Chapter 10. Common Packaging Issues And Trends


Common Packaging Issues

Some common issues that exist for packaging are something that needs to be taken care of. So, we have some common packaging problems you should be aware of as a manufacturer before you start your project.

Light Transmission

Your packaging should be stable against the light. So, you can not have photostability issues and use the product with such issues. Still, not all package components may be stable in light.

Moisture Permeation

Another issue that packaging products may face is moisture permeation. So, you should ensure using material that does not have degradation due to moisture.

Trends in the field

Using trends in packaging is something that can definitely go a long way. So, using these trends can improve your packaging results. So, these smart packaging terms can help improve.

These common packaging problems can be difficult for any manufacturer, so you should learn about them.

Packaging Trends

These following packaging trends can change your marketing and retail methods.

  • Active packaging is one of the methods that allow you to improve your product’s shelf life. This one is the most common type that exists in the packaging industry.
  • Connected packaging trends allow your customers to interact with your brand, like using QR codes or website links to interact.
  • Intelligent packaging is another type used for improving the information you provide about your product.

Top Packaging Trends

Ecommerce Packaging E-Commerce Packaging Trends Are Of Eco-Friendly Packaging With Zero-Waste And Plant-Based Products That Cause the Least Carbon Consumption
Automation Automation Reduces Damage And Reduces Any Breaks Human Labor Needs. Also, Your Same Tasks Repeatedly
Sustainable Products Consumers Are More Interested In Using Sustainable Products
Mono Materials These Materials Are Sustainable, And Easy To Recycle, Plus You Can Reuse These Products
Bioplastics Another Type Of Recyclable Materials You Can Use

Ecommerce Packaging

Ecommerce has a big part of the overall world economy, and so it has to play an important role in the packaging industry. So, some top packaging trends have changed this market. Some common trends in this market are making the industry’s future.

A big chunk of eCommerce industry consumers is determined to use eco-friendly packaging. That is why zero-waste and plant-based packaging solutions are the in thing.

Some sustainability methods in packaging:

  • Products are shipped in bulk, and they should cause the least carbon consumption during shipping as this is what youngsters want.
  • Compostable mailers are another famous trend alongside the use of sustainable packaging.

Digital printing is another trend that consumers are quite interested in. This method allows you to customize or even personalize your products. This way, you improve your customer’s interest in your packaging.

Moreover, minimalist packaging can make your products more attractive as an eCommerce trend.

Also, this way, you can create a personal level connection with your customers. So they can remember your brand’s theme and other branding elements. This way, you can get more brand value and recognition. Also, using bold colors is a famous trend making into the eCommerce market.

Packaging Automation

Automation is taking over many industries, and there are reasons behind this change. For instance, the following benefits:

● First, automation improves your speed to get more production.
● Second, it reduces the chance of damage during packaging by removing errors.
● Third, such production allows you to reduce any breaks that human labor would get.
● This way, you do not have to repeatedly make your staff do the same tasks. And they are more interested in the production process.

Sustainable Products

Several packaging industry trends are creating more sustainable products in packaging.

Mono Materials

Using nanomaterials is a new trend that promises to improve your packaging sustainability. The main benefit of these materials is that they are easy to recycle. This benefit is owing to these materials coming from a single material, making recyclability easier.

Reusable Products

Reusability is a big trend that the industry is seeing as companies are moving towards using it. So, the reuse of products can change environmental issues. Also, products are being designed to be recycled.


Sustainability is a major trend that is getting bigger in the industry. Bioplastics can be a great alternative to older plastic and other eco-damaging products. Some top eco-friendly materials and methods are:

  • Plastic recycling
  • Biomonomers
  • Natural polymers like cellulose and start
  • Microgranism polymers

Packaging Design Trends

The right packaging designs can completely transform how you plan and execute your packages. So in this section, you can read about some of the top trends in packaging designs.

Illustrating Ingredients

This packaging design improves your product’s ability to get attention. It gives you a special feeling that makes the product stand out.

Special Typography

You can try using typography to make your products stand out. Try using this typography to make your packaging feel and look super special.

QR Code

QR codes are a great way to connect with your customers. As a result, brands focus on using them in their product’s printing design.

Playing With Patterns

You can play with packaging design patterns to create a special feel for your product. Also, you can wrap them around your product to create curiosity and make it look special.

Minimalistic Designs

Creating a minimalistic design can help make packaging designs look super different. So, minimalism is a great trend that is back with a bang.

Using Bolder Fonts

Try using bolder fonts to make your product name and logo more attractive. So, you can use these bolder-looking packaging products to work amazingly well. Also, you can make it look impressive.

Texture Effects

Adding special textures to your product packaging makes your product feel special. Plus, it adds a special feel in touch that improves its perceived value. Some top trends you can use for such packaging are embossing and debossing.

Super-Bright Colors

Using bright colors has become an impressive way to make your products special. So, you can try out super bright colors to make your products stand out from your competitors.

Final Thoughts

Understanding your packaging process can help improve your designs. In addition, the packaging is one of the few processes to help improve your products’ image of the brand’s name. So, we discussed some of the top printing types, their benefits, and their methods.

You can also read about how to make packaging designs and improve the benefits of your packaging boxes. We gave complete lists of top box types and packaging types, plus software to create amazing packaging designs. Moreover, you can use this guide to find the best printing and designing tips.

At the same time, we offered you information about different printing effects that can transform your packaging results. The better you understand this field, the more improvement you get in your packaging.

We also discussed some top trends and issues in the packaging field to help you overcome these problems. You can read about different effects that can improve your printing and different materials that work perfectly well for packaging.

Plus, you can find out which sustainable materials are preferable for your customers and clients. Overall, these can improve your perspective, thoughts, and methods of dealing with printing and packaging.