Chapter 4. Types of Custom Boxes and Their Designs


Custom boxes come in all sizes, shapes, and specifications. So, if you want a box that works for your type of job, we have some top types you can try:

  • Retail or Ecommerce
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Mailer Boxes
  • Hanging Displays
  • Shipping Boxes
  • Mailer boxes
  • Product Boxes

These boxes for packaging can help your branding be more impressive. So, you can try these types to get to work for their specific uses. In addition, you can learn about different box design ideas when you know where to use them.


Types Of Custom Boxes And Their Designs

Retail and Ecommerce Boxes Such boxes work for eCommerce operations and offer great strength to avoid product damage.
Paperboard boxes Paperboard is a great packaging material and offers excellent durability.
Rigid Box Designs Rigid boxes work for multiple needs and offer excellent protection for your products.
Foil Sealed Bags You can use aluminum foil for such boxes, and they appear to be high-end

Retail and Ecommerce Boxes

retail custom boxes

So, you are expecting something that delivers to your home and looks like a social media unboxing experience? If yes, this box type has everything to make your face shine with a smile. You can try these types of boxes for shipping to get more results.

All the following types of boxes for shipping work for retail and eCommerce shipping. There are further some types in this category you need to know:

Paperboard boxes

So, the paper has been in human society for centuries now. There are reasons behind its survival in this fast-paced world. Its benefit as a packaging material also helped it survive. It offers:

  • Paper is a perfect material when it comes to creating attractive packaging.
  • It works for multiple purposes, making it an excellent packaging material.
  • Moreover, it offers great durability, which many packaging products always need.
  • Paper is also among the top biodegradable product materials, making it great for our ecosystem.

Rigid Box Designs

Rigid boxes may be considered the top types you could ever think of. If you want design variations for these, you can try them for what they offer.

For instance:

Collapsible boxes are rigid category boxes that make your packaging easy with facile assembling.

Another thing to remember is that you can only use these boxes with lids to avoid damage. So, make sure your box design supports this safety check. Also, you should design to keep your packed products in place.

Such boxes are known for being easy to convert into something elegant with little bucks spent. Moreover, they are easy to modify, and you can try them for several variations, like special effects. Next, you can read about the benefits of different paper types.

Some Top Paperboard Boxes Designs

Paperboard boxes offer several different design types, giving you a great range to play with and use. So, some design types are:

Foil Sealed Bags

A foil seal bag is a material type for these boxes and a design type that makes a huge difference. Using aluminum foil on your bags, you can look great in a silver-white color. Also, it allows you to create something that offers reflection and is opaque in appearance.

Also, you can create variations in your packaging appearance when you play with this material for design beauty.

  • The light aluminum bag has a silver-white appearance with brightness on the surface.
  • Matte aluminum packaging is matte with a black and matte surface.
  • The Yin-yang bag is one of the top bag types that offers transparency on one side and a silver-white appearance on the other.
  • Matt gold packaging has a dark golden surface appearance with a matte surface.

Paper Grades

paper grades for packaging

Before you try your paper for custom boxes, ensure you use the right grade to get the best results.

Coated Paper Benefits

Coated paper can be beneficial to ensure you get more glow in your boxes. So, it offers you better dust resistance and avoids wear and tear. Moreover, using a pen on coated paper is more challenging.

Also, it has a reflective surface with resistance against moisture damage.

This paper type allows you to see more crisp and beautiful images. Moreover, it works well if you want more detailed images for your printing job.

Dull-Coated Paper

You can use these for custom boxes that need smoothness on the surface and high-quality images. It also contains glare but less than some other paper types. Try using it for projects that need readability and you also need to print images.

Gloss-Coated Paper

This paper type works for projects that need high contrast. Moreover, it works for multiple colors and offers a great range. Also, it offers excellent color saturation with greater depth. But one disadvantage is that it would not work well due to its glare.

High-Gloss Paper

This paper type works outstandingly well when you do not need high glare. Moreover, it has you covered when you want to avoid glare issues.

Uncoated Paper Types

When it comes to uncoated paper, it offers a different feel and looks for your customers. For instance, you can have a warmer feel with it, and there are further types you can try. One of their benefits is that you can get a trust-creating feel for your audience.

It also offers you better embossing and debossing results. But they may need more time to dry up ink, depending on the paper. Ensure you know your caliper and opacity when choosing; you may need lighter-weight sheets for uncoated paper. This is why your uncoated paper spending will be less extravagant.

