4. Photography Equipment You Should Try


Checklist Of Equipment For Product Photography

Smartphone Or Professional Camera You Can Try Using A Professional Camera For Bigger Sensor Sizes, And They Also Have More Effective Glass Lenses. Smartphones Have Bigger Screens To Check Your Shot, And You Can Use It To Upload Pictures Straight From The Device
Camera Lens Try To Buy A Camera With A Great Image Stabilization System, Good Focal Length, And The Ability Of Autofocus.
Tripod A Tripod Is Useful In Many Types Of Photography, So You Can Use It.
Lighting Devices There Are Several Lighting Devices You Need For Photography That Are Mentioned In This Table 5A Section And Beyond
Effective Studio Your Own Studio Is Something That Can Help You Get The Best Pictures You Could Have, So You Should Build One.
Softbox There Are Two Types Of Softboxes For Photography. Rectangular Softboxes And Strip Softboxes.
Airblaster Airblasters Can Help You Clean Your Camera And Its Lens
Reflectors Reflectors Help You Control Your Light And Help Avoid Shadows By Providing Soft Light. Plus, You Can Use It To Avoid Harsh Shadows.
Backdrops Backdrops Can Help You By Creating A Great Background For Your Product Photos.
Light Stand Light Stands Can Be Used To Make Your Light Stable.
Speedlights Speedlights Can Help You With Vivid Images And Help Avoid Blurriness. It is a Soft Source Of Light And Provides A Great Balance Overall.

Checklist for Equipment

Now that we know what makes your product photography special and why it needs to be perfect to get more sales, we have a checklist to help you. You can use this checklist to improve your preparation ritual for the process.

The next few sections will give you a complete and detailed checklist of all the equipment you need for shooting your products with either of the cameras. So, you can use this information to tick off every product you need to buy for such efforts with a product photography setup you need to build up.

A Great Camera

Using the right camera is an essential thing you can always remember when you are looking to take a picture. So, you can choose between the two of the most impressive devices you can use for this purpose. You can find the best camera for product photography by seeing reviews.

Digital Camera Vs. Smartphone

You can choose a professional camera or even a great mobile camera that fulfills your needs to perfection. So, there are some benefits and disadvantages you should know about them:

  • Digital cameras have a better sensor size that improves their picture quality.
  • On the other hand, smartphone camera sensors would normally have a 5 mm width. So, it can use 0.8 micrometers.
  • At the same time, their lenses are made of the wrong material, plastic. Moreover, you can use glass lenses when you use digital cameras.
  • But there are benefits like ease of carrying when you use smartphones.
  • Additionally, the smartphone has big screens you can see through to ensure your picture is great.
  • Moreover, you can edit your pictures on your device without moving your picture to other devices.
  • At the same time, you can use smartphone photos straight from the device to any social media or another online channel.

When finding the best camera for product photography, you can rely on a professional camera more than a smartphone camera. Still, you can photograph with a phone without worrying about things getting too bad.

You can read about phone photography tips in this guide to get perfect photos in chapter 7.

How to Choose A Camera Lens?

choosing camera lens for product photography

Using a camera lens can transform the way you do product photography, and it helps you with picture quality and many other benefits. We have some tips to help you choose the right lenses for your cameras when using digital cameras for the purpose.

  • Look for a lens with a good focal length, as it matters how wide your camera can cover.
  • Use a lens with an image stabilization system to help you with better picture quality.
  • Look for motors in your camera that allow you to autofocus your objects faster.
  • Try to use a lens that matches your camera’s resolution. Lenses sometimes do not have the quality that cameras can produce, so buying a new one for your device is a recommendation.

Try to look for the best product photography lens in the market to ensure you get perfect results for your needs. So, use the best lenses for product photography to make your products stand out and look special.
This tip can help you improve your results for phone photography results.


tripod for photography

Tripods can help you take your product pictures as they give several benefits you can not have with your bare hands. Tripods can help improve blurriness in your photos, and it works perfectly well for any photo you want. Some other plus points:

  • Camera movement can cause issues like reduced image sharpness, so using a tripod can help.
  • Using a tripod can help your camera stay stale, which allows for better pictures.
  • Moreover, you can take close-ups of your products without shaking your camera, which makes things blurry.
  • A tripod is one of the top phone photography accessories you must remember when preparing.

Using Equipment Types For Lighting

Different lighting equipment can make a huge difference in your products’ look. So, you can use continuous lighting, which can help you control your lighting to perfection.

Try using reflectors if you are using one light source for your photos. It helps you with balancing different factors when shooting, like light and shadows. For example, using a ring light may work for a product shoot when you are looking to shoot smaller products. On the other hand, you must use a bigger softbox to make sure your photography looks special with the least shadows in your photos.

You can also use foam reflectors to make sure you use them to make your products look more illuminated. Choose between two of the most common and popular types of reflectors, whiteboard and blackboard. Moreover, you can buy light boxes to make your photos look special.

