Chapter 1. How to Make a Website in WordPress – From Hosting To Finishing


We all know that internet marketing is one of the fields that got a boost from COVID. The thing is, your website is more important than ever before for a great business. So, multiple types of websites are coming into the internet market, all trying to beat search engines. Which one wins depends on things like how easy their usage is, how navigable they are, and how optimized they are for search.

All of these facts make WordPress the only open-source content marketing platform that can do the right deal of work. So, it offers everything a great website needs, which is why it can help you with better visibility, leads, conversions, and sales. What else? Well, you will learn about website features and functions you need to know about. Also, you can learn WordPress development for blogging and making your business websites.

It has every tool you would need to make a website user interface look great, integrate with tools, and rank. Also, it provides the best security any business needs when going live online. Also, you can use page builders like Elementor, plugins, themes, widgets, and whatnot. So, this guide will give you all the knowledge you need to make your websites more attractive, responsive, and impressive. You will learn all the steps for creating a website and how to make a website from scratch.

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Chapter 2. How Much Does It Cost To Make A Website?

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