Chapter 4.Content Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Success Factors


Content has always been the most important part of Google regarding its policies. There are reasons behind this philosophy; they have proven it true by adding enough value and growing their success. So, when it is to success models, they have been a clear success by showing how content plays an essential role.
So, here are some types of content you need to understand and why it matters.

The Importance of EEAT

We all know EAT factor has been on Google for around a decade, and we have seen updates in the guidelines. So, changing this factor into EEAT was a step Google took to ensure users get better content. Google is always concerned about providing its users with the most authentic content and ensuring they get the best information.

EAT SEO is old now since Google launched their new update that adds an “E” in their Eat SEO factor. So, the better you plan to add value to your users’ lives with EEAT, the better your search rankings you can use.

The Expertise Part

So, expertise is an important part of Google algorithms that ensures content creators have experience with their writing. This can be a daily life experience, like a person sharing their experience about a visit to a certain city in the world. So, if they have had the experience, they can get a positive response from Google for their content.

So, it can be an accident on the road that a person had, and they can tell about their experience with it in a questions forum on Google.


Now the authority part is something that a certain portal or website can definitely carry by improving its reputation. So, if Google wants to rank a page for its content, it must have an impressive reputation in the niche. For instance, a travel blogger with a complete blog on the same topic will definitely beat competitors with no real-life authority.

The same goes for medical, marketing, business, or other topics. On the other hand, you can try making more pages and adding more content from experts to get better rankings. For instance, a business website with more subpages on a certain product category will definitely have more chances to rank your website.

Who Is Trustworthy In Trustworthiness Section

When we talk about Google considering a website trustworthy, there is a list of things it should carry. For instance, you will be more trustworthy if your website carries the right information for your users. In addition, you can link to authentic sources with outbound links inside your text.

This way, you offer information from websites famous for being authentic. Try using Wikipedia or other authentic information sources specific to a niche. For instance, if you write on search engine optimization, you can link to an influencer’s content.

It can even be a link to an established blog for digital marketing. Also, you should give people reasons to trust you with statements. For instance, you can tell about SSL security and add it to your website’s about us page.

Your Money Or Your Life Topics

Now, Google wants to ensure that certain content topics only have authentic content. So, a topic that harms a person’s life or finances needs to have a lot of authenticity. So, any financial or medical advice will be a part of YMYL topics. The strictness of this rule will get harder when Google has more content and businesses on every such topic.

SEO, Top Inbound Marketing Content Types

We know that inbound marketing involves consumers coming to you for products. So, when you have a strategy where users ping you, they are more warm leads. There are some common strategies in SEO and inbound marketing methods that work in search engine optimization, like:

  • Videos
  • Blogs and articles
  • Pillar pages
  • Podcasts, webinars, and interviews
  • Infographics
  • Newsletters
  • Research reports
  • Guides and Ebooks
  • Social media posts
  •  Press releases
  • Podcasts, webinars, and interviews
  • Ad content
  • Sales pages (several different types)

These content types are supposed to be a permanent part of your SEO marketing strategy. Adding the right content is a part of building a great funnel for digital marketing, so it matters a lot. In this section, you can learn about some essential content types you must always keep in mind as a digital marketer.

Inbound Funnel Building With SEO Content

When it comes to inbound marketing and SEO, funnel building always needs to be there. So, here is how content (even the above-mentioned ones) will work in such a setting:

Attraction Content

Every funnel starts with providing value to your customers and making your name pop up everywhere. This can be social media marketing, but you should have a funnel built with content when it comes to search engines. So, how does this funnel start? Simple is that you should have content people will be willing to read.

Affinity Content

So, if you are in the SEO niche, you must write content on this topic to make sure people know you. This way, you can solve their problems with buyer persona content, allowing you to give them solutions. This means people will get solutions to their problems with your content. Such content can be called affinity content.

What this content delivers is making sure people love what you are writing by making sure you know them well. They will be more interested in reading it when they find you thinking just the way they do. So, you match their mindsets and psychology and deepen your relationship with them.

Authority Content

Authority content is a type of attraction content, just like affinity content. So, when you become an expert at something, you start sharing your thoughts and become a thought leader. This way, you teach your audience to make a strong pillar for your long-term personal band.

The same personal brand can work for websites, and you can also use an author bench with the same reputation among users.

Topic Clusters and Cornerstone Content

When it comes to topic clusters and cornerstone content, you offer a lot of information to your audience. So, you add a lot of value and make it detailed to ensure people find the basic information about the complete topic. Cornerstone content needs to deliver unique information and/or perspective and aspects of the topic.

Such content is the piece most important for your website and marketing. So, you need to make them more useful and target the keywords that are the core of your marketing strategy.