Lighting Devices

essential lighting devices for photography

Flash, flash diffuser, reflector, softbox, lightbox, and umbrella are some of the most important light devices you need to have for lighting your product photography. These lighting devices are a must even if you are doing product photography with an iPhone and want them to look super special.

Pay attention to the essential lighting parts like a great product photography lightbox. These are the best lights you need for your shoot, and you must carry them for any product shoot.

What are they used for?

  • Flash is a basic piece of equipment for photography as it allows you to get the required light for a photo session.
  • Umbrella is another piece of equipment to spread light without creating harsh shadows. It helps to improve the light conditions by modifying the light you have in the studio.
  • A Flash diffuser is a piece that you can use for modifying the light produced by a flash.
  • Reflectors are a piece of great equipment that allow your shooting light to direct to the object you want to shoot. This effect improves the light levels to get better results for your products.
  • Softbox is another device that helps your photography with the right amount of light for your object.

A Small But Effective Studio

how to build a photography studio

Now, using great equipment can help you improve your product photography, but using a studio can totally change your results. So, you can prepare your own studio to take pictures that go a long way. You can:

  • Buy a camera
  • Try using duct tape to make sure that the white paper you use is safe.
  • Using a shooting room with a window in it can benefit your results of getting better pictures with natural light.
  • Make sure you purchase a folding table for placing your product when taking photos.
  • Get a good tripod and memory card for your camera.
  • Also, you can buy a seamless paper sheet to create white background for your products to make them look special.
  • Ensure you use a foam core board to reflect light when shooting your products.
  • Now this section has a complete list of great product photography setups that are handy when doing your product shoots. Of course, the better your cameras are, the better shot results you can have. Try to get the best light for product photography options you can find online.


Softboxes can make your product look special, and you can use them for different types of photography. For instance, you can use

  • Strip softboxes are one of the types you can use, and they have a narrower width than rectangular softboxes.
  • You can try using rectangular softboxes. This type allows you to have natural lighting that appears to be coming from a window. It helps to improve product details and can be used in different sizes.
  • It is one of the best options for the light you need to have for your product’s beauty.


Airblaster is a great piece of equipment that can help you with the great cleaning you can have for your cameras and other equipment. So, you can use it to remove any dust from your camera or other instruments you have for shooting.

Using Reflectors

Reflectors are among the most impressive pieces of equipment for your photography as they allow you to control your light. You can use it to control the shadow you use for your photos. You can also use it to add a soft light to your subject and foreground. Moreover, you can use your reflectors to avoid harsh shadows. Plus, you can learn about trendy backdrops for your product photography.

Backdrops (With Trends To Try)

Now backgrounds play an essential role in making a product picture special for your content creation. So, some top product photography backdrops would help you grow your promotion results. We have some background ideas that can help you get better results for your content:

  • Using foam board can help you make your food products look super impressive.
  • You can use metal trays as backdrops for your products to make them look special. It will perfectly help you if the tray has some scratches on it.
  • Try out rocks as background to ensure your product looks impressive and super special.
  • Using a colorful backdrop with a single shade can also suit your product.
  • You can use colorful rugs to make your products stand out and look special. It would help you make your product stand out without using something high-end as background.
  • Try simple newspapers or other papers as the background of your product photo. Using fancy paper would work perfectly fine to make your product look special.
  • Green backgrounds would suit a product that has to do with nature, so try it out.
  • If you have jewelry or something shiny and high-end, you can try using the bokeh technique to blur the background to draw attention to your product.
  • Try using paper as a background for your product and make it dimensional to make it special and more beautiful.
  • You can use black sand as a background to make your product stand out if it shines. So, jewelry products would work well for such a background.
  • Fabric backgrounds can also help you with a perfect and luxurious look for your products.

So, these were some of the top product photography backdrop ideas you can find to get better results for your marketing. This list would always help you get amazing pictures with all the backgrounds for product photography ideas you would ever need. Of course, make sure you complete props for product photography other than backdrops.

Using the right backdrops can transform your photography, so try to use the best product photography ideas to perfect your promotions. These ideas make your creative product photography that can change how your products get boosted.

Try out other equipment that would make your product ambiance perfect your beauty. The better your props for product photography, the more results you will get with them.

Light Stand

A light stand is one of the most important pieces of equipment to remember when shooting in a studio. You can use it to make your photos stand out and to get the best outcome from the picture. In addition, you can use them to support your light kits, and you can use them to hold multiple types of equipment.

For instance, you can use it for rigs and reflectors, which makes them special.


speed light for photography

Using the right lights can make your product photography look super special, so using them can improve your photos. Some benefits of spotlights include

  • These lights can help you with better lighting and make the product look better.
  • Also, you can make dynamic subjects vivid and avoid blurriness.
  • You can use them for unique settings for your product pictures.
  • These lights can help you with a soft light source for your photos.
  • They give you great balance in daylight, improving your product’s photos.


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