At the same time, it offers better absorbency than coated paper. So, although it has less shine, it works perfectly for better image definition and details. Moreover, it gives you elegance in your printed design.

Benefits of Using Clay-Coated Background Paper

This paper is famous for its capability to offer cost-effective solutions and works well for offset printing. At the same time, your product gets a higher printing gloss with a smoother printing surface. What else? Well, you also get high brightness.

It also carries a reliable caliper and offers perfect rigidity for your custom boxes. Using top custom packaging printing methods can transform your branding forever.

Solid Bleached Sulfate Board

Solid bleached sulfate is an excellent paper type that offers coated surfaces from the top and the other side. So, it works picture-perfectly when you need something good for graphical beauty.

Coated Unbleached Kraft

This paper works well if you need a natural look without any color showing off the surface. So, it works perfectly fine for creating resistance against damage.

Benefits of Folding Box Board

It offers you multiple board grades and can meet individual requirements. At the same time, it works well if you need something recyclable. Using it allows you to get great presentability for your audience.

Chipboard packaging

Using these boxes is something that goes well for several benefits, like

  • They offer you a simple manufacturing process and allow you to save storage space.
  • You can use them for their protection and strength.
  • It works perfectly fine when needing something easy to use.
  • Chipboard packaging works well to offer protection and strength.
  • Moreover, they offer eco-friendly solutions.

One of the top types of chipboard boxes is laminated, allowing you to print directly on your custom boxes. So, if you want to make your boxes look more artistic, you can try this material.

Corrugated Boxes

We all need someone to protect us when we need help, which is what corrugated boxes do so well for our products. They offer excellent protection to products during transit and delivery processes.

So, everyone needs something that does not take up a lot of space when it comes to packaging products. Another point that corrugated boxes work so well is that they offer easy storage to eliminate storage space issues.

Still, there are several benefits you can reap like their cost-effective production helping companies save a lot of money. Another thing to remember is that you can customize it in multiple ways, improving your box’s beauty. In addition, it allows you to use multiple special effects that suit them to perfection.

So, you can try different custom packaging printing methods to ensure better results for banding.

Paperboard Boxes

So, paperboard is among today’s world’s most common packaging materials. But, then many different types offer something special within this amazing type, like:

Solid Bleached Sulfate

These boxes work for several industries and offer great strength. For example, it is among the top in using cosmetics, frozen foods, and medical products. In addition, experts believe it to be top-rated for food packaging.

Coated Unbleached Kraft Boxes

You can try these boxes to make your product safer, and they also handle moisture well. Moreover, it offers a great natural look and is sustainable, allowing perfect results for eco-friendly products.

Coated Recycled Paperboard

Recycled products are getting amazing results from manufacturers, making them a superb choice for packaging. This type of box works well when it comes to giving your customers or clients that helps them with a great feeling of satisfaction.

Non-Bending Chipboard

These boxes are an excellent choice for several effects you can add to boxes. For example, you can use them if you need boxes that do not fold or break during shipping. So, try them out when you learn how to design packaging boxes.

Flexible Packaging

This packaging type works if you need something tailored to your needs. So, you can have pouches or wrappers that have flexible packaging.

Mailer Boxes Designs

mailer custom boxes

Mailer boxes offer several variations for special effects and design options you can find, such as:

You can use an aqueous finish to protect your packaging against smudges and scratches.
Also, you can try UV coating on these boxes to make them look to make certain areas more prominent.

Types of Hanging Display Boxes Designs

Display boxes offer several different types of features.

  • You can use them for their pop-screen boxes. Another design type of these boxes is the counter display box style.
  • Also, you can use stand boxes and foldable counter displays.
  • Moreover, you can try using hanging display boxes for their special design that helps you hang your products with them.

Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes have many sub-categories with special designs you should be aware of. For instance, you can find rigid boxes, folding carton boxes, corrugated and rolled, and tucked boxes. Also, you can find a telescope, shoulder, and collapsible boxes.

All these packaging types have special features that suit certain needs when shipping. However, one thing is for sure: you will need to know what they look like and work for, so here you go:

  • Collapsible boxes are designed to save your storage space.
  • Regular shipping boxes have a design that allows you to ship smaller items. So, using custom boxes for shipping is what you should go for when you wish to get better outcomes.

You can also design roll-end tuck-top boxes with no glue for packing.

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