Then, you can connect these pieces of content with pages that go with the next part of the funnel. You will read about the part in the coming sections.

Types of Inbound Content

When it comes to different types of text pieces that work as these types, we have the following:

  • Videos
  •  Blogs and articles
  • Podcasts, webinars, and interviews
  • Infographics to deliver a visual appeal to your funnel
  • Detailed-Guides and Ebooks on specific topics that work as your topic clusters too
  • Social media content
  • Podcasts, webinars, and interviews

Here are some content types you need to publish for inbound success.

The Bottom of Funnel Content

When we talk about the bottom of the funnel, the copy is the main part you must add. But this position comes after you have added enough value and have got enough followers or users. Then, at the bottom of the funnel, you start promoting your products and services in inbound models.

Here are some examples of pages that carry such content:

  •  Service pages
  • Product pages
  • Category content
  • Sales pages
  • Checkout page copy
  • Ad copy

Video Content

Video has become one of internet users’ main sources of information and entertainment. These are two of the essential reasons people consume content online. So, if you are a marketer, you need to dive into the audience that believes in video and non-text types of content.

So, these content types are here to stay and will also grow further. We will further talk about the video in the coming chapters. The thing is, you increase your website’s dwell time which gives search engines a signal that your website is worth showing to your users.

Interactive Content Trend

Interactive content is going to be a bigger trend as it will help businesses with more leads and other conversions. For instance, you getting an instant quote on a website with your interaction will be a bigger trend. So, when you land on a website and see something interesting, your website can work better.

Some other examples of interactive content are:

  • Assessment tool
  • Games
  • Surveys are a great option to make your users stay longer on your website
  • Interactive infographics
  • Games
  • Quizzes
  • Polls
  • Infographics
  • Audio (podcasts)
  • Animations
  • Gifs
  • Cursor change animations

Any content that ensures your user stays on your website will help you rank on search engines.

AI In Content And SEO

AI content is a new hot topic in the Internet, SEO, and marketing. The thing is, people are taking it as a search engine to take answers to their questions and also for many other uses, like:

  • Social media posts
  • Ad copy
  • Emails
  • Landing page copy

These types of content may be helpful when you use tools like ChatGPT for creating content. We have included email marketing in the category of content that can use AI content, although influencers like Neil Patel discourage it.

Browse With Bing

A big plus of this tool is you can browse the Internet with it. You can find different websites on the same page with the help of this one. At the same time, it will provide you with the URLs, and this also includes about-us URLs.

So, when you have the URLs of top blogs in your niche, you can find their emails and contact them. Definitely, a great way to find outreach emails of top blogs in your niche. This way, you can improve their outreach strategy and get faster and quicker links for your website.

It would even work for things like getting infographics regarding a certain niche. So you can use use these infographics to create content of your own in any form, including text.


Now, using ChatGpt can save you a lot of time and has multiple plugins that can help you with that. So, here are some top Chat GPT plugins you can use for your SEO:

  • Scholar AI
  • SEO Assistant
  • WebPilot
  • Scholarly

Scholarly For Content Creation

If you’re looking to use scholarly articles for your content creation, this plugin is amazing. All you have to do is enable it and ask ChatGpt 4 to provide scientific studies on the topic. It will bring you scientific studies and the links you can use to study them.

At the same time, you can ask it to conclude these studies over certain criteria and use them for your content.

The use of these can help you create content that does not exist on Google (scientific knowledge, in simple words). So, an easy way to make your content indexed and ranked on search engines.


If you’re looking to browse the Internet with the help of ChatGPT, it is a great tool that can help you with that. You can use it to visit different websites and get that information from there. At the same time, you can use it to conclude a complete blog or even a guide in a few lines.

So a great way to get online to craft your content around them. Further, you can make this tool give you the tails on each one-liner if you want to get that.

Scraper Plugin

If you’re looking to scrap a web page, this plugin can help you out with a lot of basic stuff. A thing to remember is that it is still not possible to get an email and other contact information for outreach. Still, it provides a lot of information about entities that can help you in SEO marketing.

Prompt Perfect

If you are not an expert in creating prompts for ChatGpt, this plugin can help you out. You can use it to improve your prompt, and it also adds details to it to get better responses. So if you are using ChatGPT, it is a great companion you should have.

SEO Assistant

If you are looking for an assistant or plugin for this amazing tool, you can try this one out. It has multiple benefits; for instance, if you are looking for SEO titles for your blog, it can help. The special thing about this one is if you use it to give you such titles, it will provide more options than Chatgpt 3.5.


If you’re looking to add diagrams like charts, tables, and similar stuff to your content, this plugin is great. You just have to give it a prompt with the stats you want to add, and it will give you charts, tables, and a lot more. So, you can use this within your content and also for your meetings.

