Chapter 2. What Are Custom Boxes?


Many features make custom boxes different from other packaging types. So, if you want to learn about this type of packaging, we have all the information and the features they carry.

The essential feature that every custom box must carry is they have a specific size and design. In other words, they are created to meet the needs of any company specifically. So certain elements of such boxes or their style size, shape, special effects, material, and design play a vital role. You can have these custom-made boxes to make your content super special.

These elements are tailored according to a customer or client’s needs. Some other features that you need to put into your custom boxes are:

Top Custom Boxes Features You Need To Add

Strength Your box strength offers your products more protection.
Design Try to use a design that makes your product look high-end.
Provide With Honesty The information you offer about the product inside should be exact.
Information Ensure you add all the information your audience needs for the packed product.
Packaging Color Ensure you use the design color that suits your product and evokes emotions in your audience.
Shape An excellent packaging box shape can improve your sales, so keep that in mind.
Touch Feel Your custom box touch feels like you can play an important role you should never overlook.
Easy Opening Anything easy to use will increase your product’s consumption and so sales.
Weight If your packages are heavier, your audience will consider your product more high-end.

This section gives you the top features you need to have in custom boxes.

Strength That Saves Your Skin

custom box features

When we talk about strength, it’s not Hulk’s strong hits or Thor’s hammer; it is about keeping your products safe. One thing is for sure: a damaged item can spoil your customers’ dreams. And remember, customers will make sure they break yours when that happens.

So, ensure your boxes look superb and your product is delivered without damage. Or otherwise, well, you know.

Ensure your boxes are strong enough to support any product your customers want to pack in them. Well, the thing is, if it cannot carry your product, what is the point of packing them in it?

They Care About the Box Design….!

Everyone who comes into contact with your custom box will be concerned about its designs. So, make it super impressive so your clients and customers will care about its beauty. Some tips and things to remember:

  • Well, box design goes into multiple aspects you should remember. For instance, they should carry all the information your customers would like.
  • Also, they should have robust designs, and of course, they should offer the right size for your product.
  • Finally, the more attractive your designs, the better sales you get. Your color arouses a certain mode in your customers. So, to make them feel special about your product, you have to make it super engaging.

Let them perceive your product as a high-end premium product that offers more than that dull one on its left or right. Your packaging box design determines how well your product will perform. Trying out of several boxes design software options can be daunting, so Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign may work perfectly.

Provide With Honesty

One thing is for sure: your customers will believe in you only if you tell the truth. If they think your packaging is not according to your products or what you promise, they will not return. This works for every level of packaging, from international selling products to local areas.

They Carry Lots Of Information in Text and ……?

Well, you need to offer information about your product with your design. So, it must provide its price, quantity, expiry date, and other information your customer needs. It is among the top features every custom box must carry.

So, if they have the right information, they are good enough to be displayed on shelves. Some studies also try to determine if stripes on packaging can help attract humans to buy the product. But, just like good designs can improve your sales, bad ones can cause problems for your product.

So, if you want to offer information about your product, ensure it is entirely positive in both text and visual stimuli. For example, add attractive colors according to your audience’s age group and gender. Also, ensure you offer textual information that helps your audience understand your product.

The thing is, you need to make your custom boxes to sell products. And that can happen only when they understand the product and why they need it. Simple and easy!

You can use this information on any box, from a custom jewelry box to a food packaging box.

Packaging Color Affects Positively!

Studies show that the more your packaging color saturates, the better flavor your product may appear to have. Also, it is a fact that some colors are naturally associated with certain flavors. For instance, the famous 7up brand marketing team did a study showing this.

Their customers perceived the product as more lemony and limey, with more yellow added to the packaging. Some other studies also show that your product’s color impacts your brand’s perception differently in different countries.

Further studies show how to use these colors for different flavors in different countries. For instance, a study was conducted to let subjects choose the most appropriate color for a certain flavor. However, one thing is sure: you need to be careful about any change in your color.

Also, your product should carry something that suits the shelves and stands out as a color to create attention. So, the next time you manufacture a custom jewelry box, you should leave no stone unturned to get the best designs.

Packaging Shape Matters

Product box shapes can be a great way to get more success with sales, and companies are adopting new packaging shapes. Specific shapes are associated with certain products, like milk packages with a special shape. On the other hand, perfume boxes have a certain shape.

The thing is that these shapes give your customers an idea of what the product is about. And when they are making their buying decisions in split seconds, a quick product perception makes a huge difference.

The Touch Feel Factor

touch feel of custom boxes

Another factor that makes custom boxes special is their touch, feel, or texture. For example, if you use a rough feel for your packaging, you can have better results to make a better impression.

Easy Opening Packaging

It is a fact that hard-to-open products may be perceived as high-end. Moreover, if your product has several packaging layers, you may create a present-like feeling for your product. Another fact is that an easier custom design can help improve your product’s consumption.

For instance, innovative designs that use ketchup and mayonnaise can help improve its consumption. In addition, once you know the best packaging box design, you can improve your branding efforts.

Packaging Weight

features of custom boxes

Although the packaging is not the only factor impacting your product weight, this factor is also super important. For instance, when you have more weight on your overall product, it is considered more expensive.

All of These Features Are Combined in Custom Boxes

When you have these factors and features in your custom boxes, they become what you need for your clients or customers. The thing is that these features can make your boxes stand apart from the competition. So, the better you add these designs to your custom boxes, the better sales you can experience.

So, you should know how to make custom boxes that significantly improve your branding results.

Also, the next section will allow you to learn about the top benefits of these boxes.

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