3. Product Photography Types You Must Know About


Types of Product Photography

Individual Shots Shooting One Product At A Time Is an Individual Shooting
Food Photography You Can Capture Food On Camera To Show To Your Social Media Followers Or Other Audience, And This Will Be Called Food Photography
Grouping Up This Type Of Shooting Means Using Different Products In One Picture To Make Beautiful Impressions.
Showing Details You Can Try To Take Pictures To Show Its Complete Details And Features
Product Size Try Taking A Picture That Shows The Product Size
Lifestyle Shots These Types Of Images Are When You Take Photos In Real Life Settings That Go With Your Product’s Image
Shooting In Studios You Can Shoot Your Pictures In The Studio To Make Them Look More Alluring And To Make Them More Effective.
White Background Photos Using White Background Photos Can Help You With Getting More Effective Results.

Essential Product Photography

Now that we know how product promotion needs photography, you can learn about different types of it. You can read about different styles of photography that apply to different settings and needs. Photos for eCommerce can also be a huge difference between great sales from your online store. So, using the right photos can help you grow your business with great sales.

Photography is a vast field offering much to make your product stand out.
So, there are some types you can use to make sure your photos look special. These pictures also work as photos for eCommerce you can use to run your business online.

Individual Shots

Such shots are one of the most common types of content you can create with photos for your products. Such content works on multiple channels, including websites, and you can try them on social media and your eCommerce stores too. Moreover, such photographs are of a single product at a time, making it a great style. So, we have some top commercial product photography types that can transform your product’s image for your audience.

Photos with White Background

Product pictures with a white background can look special and are perfect for many needs. These pictures would make your products look more beautiful and alluring when taken the right way. This type of picture works perfectly well for eCommerce stores and other needs.

  • So, white backgrounds for product photography work well when it comes to getting more impressive results.
  • You can try this one for commercial product photography and create content that matters to your audience and customers.

Food Photography

food photography type

Making your products look great to eat and perfectly amazing to taste is something that photography can help with. So, food photography is another type you can use to make sure your products stand out from the rest.

One of the uses of such images would be on product labels that help improve your customers’ interest in your products. In addition, great cameras for product photography can help you get perfect shots every time you go into your studio.

Grouping Up the Products

Your products can look special when you show their collection, and it improves your brand’s image as well. Such content shows that your customers can choose from various products. At the same time, you sum up so many things in one picture as you allow them to see your product’s different versions.

Showing Details

product photography types

Your product will surely look special when you show its details and how special it looks when photographing it. So, you can choose such when you need to show the beauty of your products.

Showing your Product Size

  • This type of photo works perfectly well if you want to show your product’s size. Likewise, such photography works great if your customers are interested in knowing your product size. At the same time, you can show how the product will look when used to make them feel more connected with the product experience.
  • This type is also called scale photography and comparative shooting. So, you can use this one as one of the best different photography styles for product photoshoots.

Lifestyle Shots

lifestyle shot photography type

  • Showing your products in action to show how they look in use is a great way to make them look special. Your products are made for the real world, so showing them in action can help you clearly show their features.
  • Using these pictures means that you must hire a model for the purpose, and they work for multiple needs.
  • Such images are also famous as in-context photography. However, you can do similar types of shoots, like real environment photos. In this type, you can put your product in a real-life environment and take its pictures to make it stand out.

Shooting in Studios

Using studios to make your products look special is something that works so perfectly well. So, if you are looking to shoot in your studios, you can make your product look special with such a setup, and it still does not need too much work.

You can have full control over your product’s appearance here, from simple ways to shooting to very professional manners. For instance, you can make your product lie on the floor and take its picture to make it stand out. In addition, you can use background-making techniques to show your product in a certain placement.

You can take pictures and use them in your product showcases and catalogs. Your images can be great when you use a studio to shoot, and it allows you to avoid light fluctuation. This way, you can get similar products for every product you shoot in these conditions.

The next section can give you the most in-depth information about all the equipment you need for taking great product pictures. So, read the next one too!

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