AIPRM Extention

Now, this extension is a lifesaver if you are not good at giving prompts to ChatGPT. Here is the list of the number of ready-made prompts you can get with this free extension that integrates into Chat GPT.

SEO Prompts

  • It has 745 prompts you can use for your SEO
  • You can find prompts like SEO strategy
  • Also, it can provide topical authority topics
  • It also helps you with meta descriptions that can help you get a better click-through rate.
  • Try it out to find the top 10 questions as faqs for your keywords.
  • At the same time, it eases you to get titles and descriptions for your YouTube videos.
  •  You can even analyze your content with the help of this extension.
  • Using it can help you get LinkedIn posts content and also unique blog ideas for your content creation.
  • Even you can create SILO style structure of your internal linking keywords with this one.
  • At the same time, it can give a complete content brief for your topic with keyword ideas you can use.
  • It even works for creating scripts for YouTube videos which can be a big game changer for many SEO experts.

Write A Complete Ebook

If you want to create an Ebook that you do not want Google to crawl, we have a great prompt in the copywriting section. It can write a complete book with a few prompts. All you have to do is to go to this template and give it a topic you need to write on.

Once it starts writing, you can ask it to keep writing every time it stops. It can give you a complete book on any topic that you can help improve your traffic, and you can even sell it.

Copywriting Section (1324 Prompt Templates)

The copywriting section also offers you things like:

  • Create a complete Facebook ad copy from it
  •  It can provide you with multiple titles for your blogs for inspiration.
  • At the same time, it can create meta titles and descriptions.
  •  You can also try it for creating short stories that can help you get inspiration for your copywriting process.
  •  If you’re looking to create content for your social media, it can give you a complete monthly content schedule for it.
  •  You can also find a prompt that can create an email with any subject.

Marketing Templates (362 Prompt Templates)

Prompts in this section are quite good and versatile. You can get templates like:

  • It can create Facebook ad hooks for you
  • At the same time, you can use it for your local SEO plan creation.
  •  If you want to create a buyer persona, this one gives you amazing responses with the use of 1 keyword.
  •  You can even use it for creating a complete course with lesson plans, activities, directions, and theory part outlines. It even provides you with a video script with the same prompt.

OneDrive (Dictate Option)

If you’re looking for a tool that you can use for your writing without typing, the dictate option in one drive is perfect. There are two major reasons you should use it number 1, it is amazing, and number 2, it is completely free.

It is an AI tool that can help you with speedy text content creation and double your productivity. Just make sure when you use it, be loud, avoid background voices, and say your words clearly.

So, no need to type any more; say it, and it will type it for you.

Microsoft Designer

Now, this one is a perfect tool if you’re looking to get your traffic from social media platforms. All you have to do is to create your social media content from Microsoft Designer, which you can get in a flash. It allows you to create pins, Instagram, and even Facebook posts.

All you have to do is to give it a prompt in text form, and it will choose the image by itself. You can try using ChatGPT with it and create descriptions of the content it has provided you. So you can all add these pins to Pinterest and bring traffic to your website to improve your search engine optimization.

The same goes for the force you create for Facebook and Instagram, or other social platforms.


If you’re looking to create amazing images for your website for social media, Midjoureny is a great option. It can help you create any kind of images you would need for your blog posts or social media posts. So if you need an image that fits that start of packaging, you can ask your journey to do this for you.


Dall E 2 is another amazing tool that can generate generic images for your blog posts. You just have to give it text, and it can create generic images that you can use for them.

Keyword Research With AI

Now we know that search engines like Google have been using AI technology to ensure users get better answers. Google allows AI-written content you can use this technology for keyword research.

You have to prompt the tool to give keywords about a certain seed topic to get as many as you want. Also, you can ensure you have an endless stream of ideas that can help you with a content stream you can use for months to come.

You can check the competition against your keywords and topics to ensure you capture the ideas with the least content available. This way, you can ensure your content gets indexed and ranked easily.

At the same time, you can use chatGPT to ensure you take care of the hectic work. For instance, you can use it for making Excel sheets to ensure you take care of keywords and other jobs easily.

Google Vs. ChatGPT

Now, you may know that chatGPT has some limitations, but at the same time, it has so many strengths. Influencers in the SEO and marketing industry are even saying that it will kill Google. People will be no more interested in using ChatGPT than Google as they can get all their answers from this giant.

On the other hand, Microsoft is investing generously in this project, and they are using it for their search engine, Bing. So, when a competitor in the search engine community is using this tool, how will Google reply?

Well, some speculations and predictions are coming up., and people are trying to respond in their own way. For example, some influencers believe it is the beginning of an era where superintelligence will emerge. On the other hand, the marketing world predicts that Google will hit any content generated with this tool.

