Chapter 9. Top Printing Effects


Top Printing Effects

Uv Coating It Is A Great Effect That Is Eco-Friendly And Offers Resistance Against Smudges
Gloss Uv Coating This Effect Offers an Amazing Natural Feel
Spot UV Pattern You Can Use It To Have A Strong Coating
Metallic Sheen This Effect Works To Provide Numerous Colors and Sustainable Solutions
Soft Touch Coatings You Can Use It For Cost Effective Protection Against Yellowing
Glitter Coatings It Offers A Special Elegance
Iron Effect Using This Effect Can Help You With An Amazing Natural Feel
Pearlescent Coating Use It For Package Decoration And Its Glittery Feel
Sandpaper Coating Technique You Can Try This One Out If You Want An Another Effect That Offers An Amazing Touch Feel
Embossing You Can Use This One To Create Customized Designs
Debossing This Effect Offers A Special-Looking Dimensional Depth And Does Not Cost You As Much
Die-Cutting This One Does Not Need Too Much Time And Helps Your Package Stand Out Packages Safe
Grit Coating It Works To Provide Hard And Rough Effect
Metallic Foil This Effect Works To Provide Variation In Texture And Also Works With Debossing And Embossing
Varnish Try It Out If You Want To Improve Your Product’s Perceived Value And Improve Your Customers’ Experience
Reticulation It Is A Type Of Visual Effect That Also Adds To Packaging Design Beauty


UV Coating

It gives a high-shine surface finish for beautiful colors. Also, carries good resistance against smudges with a professional feel. Moreover, it offers amazing clarity in the image and other definitions. If you want something eco-friendly, you can try this one out.

This effect urges your audience to touch your package as it makes it super attractive.

Gloss UV Coating

Gloss UV is a great choice if you wish to shine up your surface and want to make it look unique. Its benefits include its ability to create vibrant colors and improve your image glow. Also, you can create a feel that makes it look special with thickness.

Using this effect can make your business cards feel and look special. Also, it protects your packages from damage. You must try using a machine that makes UV coating eco-friendly. It is a popular method that improves your package’s shine as well.

Spot UV Pattern

It provides a harder coating when compared to other effects in this category. So, a great effect on anyone who wants to have a strong coating.

Metallic Sheen

Using metallic sheens gives you a chance to avail yourself of numerous colors available and versatility. Also, you can use it in combination with other printing and packaging techniques to make your design stand out. Moreover, it is a sustainable solution in the printing and packaging industry you can try out.

Still, you never have to compromise on the unique designs and beauty it offers you. Using this establishment improves your brand’s image and adds to your product’s perceived value.

Soft Touch Coatings

Soft touch is a golden touch type of thing for cost-effective solutions that provide protection against yellowing. Also, it offers quick drying with a soft feel and looks for your packaging.

Glitter Coatings

best packaging effects to use

Glitter coating is another amazing effect that works super impressive to add special elegance and glitter to your packaging. It works for retail boxes, gift cards, and greeting cards. However, it does not work like the traditional glitter that flakes off the packaging.

It works for a number of hues that you can customize according to your brand theme needs and other essentials.

Iron Effect

This effect creates an amazing natural feel with natural colors. Also, it offers a smooth feel, and it works perfectly for several packaging types.

Pearlescent Coating

This coating type improves your package decoration and creates a glittery feel. Also, it improves the feel as it works for several colors with special nature.

Sandpaper Coating Technique

This technique offers a slightly rough feel and an amazing touch feel.


Several types of varnishes also exist that can improve your package’s beauty:

  • Matte varnish
  • Satin varnish
  • Strike-through matte

Matte varnish is a great one that creates a soft surface without being too. It works with amazing precision that makes your process easier and more accurate.
Satin varnish is a combination of gloss and matte varnish. It works to create medium shine and scuff resistance.

Then comes strike-through matte that uses both matte and glosses on an area.

Varnish benefits

It improves your product’s perceived value without being heavy on your pocket.
This way, you can affect your customers’ experience positively.

Reticulation Effect Technique

You can get this effect with the use of UV coating alongside spot varnish. This effect offers a touch and visual effect combination that helps well to create a feel for your customers. Using this effect can help you get a wide range of beautiful packaging designs and textures.


packaging effects to use

Embossing works amazingly to create customized designs with several options available. It works for multiple needs and still offers great quality with multiple color and texture options. You can find several options like pillow embossing, rim embossing, hydro-forming, rail embossing, in-mold decorating, and poly dome embossing.

  • It adds great value to your products by offering an extra tactile feeling and a layer for a special feel. Also, it works for other packaging types than paper, as you can use it for leather and plastic too.
  • Moreover, you can create a wider range of options and help your customers identify your brand easily.
  • Its 3D effects make your surface special and also allow easier foil stamping within this effect. You can use it for custom stationery, and it offers better details than what debossing can offer.


Debossing is one of the classic effects that have existed for a long time and make a beautiful style impact on your packaging. You can have a special-looking dimensional depth with this effect. Moreover, you can easily use ink on such designs, and it may cost you less than embossing in the die and plate process. It works for

  • Brochures
  • Letterheads
  • Certificates
  • Postcards
  • Business cards
  • Folders
  • Packaging

Using debossing can help improve your package’s appearance, and you can also use it to highlight important information on your packages. This way, you can improve its visual appeal for your audience and customers.

Types of Embossing

You can try these types if you want to emboss your pacakging.

  • Sculpturing is a type of raising allurement that creates a sharp feeling with this effect for the subjects you use them for.
  • Multilevel is another type of process that allows different textured levels.
  • This tile allows you to emboss or deboss at a single level and not multiple layers.

Grit Coating

Grit coating is one of the best choices to make a hard and rough effect.

Metallic Foil

Metallic boiling is another process that improves tropical graphic elements on a printed surface. You can also use them for variation in texture and would also work alongside the debossing and embossing.


It is a great one for having a special cutting on your packages. You can use it for several cutting types. Using this effect saves you money and also helps keep the environment safe. Moreover, it is a quick method and does not need too much time to complete. Also, it works for multiple shapes that can be quite complex as well.

Micro-Etching On Foils

Using this effect can help your package stand out. Also, you can keep your packages safe by using them as an identity for being authentic. So, you can use it to show how a certain package is real and can be considered authentic.

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