Chapter 3. SEO Tools 


Now, we know data is super important in any marketing, and you must keep your eye on it. So, it would help if you used SEO tools for competitor analysis, and you can use plenty of free SEO tools. That is why we will analyze and learn about all the top tools you can find in the market for free and paid.

In the next section, we will analyze which ones you can use to beat your SEO competitors.

Aherf’s (Vast Ussage)

Ahref’s has been on the list of the best SEO tools for years. It is not only the biggest tool you can find but is also one of the most accurate ones. Some of its main features are:

  • You can do competitor analysis with it
  • It allows you to find keywords for your content optimization
  • Aherf’s is a great tool for finding organic keywords a website performs well for.
  • It also offers you loads of questions you can use as your headlines and in FAQ sections.
  • Ahref’s is a great tool for learning about your competitor’s backlinks.
  • Also, you can use it to find broken links for your website and others.
  • You can run PPC campaigns with it and determine the number of ads your competitors run.
  • Using it for a specific country’s organic traffic is also a possibility you can use.

Content And Keywords Exploration

  • You can use it for the ranking pages of your competitors, and it gives details with snippet types of your competitors are ranking with.
  • It shows keyword volume for many famous search engines and Amazon too.
  • Using content explorer can help you with content ideas you can use for your content.

Ahref’s is great for SEO marketing and answers your data questions for PPC and other campaigns. They are a perfect but paid tool; you can buy their smallest version for around 100 dollars. They have removed their free version.

SEMrush (Vast Ussage)

Another great one among online SEO tools is SEMrush which provides marketers with exact information, allowing better campaign results. It is a great tool that has been a great competitor to Ahref’s. So, here are some SEMrush features you need to know about

  • You can find out organic keywords for your content optimization.
  • Also, you can find the total number of searches against a keyword and its difficulty in ranking.
  • It allows you to find out related keywords and related ones.
  • Their keyword magic tool provides information about keyword difficulty, phrase match, and broad match keywords.
  • Also, you can use the ads history feature to find out an ad’s status.
  • SEMrush is also great if you want to learn about organic research and your competitors.
  • Their backlink report is a great feature helping you learn about your competitors and how to beat them.

SEMrush is a freemium tool, and its free version offers many features that would work for most marketers. You can try the free version, which will be very useful and accurate.

Google Search Console (Official Tool For Complete Website Analysis)

Now, Google may be considered the entity with the most information in the internet world, so you can expect them to give you great results for the SEO part of your website. Here are some features that Google Search Console is nailing in:

  • You can see your reports about the best-performing keywords for your property (website).
  • Google Search Console allows you to find indexed pages and those not indexed.
  • It allows you to see the performance of your website with the total number of impressions and clicks.

Optimization Analysis

  • You can use it to see if your website is good for mobile users and if it allows great core web vitals results.
  • It gives you every information you need to optimize your site for the web. From sitemaps to URL inspection, you can take care of everything here.
  • Google Search Console lets you see the total number of average CTR and positions.

It is a free tool that every website owner can get.

AnswerThePublic (For Long-tail keywords/Voice Search Optimization)

If you are looking for a tool that helps you find long-tail keywords and the ones that work for voice optimization, AnswerThePublic is perfect. It offers abundant data for every famous niche and gives keywords that can help most marketers. So, here are some features you can find in AnswerThePublic.

This tool gives you many keywords that you can find here. For more famous niches, it gives you almost every keyword you need to rank with any seed keywords. Also, you can explore more by keywords when you use other ones you found from your seed ones. That is why it is the best tool for optimizing voice search.

There are 3 different versions they offer, and they are between 9 to 199 dollars. One thing is for sure AnswerThePublic is a perfect voice search optimization tool you can find in the market.

Screaming Frog (For Website Analysis)

If you are looking for a great website analysis tool, you can rely on Screaming Frog. There are tons of features you can get with this tool, making it one of the best tools you can find for the purpose:

  • It allows you a complete and thorough website audit alongside content.
  • You can even use it for spelling mistakes in your content.
  • Screaming Frog is perfect for competitor analysis and sitemaps.

There is a huge number of options you can find in this software that works for the audit and analysis part.

Google Trends (For Niche Seasonality Analysis)

Google Trends is a great tool that helps you with a long-term and short-term assessment of your niche’s seasonality. So, when you use this tool, you can be sure you find out how well your niche is working in a given season. This means you can be sure if a project needs hard work around a certain time or year.

What it Offers?

Here are some ways it can help you out:

  • It allows you to see real-time data about a certain topic. This way, you can also determine if a topic will be great when ranking for it.
  • With scaling, you can find data about the region of these searches and see the total trend level in a certain area. This scale will be in the form of a number between 100 and less.
  • Also, you can use non-real-time data, which you can utilize to find out results as old as 2004 and a recent time slot.
  • It allows your data about every famous topic and does not show anything about topics with very low volume.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a great extension that allows perfect results for multiple metrics you can use for SEO. For instance, it has a great volume metric famous for being accurate. At the same time, it gives great cost-per-click data information and tells about your niche’s competition.

This tool allows you to download data in the form of CSVs, Excel, and PDF files. Moreover, it allows you to analyze a web page and save keywords you find on a certain page. Also, it allows you to search for every country and find their data for your niche and marketing efforts.

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