So, what does that mean?

Well, here are some updates you may see become a reality.


Bard is another tool created by Google and works similarly to Chat GPT. Google has launched this one to make sure they can compete with that competitors in the age of AI. Although it does not have the same level as its competitors, it can still answer questions quite decently.

This tool needs advancement and improvements to compete with ChatGPT. So, let’s see how well it can perform and do in this market.

Google Sparrow

We were expecting a rival of ChatGPT from Google. They plan to make it better than ChatGPT to ensure they can beat them. It appears that Google will integrate it into its search engine, making it a part of it.

So, whoever wants to chat with a robot that gives near-to-accurate answers can be sure they get it with Sparrow by Google. Now, we may say that the tech giant will have the ability only an answer engine could carry when Sparrow becomes functional and goes beyond BETA.

The thing is “Deep Mind,” the Google subsidiary plans to make it as accurate as possible. For instance, they plan to add algorithms to give answers with evidence when required. At the same time, they will ensure they improve their abilities by adding functionalities that work according to human faculties.

In January 2023, one of Deep Mind’s blogs said that AI is able to provide correct factual answers up to 78 percent.

Bing’s Incorporation

You must read the news of Bing’s investment in ChatGPT, and the fact is that they are already using this technology in some of their products. For instance, they have been using it for their products like Microsoft Word and Outlook.

It is predicted to give Google a reason to improve their services which will help internet users with better answers. And, they are ready to answer with Sparrow.

Social Media and AI

Now, social media marketing needs to be on top to ensure you get more traffic for your website. You can build your audience on social media and then divert them to your owned media, like websites. So, what if you could create content that no one would be against?

The thing is that people will take your AI-generated content seriously, just like human writing, if they think it is human writing. So, the thing is, you can use AI to create social media posts, and you can always divert them to your websites. Easy peasy!

What Else To Use ChatGPT For?

This also works for full posts and ideas; just ensure you personalize or brand it up to the maximum level. Also, you can try using other software for captions, text-to-speech, image recognition, and other purposes.

This way, you can improve your content reach without spending hours at the office. The same applies to creating voices for your scripts with Vall-E.

So, you have everything covered, from text to voice and captions to visual commentary with videos. And this is why you can take care of any social media marketing campaign.

So, this brings us to the next section, where you can read about top SEO tools and much more.

SEO Tools

SEO tools are part and parcel of any marketing campaign and are for almost every task you perform as a marketer. So, here are some top that work for different needs.

Video Marketing

Video marketing will be one of the biggest trends in the coming years. The younger generation is more interested in short-form videos, and they have short attention spans. So, there are multiple ways how these videos will start getting more attention on search engines.

  • Google and other search engines will start giving short-form videos more importance.
  • It is easy to consume, allowing people to get faster information and entertainment. That is why search engines will have to give such content more importance.
  •  Also, creators will have to learn how to use the same video for multiple platforms. So, you must ensure that the same video works for YouTube, TikTok, and every other platform.
  •  You must learn to edit your videos according to a platform’s requirements.

YouTube Optimization

As YouTube has been and is expected to be the number one platform that uses video marketing, YouTube SEO is an important part to be taken care of. So, there is a complete criterion you need to meet when looking to rank on YouTube. Another thing to remember is Google always prefers its own platform for showing video results in SERPs.

One reason obviously is that it is their own platform; the other reality is it has the most information and entertainment to provide. That is why Bing also prefers YouTube videos in their SERPs.

YouTube SEO

Now, if we want to rank for video content, we need to ensure great results with YouTube. So, here is the start to the end of what you need to do for YouTube SEO:

  • Use YouTube query suggestions to ensure you get potential keywords for your topic. Just write your topics in the platform’s search bar, and you can find all the important keywords you can think of.
  • You can try using “Allintitle” and your keyword to ensure you get the exact “about” section on your search results. This way, you can find out if the search engine has a lot of content on the same topic and use the keywords accordingly.

Playlists, Comments, And Thumbnails

  • Comments and subscribers are a big reason for videos to perform well. So, if your content is worth it, you can get more of these for better rankings. Using the keywords at the video title’s start is a great idea.
  •  Using playlists for your content is a great way to add value to users’ lives and get more views.
  • Also, ensure your thumbnails and titles get more clicks. Making longer videos can be beneficial for getting you better rankings.
  • At the same time, you should promote your content to platforms like forums and other applicable places.

Video Marketing Trends 2023

Now, we know multiple platforms with their own video formats, not to forget Twitch. So, what does this mean for your marketing? Well, search engines will include such content into their search results, which adds to the work you need to do. So, what video marketing trends will rule the video world in 2023? Here are some predictions that can become a reality:

Live Video Trend

Live video is a big trend that is going to be the future, and it will matter a lot in the coming years too. So, what does this mean for marketers on the web? The thing is, the live video does get results in the web search results. Twitch and youtube videos have been a part of these search results.

