

FBA Synchronization

In case you have newly started your eCommerce store, and with dedication and hard work. You have reached the point where your product sale is going great; it’s time to grow. At this time, you plan to purchase more hot items to sell, but that exceeds your inventory space, and you don’t have the resources to handle the extra burden of packaging and dispatching these items. Here is where FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) comes in.

FBA resolves your storage, packing, and dispatching issues. All you need to do is sync with FBA. WooCommerce helps you integrate with FBA seamlessly with the help of its many extensions, such as WP-Lister, Multichannel for WooCommerce: Amazon Integration, etc. After integration, Amazon is responsible for picking, packing, shipping, and tracking your orders.

Amazon integration saves you time researching and creating more unique products to sell. WooCommerce enables you to sell your products domestically and internationally and connect to any region of choice to Amazon stores worldwide.

You can easily monitor your shipped product status on your order page and take advantage of Amazon‘s shipping speed categories, which can be standard, expedited, and priority. Thus, WooCommerce gives you a completely automated solution with FBA and keeps your business afloat and your customers satisfied.

Subscription Box

Did you know that Subscription businesses have consistently grown 5-8x faster than traditional businesses? If you want to increase recurring sales and profits and build customer loyalty, a WooCommerce subscription box extension is a great way to go. A subscription box extension allows your customers to create packages with the products of their choice.

You can be successful with this by sending recurring offers of product packages at regular intervals, which can be weekly or monthly. Catering to a specific market or niche can be crucial to success. The crux of this is to enable your customers to get products they like at a meager cost.

You can buy products in bulk to get a discount from your supplier and carry that forward to your customers. That’s how you increase your customer base and loyalty with WooCommerce subscription plugins, like SUMO Subscriptions, Subscriptio, etc. You can let your customers have the ability to customize their subscriptions.

With the help of WooCommerce subscription plugins, you can handle billing and trial periods. Wocommerce also enables you to email your customers regarding offers of product packages and subscriptions and keep them in the loop.


Now we know the alternative uses of WooCommerce and extensions that take us beyond the shopping cart perception. We can fully utilize its power and expand our business greatly. WooCommerce is ideal for many because users don’t have to use multiple platforms to complete different tasks. WooCommerce is a one-stop-shop for all your ecommerce needs.

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