Chap 6. Benefits of Using the Right Packaging Materials


Top Materials For Packaging And Their Benefits

Aluminum It Is A Strong Material That Saves Energy During Recycling And Is Lightweight As Well.
Steel It Has Magnetic Properties And Can Bear Multiple Recycling Processes
Glass You Can Reuse It Without Needing To Recycle Any Packaging Product Made With It.
Paper And Paperboard It Offers Better Biodegradability And Has A Very Small Amount Of Greenhouse Gasses Emissions. Moreover, It Is A Multipurpose Material.
Plastic Plastic Is Famous For Its Durability, Lightweight, And Cost-Effectiveness. Moreover, You Can Reuse It.


Using the right materials for your packaging is a major decision that impacts your products heavily. So, you should consider the following:

  • How does your packaging material react with your products? For example, if your packaging carries a food item, it should never interact with it.
  • You should use materials that can protect your products from flavor loss and lipid oxidation. Lipid oxidation can cause spoilage of meat products.
  • Ensure that your packaging does not cause vapor or oxygen interaction with sensitive products.
  • It should help you avoid UV and light reactions from spoiling the products.
  • Your food products also need to be safe against discoloration.
  • The material should carry ample mechanical strength to avoid product damage.
  • Try to use corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Use packaging that displays the product without letting environmental factors affect it.


features of aluminium packaging

Aluminum is a strong material that can facilitate packaging with several benefits it has to provide. You can use this material and add organic lacquer; it would not work for welded jobs. At the same time, aluminum works well for cans that do not need a lot of strength.


This material works perfectly to save energy during the recycling process. It takes only 5 percent of energy when you compare it to its first-time production. Moreover, you can recycle it multiple times without losing its properties. This fact makes it a great recycled material.

Also, it works for processed food. Some other benefits:

  • Aluminum is a lightweight material that also provides strength for packaging jobs.
  • Also, it works as a durable packaging material and can be recycled.
  • Moreover, it is famous for being corrosion-resistant.

Stands Out Of the Competition

Aluminum has a good status that improves your brand image and product beauty. At the same time, it has fame for being a good packaging material that improves your product’s status for your customers. This is why companies use it for numerous products you find in the market.

These properties make it a better material that attracts potential customers into buying customers. But, at the same time, people know this material to be a premium-level deal regarding packaging. This means people know it well and have a good image among packaging materials.

Steel Benefits

Steel is perfect for many packaging jobs. So some benefits keep it going in an era with numerous material choices for packaging.

Magnetic Properties

Steel’s magnetic properties allow better filling processes with less product wastage. This fact makes it a better material for packaging several products with a higher risk of spillage and waste.


Steelworks are fine even after multiple recycling processes. So, it is one of the few materials you can recycle forever without wasting it. So, you can melt it down and create new products without much issue. Moreover, this material works perfectly well when you need something lightweight for packaging jobs.

Glass packaging

features of glass for packaging

Using glass material for packaging helps in several ways.

  • Glass is a material that is quite close to nature, which removes the bad effects other raw materials would cause.
  • It is a great one; you can reuse it without recycling it.
  • Also, you can recycle it without any property loss.

Paper and Paperboard Packaging Benefits

Paper and paperboard packaging are among the most frequently used types you can find online. So, some benefits attached to this material make it a perfect one for multiple product types.

  • The paper has better biodegradability.
  • Its decomposition does not cause waste; you get decomposed material useful for plants and trees.
  • Moreover, it is recyclable.
  • You can reuse the material to create newer products you can utilize.
  • It causes a minimal amount of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Your customers will be happy to buy it due to its positive image among customers.
  • Paper material uses several designs and effects that make it super multipurpose.
  • Using these materials for packaging for business can perfectly help save your image.

Plastic Packaging

Although plastic may not be your first packaging choice, it has some benefits. We will also discuss plastic’s drawbacks for different packaging needs and jobs.


  • Plastic is a material famous for its durability.
  • As a result, plastic works perfectly well to create a wide range of products that other materials won’t provide.
  • You can benefit as a producer due to its lightweight property. Due to its weight, it works way better than many materials, like rubber and steel.
  • Plastic is a great material due to its cost-effectiveness in transportation and other departments.
  • It can be reused multiple times without the need to recycle.

Plastic Drawbacks

  • Manufacturers create plastic products from fossil fuels, making them non-recyclable.
  • Plastic pollution is a global issue that makes this material less favorable for packaging production.
  • Plastic is not recycled properly and extensively in many countries, which makes it an issue for the world economy. The thing is that plastic products are wasted after use, causing millions of dollars to be lost and spent on their production.

Metalized Boxes Effects

features of metalized packaging

Using metalized boxes makes your products look super impressive, and several effects work for such boxes.

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