So, how do we predict that live video platforms will better improve your search ratings on platforms? Also, we can explore more live-streaming trends that will help marketers perform better in search results.

Live Ecommerce

This may be a part of social media marketing and would only work for such platforms. But, on the other hand, you get such videos on Google when you search for the right keywords. So, if you are looking to see YouTube videos, you are bound to get results on specific keywords.

Are There Live Gaming Videos in SERPs?

Well, this one would be simple, and the answer is a big fat NO for every live platform except for YouTube. Google does not want any other platform to take over its search engine. It is clear from the fact that Bing shows Facebook results for similar keywords.

(You can try searching keywords “live gaming videos” on Bing). On the other hand, DuckDuckGo does not show a single video on the same keyword. They do show links to websites and platforms like YouTube and Twitch but no videos.

Live gaming video trends are expected to grow by 291 million dollars by 2024. This shows that live videos will also grow on search engines. It is a fact that live videos bring 6 times more interactions.

Video Optimization For Web

Now, when we talk about video optimization, it does not necessarily have to be on YouTube to rank. So, we will analyze how you can optimize your content to get you more results in the web results.

Choose Your Platform Well

Now, before you start your video uploading, you need to find which platforms can bring you that ranking chance. So, the thing is, you need to ensure your platform can bring that ranking. So, you can try famous platforms that are boosted by search engines.

These can be Vimeo, YouTube, and even Dailymotion. Facebook is another platform you can choose to get your videos in the search results.

Quality Content is SEO In Itself

We all know that content has always been the ruling king of the web, so video content also needs to carry quality. So, you need to ensure that your video offers what people want from you. Your marketing is not complete if your content does not satisfy your user need. So, make the right content, and people will flock like bees.

Transcripts Help You Index

Transcripts can help you with the indexing process, and you can also make sure people read your video. You should ensure that the transcript matches the video to get more chances to rank better.

Keep Video Center Stage on Your Page

Users visiting your page to see your video will be happier when they find it easily there. This is why you should remember this fact to bring easier views. At the same time, you allow the bots to read your video easily. This way, your videos have a better chance to perform better on result pages.

Your Video Embedded Page Is Also Important

Now, when we talk about content for the web, the text always comes to mind. So, what about your text pages that carry videos you want to rank for? The thing is, they also need to be good enough to give you a boost in the search engines. So, that is why you need to remember to make your text content awesome to get a good ranking position.

Also, you can ensure that your page is relevant to your video. This way, your chances of ranking will improve.

Custom Thumbnails and Description

We all know that custom thumbnails can help you win more plays and clicks. So, it is important to use an image that shows people doing what they want to learn and making it high quality. But, at the same time, you should ensure your description has the keywords people are searching with.

This way, you ensure your audience can reach your video for more plays and clicks. At the same time, you should never compromise on a sense of what people would like to click on. So, if the title is catchy and still has a keyword would work well.

Work For Humans Not Search Engines

On the other hand, a title with a keyword with no attraction will not work for any videos. So, write it for humans and search engines. One of the best options for video keyword searches is using YouTube autocomplete suggestions.

At the same time, titles and tags for your videos would play an important role you need to keep in mind. So make sure your thumbnails have these:

  • Your thumbnail must convey information about your video and be informative.
  • Try to keep a design consistency that creates a branding effect for your thumbnails.
  • Make sure you understand the platform you are working for. It should have the dimensions you need to ensure you get

Titles, Split Testing And Visual-Supporting Text

  • Write the title that catches your users’ eyes. Its typography, color, and language play an important role, so always keep that in mind.
  • Also, you should try split testing when you initiate your production.
  • Get results and stick to them; keep updating your knowledge with continuous split testing.
  • Support your text with visuals.
  • Try using a human face if the video content goes with it.
  • Also, your fonts should be easily readable.

One Video, One Page!

When you use a video for multiple pages, it may show to the same person multiple times. So, you should get great results for a video by ensuring every user likes one video. If you get, 100 clicks on a single video, 2 videos will divide into 50 and 50.

It is common sense that both of your videos will underperform due to the divided signals search engines receive for each of them.

Now, the Internet will see so many new things in the coming years, changing how we think. The thing is, your Internet will have more virtual reality and augmented reality videos. So, when search engines may show more interest in such videos to ensure they show better-quality content.

SERPs Pack Trends

SERPs or search engine result pages are one of the most important parts of any search query results. So we can expect many changes in this part in the coming year. There is a long list of SERPs elements that help users with images, videos, website links, and others. Google SERP features are always different than other search engines.

