Chapter 5. How To Design Custom Boxes


How To Design Custom Boxes

Know Your Audience Start by understanding your audience to ensure you can allure them into buying your products with packaging.
Exact Packaging Design Decisions Try to find your product’s needs before you use any dimensions or other specifications.
How To Design Different Elements Ensure you carefully use the logo, graphic design, and package color to attract more people.

Getting your packaging for cosmetics is an important job that every brand in this industry needs. So, you can follow these:

Know Your Audience

tips to learn about custom box audience


You should start by knowing everything about your audience.

1. Start with knowing your audience and their top priorities regarding custom packaging.
2. Also, you should know what your brand means to your audience and how to present it.
3. Try to find out where they will buy your products. It can be an online method or a store they visit.
4. Create your design by brainstorming and planning things on your planning boards.

Also, ensure you use the right product size and understand your presentation value perfectly. Functionality can make a huge difference that you should keep in mind. Your per piece and overall cost significantly impact what to do and what not to do.

So, as a designer, ensure you understand how much cost means for your project. Then, you should create something that meets your project budget. Next, you can learn how to design packaging boxes for your branding efforts.

Make Exact Packaging Design Decisions

designing custom boxes

You should be clear about which packaging type to use. Ensure your packaging material meets your product’s needs without worrying about your budget. Also, ensure you get feedback from someone whose opinion matters. Yes, you guessed it right, a designer can tell you what you need to add and what will be like a bone stuck in the throat.

How To Design Different Elements

custom boxes design elements

Logos, graphic design, and color make a huge impact on design elements. So, we will discuss their benefits to prove they are super important for your custom boxes. For instance, your packaging elements can help you quickly offer information to your potential customers.

The Importance of Your Logo on Custom Boxes

custom boxes logo tips

When designing a great logo, you must remember to clear some goals. For instance, you will thrive with a logo that offers to get attention for you. So, you can not rely on something too generic, or that does not grab your audience’s attention.

Make sure you create a great impression that aligns with your brand identity. Making it memorable is also essential and should set you apart from the competition. Try to get something that improves your brand loyalty well.

How to Design Your Box Logo

We see logos every day, and for one reason, branding. A great logo makes our brands stand out, which can make a real difference. Some top tips can make your custom boxes look special when you use this amazing visual element named logo.

The thing is that a great logo needs to be relevant, have something unique, and still be memorable. Plus, you should ensure that it is not too complex, and you can also adapt it according to your needs. Inspiration for your logos can help save your skin, so be clever and look for what you need.

You do not have to visit a museum to find some special logos. Just ensure you look over the internet to find your competitors and which logos inspire you; once you find what you are looking for, take the elements you love most.

Once you find them, use the elements that make your logo look special.

Using for your Packaging

You can make your packaging special by adding your logo. Ensure you add a part of the logo and let your audience know with consistency in the design. Try to use logos only on custom packaging. This way, you can save the budget you would spend on your packaging designs.

Also, try to add metaphors in your logo to deliver the message. For example, a medical brand may like to show metaphors like stethoscopes. Using a brand name goes a long way when you use it right, so add some artistry to the brand name when in a logo.

Another thing to remember is to use logo makers when creating your company’s logo. It can help you with inspiration that may be lacking during your branding and logo-making process.

Memorable and Simple

Your boxes must remind customers of your brand, so you need memorable and simple logos.


If you still use one version of your logo, keep it relevant to your field. Of course, it may be influenced by the product category you pack. But one thing is for sure: your brand needs some representation.

Also, your field needs to impact what you publish as your logo. And one more thing, all of these points need to be kept in mind when designing your logo in the first place.

How to Choose Your Packaging Color?

Start by learning about your audience and try to get something that makes your product stand out. Moreover, you should keep your product in mind to find the best color that works.

Try to offer your audience a psychological message and a feeling they need or crave. At the same time, you need to find out about your brand’s message and what is unique about it. One thing is for sure: you can not change your packaging color frequently.

This applies if you are a smaller brand, as you need to build it before you can try new things. So, stay consistent with your branding forever.

The Psychology of Colors in Marketing

Colors can work as stimuli for the human brain and eye, meaning the color you use in your packaging can have a heavy impact. The thing is that color increases a customer’s arousal, improving the customer’s information processing. At the same time, you can try creating imagery with colors that look super special.

Make sure you use a color that gives a certain impression to your audience to succeed at your work. Try using colors that tell your brand story and give the right impression to your audience. Moreover, your packaging color, shade type, and saturation also play a crucial role.

Try to find out what a certain color means in your audience’s culture to make sure you arouse the right emotions in them. Specific colors must vary according to the area or the country you target. It is proven that 62 to 90 percent of a person’s perception is based on colors.

Three types of responses lead to stimuli-driven attention: emotional responses, cognitive responses, and goal-driven attention. For instance, a color preference unconscious, subconscious responses can lead to purchases.

Some factors here are involuntary, voluntary attention, and aesthetics plus communication. At the same time, you should utilize red, orange, and other warm colors when you want more attention from kids. The thing is that they are more attracted to such colors.

Moreover, you can try these colors in an advertisement according to your audience. Using red with white colors can help improve attention towards your product. Colors like yellow, gray, black, blue, and orange are considered more attractive.

On the other hand, you can try light blue and light green colors as cosmetic brands for better results. For example, if you target a female audience, you can use pink and brighter colors. And you can try purple to show the product’s luxury, and red would give your customers a reason to be excited.

Benefits of Custom Box Colors

Using great custom box color options can improve your marketing and can help you get more sales. In addition, your product packaging color would impact your audience’s feelings even if they have no idea about your product. For instance, you may evoke trust in them if you show them blue or green to give an impression of eco-friendliness.

On the other hand, you can try black to make your products look more sophisticated. Also, you can make it look more refined by giving it a burgundy color. It is a fact that 50 percent of overall purchases are never planned.

So, impulsive purchases make a huge difference for any brand out there. This means you can make impulsive purchases using any of these colors appropriately. For instance, you can evoke red and green energy for people more concerned about eco-friendly solutions.

On the other hand, you can use orange to get your customer’s attention. And you can stimulate hunger with red, and you can reduce it with blue.

When it comes to choosing the right colors, it looks like a complete art you need to follow, for instance:

1. Try to follow your brand’s colors to ensure branding.
2. Ensure you understand your brand’s positioning.
3. Let your audience know your brand personality with your color choice.
4. Try to evoke emotions for your audience to purchase with colors.

How to Choose Custom Box Typography?

Your product packaging typography is something that you must pay attention to. Who would not remember McDonald’s special M when it comes to branding? So, why not yours if the most prominent brands like McDonald’s are nailing it with that unique typography?

The same goes for KFC, which uses consistent advertisement, promotion, and branding typography.

Top Fonts to Try

Now that you know why typography matters, we have some fonts you can try out. For instance:

1. Try out Century Gothic, which offers you a clean look.
2. Verdana is a nice font, easy to read, and has a great design.
3. Helvetica is another font in many existing logos in the world’s top companies. It is a part of Microsoft’s logo, which makes it unique.

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