Chapter 7. How To Design Your Packaging


How To Design Your Packaging

Research And Brainstorming Start With Researching And Also Do Some Brain Storming Before You Start Designing
Determine Your Design Essentials Make Sure That You Find Out Your Essential Designs
Know About Your Dielines Ensure You Know About Your Dielines
What Type Of Printing Will Work Best You Must Determine What Kind Of Printing Will Work Best For You
Have A File According To Your Needs Make Sure That You Have The Right File Type For Your Design


We have step-to-step information on how to create amazing designs for the packaging. Here is what you need to know.

Research and Brainstorming

Before starting your project, ensure you understand key points about your audience and your product.

  • Try to understand who your audience is and what their age, gender, and demographics are if they are concerned about green solutions and what kind of labels they will be most interested in.
  • Also, you should determine what kind of sales this product will have. For example, will it be sold online or in a store?
  • Make sure you understand your product size, material, and dimensions. Moreover, you should understand how strong and sturdy your packaging is supposed to be.

You can start designing once you have answers to all of these questions.

Determine Your Design Essentials

When you create a design, you must be able to determine what kind of logo and colors you should be using. You must determine these factors to create an effective design for any brand.

Complete your list of essentials:

  • A tagline and some literature for use
  • What your brand image and voice are supposed to be? This question determines your product’s imagery and color code.
  • Also, if you need to print any promotions or other information that these products require.

There will be two layers of packaging design.

These two layers are:

  • The first layer that your customers will see initially.
  • Your package’s second layer is the one that keeps your product in its place.

Before You Design

You should ensure using these steps before you start designing.

  • You should know about your die lines with the use of templates.
  • Ensure you understand what type of printing will work best for your project.
  • Also, you should have a file according to your needs.

Tips for Packaging Designs

Your packaging designs need to give your brand some edge points that should set it apart from the competition.

Choose The Right Colors

tips for packaging design

Well, several studies show using certain colors for your product can enhance your sales. However, a proven fact is that you can not use dark colors for kids’ products as they will not be interested in buying such colors. Instead, you should try using vivid colors to attract them to your products.

Designs Should Have…….?

packaging design tips

Some tips that go into designs are:

  • Let your designs convey what your brand and product are about.
  • Your designs should let your customers know about your product so that they can make a purchase decision.
  • Create a vibe with your product package design.
  • Your target audience should be interested in the packaging design.

If you sell to women, their color vocabulary and knowledge will definitely be better, so some colors would attract them. Studies show that bad packaging designs can reduce your chances of selling off the shelf and creating a brand image.

Moreover, your design typography plays a crucial role you should always remember. So, updating your packaging can also improve your brand image when used the right way. Finally, your packaging hits your customers’ emotions to create an urge to purchase.

Also, if you want to understand your customers deeply, you can study their mindset and thought patterns. Finally, you can try using them for something you want to give a stimulating impression. For example, cool colors can create a relaxing feel or restfulness for you.

Also, you can represent your brand voice when you use the right colors to express it through your packaging designs.

Importance of Logo

importance of logo in packaging

Your logo plays a hero’s role in communicating and determining your brand voice impression for your audience. Conversely, your brand will always be less wanted in any market if you have a lousy logo. So, some benefits your logo brings are:

You can only attract your audience’s attention with an impressive, out-of-the-box logo design.
Using a great industry logo can help your customers understand what your brand does and works for. This helps create a connection between you and your customers.
Nothing ever conveys your brand’s identity to your customers like your logo. It makes your brand recognizable. The same memorability improves your brand loyalty.

  • Logos create memorability for your brand during and for marketing efforts. This way, marketing efforts make your brand more memorable and easily remembered by your audience.
  • Your logo color theme should go with all the themes you could create for branding. So, all landing pages, social media icons, and content should align. So, the right logo must look super effective, creating a real branding sense for your audiences.
  • Also, your logo impression tells stories about your brand and why it exists.
  • The Internet is a major channel for sales that you can capture more efficiently with a good logo design.
  • Your brand’s professionalism always needs a perfect and unique logo to shine.

The Typography Impact

typography features for packaging

Using effective typography can definitely help you change your results for sales. So, your typography should express emotions and a special brand voice that goes with the overall voice. But, of course, your font weight also greatly impacts your products, so choose your typography carefully.

Try to create contrast if you have more than one font. Also, make sure you use white spaces well if you have to offer a lot of information in a small space. Also, ensure that you can highlight the unique features your product carries.

Using whitespace can help you get more attention from your audience. You can only feel great with your text when you use the right alignment.

Special Effects in Printing

These printing effects work for several packaging methods that you can learn in this section.

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