What Are SERP Features?

SERPs or search engine result pages are the results you see on Google and other search engines in response to any queries you enter. You can see multiple types of results on these pages, like videos, website links, images, and dictionary explanations. Every search engine shows different SERP features according to their algorithms and data available on their servers.

Showing up in the first 10 SERPs is something every marketer works for, and optimizing for SERP features can help you achieve this goal.

Zero Position

SERPs have changed in recent years, and trends show that they are bound to change in the future too. So, how do we get to this zero position? So, how do you do zero-position SEO?

Well, here are some tips that can give you zero pages position:

  • You should look for keywords you are ranking for.
  • Also, write longer-length content and ensure it is not limited to time or season.
  •  Ensure you cover the topic thoroughly to get the best results.

Knowledge Panels

We all know that google shows special panels for big entities you can find on the Internet. This way, it allows users to understand a subject, person, or even a place, and you can find such information very useful. It can carry:

  • Title
  •  Subtitle
  • Facts
  • Links

The users searching for certain information may get knowledge panel results that help them learn about certain topics. Any such portion may be taken from multiple sources, including encyclopedias you can find online. These can be personal, local, and branded ones that help users understand the topic.

How To Increase Your Chances To Be On the Knowledge Panel?

Now, if you want to be on the knowledge panel, you should ensure these

  • Add your business’s Google Business Profile. This way, you may show up against queries like products, photos, and reviews.
  • It also helps you a great deal to make sure your website shows in local searches to get more orders and sales.
  • Adding structured data markup is essential to keep in mind when aiming for such needs.
  • Make sure you have an About Us page on your website with a description, history, author pages links, and contact details.
  • Also, you should have logos, images, and your company’s team.

Try Using Wikipedia

  • Try to write content on the topic for a Wikipedia page. So, you should have citations for your content, making things easier for you to rank on this SERP attribute.
  • One way to do that is to enter your information with the help of business directories.
  • Also, you can create an event that helps boost your internet presence.
  • Another great way (which may be really difficult) is to publish your links in your competitors’ content.

Rich Snippets

Now, we know that rich snippets can be a great way to get more traffic, so here is what you can do:

  • Look up the keywords that are ranking in featured snippets and take all of these keywords. Also, you should ensure your keywords serve your users’ intent.
  • Also, you should add question keywords in your content to get better results.
  • Adding custom images can help improve your chances of appearing in this section.
  • Try to write down content about your topic and ensure you offer better information than your competitors.
  • Make sure you answer a question precisely and help your users with it.

Some New Snippets On Google

  • Also covered on this page
  • Hear it Out Loud Button

Snippets are among the most common Google SERP elements you would love to rank for. These results can bring a lot of traffic and so revenue to your online business on the search engine.

How To Rank in the “People Also Ask” Section

Now, lower authority websites can easily rank for PAA or people also ask, which allows them more impressions and traffic. Moreover, you can show up on the featured snippet if you rank for this element. Try to find the questions with the best volume; this way, you have a better chance to rank and get traffic.

If you want to rank in this portion, you should use the keywords that will work for it. Try to add content that has semantic depth by finding out the keywords that will suit your content. Also, you can use FAQs schema to help your users reach your content easily.

Know Your Audience

Ensure you understand what people want to read in your content when targeting certain keywords. Try to answer their queries precisely; the answers should satisfy the users. Also, you can take an idea from the existing questions in your SERPs.

One thing is for sure, you can not use a promotional tone and also include a complete FAQ section in your content. Adding descriptive headings can help you with better chances to show up in this section.

Answer Questions On Their Mind

Also, you should ensure you compile a complete set of questions you can use for your content. This way, you can get more traffic to your website.

Experts also believe that you need to cover basic information too. So ensure you add all the basic information that needs to be satisfied by your content.

Try using how-to guides and questions to make things easier for you. If you use long-tail keywords, you can rank in this section better, so try them out.

What Is Voice Search?

Voice search is an easy method of searching the web with the help of voice prompts that voice assistants provide results for. Such results can be heard from assistants that ensure they provide the basic information against every prompt on the Internet.

This information comes from regular internet websites and, most often, from the ones optimized for such search.

Optimizing your content with voice search SEO gives you more chances to rank and show up for such searches. This way, you can improve your website traffic and get more revenue from your online business.

Voice Search

Voice search can help users with conversational content and also gives them the answers they can hear. So, if you want to ensure your content shows up for such a search, you need to make things great.

Add conversational content to optimize your website for Google voice search results.

The experts believe that adding your content to featured snippets can boost your chances of voice search results.

Adding your local store to Google and other search engines will show you locally. This way, you can capture the local market with voice search too.

Keep Voice Search Marketing In Mind

You need to keep voice search marketing in mind to get better voice search results. This way, you get better results when people look for content with the help of voice assistants.

Ensure you use conversational keywords and know what people want to answer with their searches. Google believes in semantic content, and they want to answer questions. So, when you want to add content to your website, try to add content people get answers with.

Use These

So, answer people’s questions by answering them to make sure they love your content. Also, try using schema markups and use FAQs in your content.

Optimizing your website for mobile devices makes things easier for your ranking. Likewise, try to optimize your website speed to make things easier for you.

What Is Visual Search And Why It Matters?

Visual search is what it appears to be by the name; it allows users to search images in different ways. You can use it to find similar images and websites with similar images. At the same time, it will enable you to find certain objects you are searching for with such a search.

Google has the best visual search results with its ability to show a more accurate and higher number of results.

Visual Search As a Trend

Visual search will be a trend that improves your chances of ranking. So, if you want to rank for images, ensure it is not too heavy, and this way, you get better results.

Also, you can use Google’s page speed insights to ensure you optimize your content and pages. One thing is for sure, visual search Google is the strongest one among the top search engines, making it a great one for users on the Internet.

Using alternative tags for your images is something you need to keep in mind. Try using keywords for your alt tags to ensure you optimize them better. At the same time, you should optimize your images with keywords in the file name.

Human-Readable Title Text And Custom Images

Make sure you use title text well and make it human-readable, which will also help search engines. In addition, it is natural and descriptive to allow better results for you.
Also, you must keep your page URL as a permalink to allow better results and optimize your page for search.
At the same time, creating custom images can definitely help you get better chances to rank. So, when Google or other search engines find new content, you can rank better.

Bing Visual Search

Regarding Bing’s visual search, they do not have great results, making them stand way behind Google in this category. They do not have enough data to beat Google in these terms, just like text and other search types.

Semantic Content

Now, we have discussed providing thorough answers to your users’ queries, so why it matters? Well, the most important search engine for SEOs is that Google ensures you provide such content.

It is no longer interested in using keywords, and you need to ensure your content answers questions thoroughly.

You Become Authority For Google When……..?

  • Semantic content can improve your users’ experience and also, and ads help search engines understand your content.
  • This way, you tell Google you are an expert in a certain topic.
  • It allows the number of internal linking opportunities you have and gets more keywords in ranking.
  • You get better engagement and CTR.
  • At the same time, it becomes more useful for search engines that rank you better.
  • Your website’s dwell time improves, making things more favorable for your website.

Cookies Depreciation

We all know that users are increasingly concerned about cookies and privacy issues. This is what led Google to announce it would remove them to ensure users have enough privacy. So, how will you deal with this issue as a marketer? Here is what you can

So, there are three types of cookies, first-party, second-party, and third-party. The cookies are saved on a website; a trusted partner provides the second-party cookies.

Then, there are cookies that websites use to track users between websites. We all know these cookies were used for remarketing products and services to Google users.

What This Means For You?

So, if you go to a website to buy hosting and search for the same topic on Google or YouTube, you will be a hot lead for hosting companies. That is why they will try to retarget and market their services with the help of social media and search engine ads.

So, when third-party cookies go away, they will lose this source of gaining info about you and your buying behaviors.

The Future And First-Party Cookies For Marketing

Now that we know Google will not allow third-party cookies anymore, you need to understand how to use other types for marketing. So, when you have some existing customers, you have their first-party data, allowing you to understand their needs.

This is how you can get data from your customers, which will improve your understanding of their journey. The thing is, you will be able to grab the right audience with the use of data advertising your business in a better way.

So, the thing is, you will need first-party data, and there are some easy ways to do that. For example, you can try using polls, surveys, sign-ups, and getting subscriptions from your potential buyers.

The Changes This Will Brings

So, the more first-party cookies and data you have, the better your chances of making your ads relevant will be. This way, you can ensure people see your advertisement, and you also track which of them will be more interested. Also, you can use social media platforms to find out about your users.

When you have this data, you can find out more accurately when your users will buy from you. So, you can use the data that suits your campaigns more. For example, with your users’ emails and other data, you can get a better response when you try to sell something to them.

Social Media Targeting

The same process happens when you visit a certain advertisement on any social media. These cookies allow the advertiser to track your information that they can use for remarketing you on different platforms. Websites and social media advertisers can also use emails to find your buying behaviors, enhancing their ability to show you relevant ads.

Cookies and Other Search Engines

There are a few search engines that make sure advertisers do not cause issues to your privacy with third-party cookies. Now, search engines like Brave and Safari do not allow them, which ensures you get better privacy. Also, Apple made sure they could track if a website is tracking data from users or not.

They have updated their search engine to limit storage scripts to one week. Brave is another search engine that ensures you do not have to offer private data to any third parties. So, another search engine that does not allow cookies to annoy their users makes things more privacy secure.

Better SEO is the Solution

Now, you may think about getting conversions without third-party cookies; the answer is improving your SEO. So, the more users you have on your site will equal getting more sales from your own pages. This way, you can get more leads with your website’s cookies and leads you to get.

Then, you can use these leads for your campaigns through email marketing and other channels. So, it would help if you prepared your SEO to make sure you get more first-party cookies. Then, when the third-party cookies are removed, you can be sure you do not lose the leads you would get with them.

The Future Strategy For Ads

Also, you should use paid advertisement where you think necessary to ensure better results without needing solid leads. Remember that Google will still track your users’ behavior to improve their browsing experience.

Endless Scrolling

Now, we all know DuckDuckGo gave a new market trend, and their users loved the endless scrolling feature. Google has also rolled out an endless scrolling button that allows users to see all available pages in one scroll. This scrolling type has been rolled out for mobile devices, and its BETA version is also out for many countries.

With this feature, your internet scrolling will be more robust and will be easier for many users.

New, Promising Search Engines

Newer search engines are working well on the Internet and promise to bring better results. So, here are promising and top search engines which are new and will change the paradigm to some extent:

  • Brave
  • Yep

So, what are these search engines bringing to the world? We will discuss this thoroughly in the next section. is a new concept that took a lot from social media and how it operates for its users. So, if you go to this platform, you will find multiple features other search engines do not have. It shows numerous results from a single website in cluster form.

Now, this may sound like an average idea, but the next one has a lot of promise and excitement to add. When you use the search engine, you can downvote or upvote websites. This means you will be more likely to see content from upvoted websites and least from downvoted ones.

Some Impressive Features

At the same time, it has different grids that offer different search results. Moreover, you can skim through the results to find and use the results that suit your query. Regarding new SERP features, has the best options no other search engine offers.

They have different elements that can make searches more reliable and satisfying for users. Their SERP results from the same websites, downvoting and upvoting methods improve user experience. These are the unique features you can find for any search engine.

Now, regarding privacy, Brave has become one of the most famous names among search engines. So, it does not store any information from users, allowing them to keep their info safe. Also, it is faster with better page speed, and you can see how many trackers they are blocking.

They also have a feature where you can stay safe when you visit an HTTPS website carrying an SSL. Also, it allows you to stay safe against phishing, malware, and maladvertising.

Yep is a great gush of cool air regarding better incentives for creators online. This promising search engine comes from the great SEO tool Ahref’s, famous for great crawlers.

They plan to share their revenue with creators who publish content on their search engine. This way, users can monetize their work without becoming an expert in monetization methods. At the same time, the older search engines are unethical and monetarily driven, reducing their credibility.

For instance, they will not have to publish affiliate links or link to some website that has nothing to do with value provision. Yep, You and Brave are among the newest and best search engines list making them great user prospects. Moreover, they all have special results that make them useful for their solutions.


Now AMP can be a ranking reason for your website. You must be thinking, what does amp stand for? It stands for amplified mobile pages. And it is a great way to improve your users’ experience. So, you can use it to get better results in SEO as well.

The thing is, they improve your website speed for mobile devices making your website speedier. So, in other words, AMP affects SEO which is why it is super important.

The Backend of AMPs

This way, you improve your website speed for a major part of your overall users. In this framework, you optimize your CSS and JavaScript for speedy loading. So, among AMP features is that it speeds up your loading, making your website speedier.

We can improve website speed by reducing file sizes that need to load to ensure speedier loading. At the same time, there are other ways you can use to speed up the loading of the page.

Some More Pros of AMPs

So, there is a huge number of accelerated mobile page advantages you can get as it perfects your speed too. You can try servers that work as proxies and reduce the speed distance to make data easily available for servers. Also, you can enable your servers to get data from a closer location anywhere in the world, improving their data loading speed.

Google is also trying to ensure they get better results for their mobile users. So, they are interested in making mobile devices the most important ones that the search engine will prefer.

Final Thoughts

SEO is one of the best ways to do digital marketing and help internet users find you on search engines. Your website ranks against queries, and keywords can help your business online. So, we discussed the following aspects:

  • Content types
  • Inbound marketing in SEO
  • Video marketing and its trends
  • Voice search and visual search
  • New search engines
  • AI content and AI’s impact on Google and the overall internet world
  • SERPs

You can read about these topics and find predictions about 2023 SEO and web trends. Also, you can learn how the web world works and how you can beat your web competitors with search engine optimization. This guide was for every SEO person and marketer looking to grow their marketing to get the best outcomes.


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